(Closed) Bachelor finale – your thoughts? (obviously spoilers)

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  • poll: Team Lauren or Team Jojo?




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    Agreed. I feel like Jono kept it real the whole time.  But I’m happy that it ended the way it did. Now Jojo is the new bachelorette. 🙂

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    I was team Jojo, but that’s because I liked her better as a person. I accidentally read Reality Steve’s spoiler about Lauren “winning” pretty early on so it’s been hard to watch the show objectively and see the connections as comparative. To me, it seemed so obvious that it was going to be Lauren, but I know that’s because I was influenced. I also find Ben sort of boring, so I didn’t want Jojo to end up with him – I’m very glad she’s the Bachelorette! I do hope that I still like her when it airs. She reminds me of Andi sort of and I ended up finding her annoying during her season.

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    RamonaFlowers: Same! I haven’t seen the finale yet, but I knew early on that he chose Lauren. I really liked Ben when he was on the Bachelorette, but he kind of sucked in the Bachelor, so I’m hoping JoJo will snag someone awesome!

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    hellohedwig:  I honestly don’t understand how I got to be so emotionally invested in this season. I’m usually not really into it. I watch it and I usually have a favorite but I don’t get super into it. I was like really into it this season.

    To me it just seemed like he had it all with JoJo and when she left so confused I literally was more confused than she was. His date with Lauren was so awkward the whole time (I know it’s tv and thats just how they wanted to portray it) but his date with Jojo seemed so good. He told her she was his best friend (he didn’t tell lauren that) and even his parents were on team jojo it seemed. His mom even noticed that she just brought about a calm to him. He said every time he was talking about JoJo that he was more himself around her than any other person so I’m super confused as to why his connection with Lauren was stronger. He never really described why it was stronger either. He just said, “I don’t have any doubts” (which he also said about JoJo).

    His relationship with JoJo seemed so real. They talked about the hard things and it seemed like they had what it took to go beyond that initial “we like each other” phase and I just didn’t really see that with Lauren.

    Who knows….they could have just painted it that way all season to get the drama going. All I know is that I am SOOOO pumped JoJo is the Bachelorette and I probably wouldn’t have watched it had it been anyone else.

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    I wanted Lauren to win at first but watching the finale my heart really broke for JoJo when Ben confided in her about his feelings for both of them, said she was his best friend etc, that for sure would have made her feel like she was the one. It was almost like he wanted to vent to her, and protect Lauren, so sad 🙁 I still don’t get how on earth you can say you are in love with two women, right up until the very las second. Right before proposing he was even saying, I could have easily married JoJo, that would piss me off if I was Lauren, it’s like dude just make up your mind…..

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    I totally thought it was going to be JoJo too. We’ll see how long Ben and Lauren last… The Bachelor doesn’t have the best track record. It’s probably better to be the runner up because then you get to be the picker on the next season!

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    I thought Jojo was more “real” and down to earth, and that Lauren seemed kinda bland, generic, and impersonal.  I know a lot of it’s editting, but I was yelling at the TV.  Good job producers!  Sucked me into another season, lol.  I’m glad that Jojo’s the next bachelorette; hope she finds a guy to love her and not propose to another girl :s

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    I was always team Lauren, only because she’s from my hometown 🙂 Happy that Jojo is the next bachelorette though! Glad it’s not Caila like they kept hinting.

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    My husband was quite annoyed Ben picked Lauren. He was Team JoJo and was yelling at the TV. I was more Team Don’t Care Who He Dates for 3 Months. My husband definitely did not ready ANY spoilers and he too kept getting the impression Lauren was in it to “win”, confirmed by the look on her face when Ben pulled out the ring.

    I am glad JoJo is the next Bachelorette though! I think she is more interesting than a few of the other finalists (like Caila or Lauren).

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    I just don’t find Ben & Lauren’s relationship to be natural. I don’t think it was love at first sight, I think it was lust at first sight. He’s in love with the idea of Lauren. She just keeps repeating the same sentiments… No real substance in their conversations. She seems so boring. Also I hate the way she talks lol. I just don’t see them together long term.

    I really loved him & JoJo together but I think she deserves better. She seemed like such a genuine, down to earth sweet person. Like she was always there for him. It seems like their relationship went deeper and they had a strong friendship as a foundation. Ben said multiple times he felt the most like himself when he was with JoJo. That sounds like real love to me. Also, if Ben wanted someone like Kaitlyn he needs somebody with a little spunk! Which is also why I thought JoJo was the better match for him. JoJo was my favorite from the beginning so I’m glad she’s going to be the bachelorette. Although I have no idea how a guy hasn’t snatched her up yet!

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    I have never understood this show and I never will.  I did watch part of one episode when Chris was the Bachelor because i thought he was hot but that’s all I could handle.  It’s funny that Chris final pick and he have broken up now…sorry, not sorry, but OF COURSE you aren’t going to find your future spouse, someone who wants to be a farmer’s wife, on a reality TV show with girls who are ridiculously obsessed with themselves and probably haven’t set foot in the country in their entire lives.

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    I honestly don’t even know why I watched this season. I got sucked in during the Juan Pablo drama and ended up liking all the subsequent leads… but they Kaitlin’s season was so stupid and I could barely even remember who the heck Ben was. But somehow I ended up watching it and I didn’t give a crap who he ended up with. But the finale…. I have no idea why he picked Lauren. Everything he said about either of them would make me pick Jojo. And it’s SO obvious that they coached Jojo to play nice with Ben and not ask too much so it didn’t look totally insane that she was going from being heartbroken to being the Bachelorette. 

    I really like Jojo but hopefully I don’t get sucked into her season. I just feel like the show is so manufactured and since only ONE Bachelor has actually married the woman he “picked” at the final rose, obviously it’s not about real feelings. Both with Chris Soules and Ben H- the final girl just seemed to play the game well.

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    I am team JoJo all the way for all the reasons PPs mentioned, but I am not team Ben. I did not like him at all and I’m glad she didn’t end up with him. He was boring and he didnt bother to play the game at all, which annoyed me. Like, does he even know what a rose ceremony is? They were pointless because he just kicked people  off whenever he felt like it. And the I love you thing… 10 eye rolls. theres rules for a reason. I don’t see Ben and Lauren making it for the long haul. He still looked in love with JoJo in after the final rose. Also, if I was lauren I would be beyond hurt to see what he said to JoJo on tv. I’m sure it was a way bigger deal than she felt comfortable saying on tv. 

    Im excited for JoJo to be the bachelorette! I think she’ll be great and really fun and down to earth. 

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    I have never seen any of the prior seasons….it kinda sickens me actually. I got sucked into this one during a binge watch with my 16 yo daughter after she got her wisdom teeth pulled…

    I was team JoJo and thought she was an amazing person. Lauren seemed fake and willing to do or say anything to win….and she walks like she has a stick up her ass. I think Ben knew JoJo would not be moving to Denver for him AND her brothers hated him. I really think that’s what made him choose Lauren.

    That said…it still disgusts me! All these women (or men) chasing after one person and groveling at his feet just irritates me! I mean have some self respect!! Making out with multiple people and then telling me how special I am…fuck that! NO chance I’m sucking face with someone who just dated ALL my housemates. This dude literally slept with 3 different women in 3 nights….

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