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I went to the Thunder From Down Under in Vegas with my mom 9 years ago. I have never laughed so hard in my life! Yes, some of the guys were very easy on the eyes, but really, how can you take a guy in a banana hammock doing the pony seriously? You can’t. Some of the ladies there were REALLY into it screaming and just flipping out, but my mom and I just could not stop laughing!!! Sooooo not the same as watching a female stripper. At least girls are sensual, graceful, pretty to look at. Men have too many…. jiggly bits…… LOL!

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We stole his pants hahah well told him we knew where they were and to give the bachelorette a dance, he was all sweaty it was gross!

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I went to one in Vegas years ago and thought it was really dorky. The guys weren’t even good looking and the outfits/dances were just comical. We got bored after a while and switched over to the other part of the club for men. Definitely a different vibe there. The clubs themselves aren’t different, but the reaction of men and women customers to that sort of thing is different. I’d say for great majority of guys it’s not dorky, it’s a sexual experience. That’s why I always scoff at the argument of trying to equate the two. For me, the equivalent of my husband going to a strip club and getting a lap dance would be me geting naked and giving a good looking guy a lap dance. If I was single that may have actually turned me on. Watching a guy with love handles, wearing stupid socks, shaking his thing in front of my face? Not so much.

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I’ve never been to a club with male strippers, but I’ve been to one with female strippers (with a group of guys actually).  There were of course the creepy weirdos who came by themselves to get dances from the girls, but from my experience most of the groups (such as bachelor parties, work groups, etc) are there for the same reasons you mentioned that women see male strippers.  Men were buying lapdances for their friends to watch, laugh, and embarrass them.  Being with a group of men, they were mostly there to judge the strippers, laugh, drink, and have a wild night.  I have a feeling this is what most bachelor parties are like.  With a large group of friends staring at you, I’m not sure it’s possible to have a really intimate experience with a stripper, like everyone seems worried about on here.  I guess that for this reason I’m never too concerned when my husband gets dragged to one for a friend’s bachelor party or with his company.  As for male strippers, I think I’d take having boobs in my face vs. having male ‘parts’ shoved in my face any day.  Eeew.     

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I have been to both male reviews and male stripp clubs.  The women behavior was way crazier than I have ever seen at a club where women dance.  We went to a review in Vegas and some of those hoity toity women there had just plum lost their minds.  Screaming, yelling, grabbing, ripping, just plain craziness.  We left shortly after the thing started as it was nothing near what I had expected.

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@luvlovelovely:  This reminds me of the friend who was required to go to a premarital class.  One of the questions was, “What should you never do in bed?”  The answer they were looking for was, “fake an orgasm.”  But all she could think of was, “point and laugh.”

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I have never been to a male strip club, but I went to a bachelorette party where they brought in a male stripper. It was gross and awkward, my friend and I pretty much hid in the kitchen. 

I have been to female strip clubs a couple of times (including on my own bachelorette for the ‘obligatory’ lap dance [my hubby and I had no qualms about this on our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, he just finds strip clubs dirty so he didn’t want to go, so I took one for the team 😉 ]).

I think female strippers are more erotic than male strippers. For me personally, the naked male body is actually sort of funny looking when it is not aroused … so I think that is why female strippers are more erotic than male ones.

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I’ve been to  a club that hosts “ladies nights”, where they bring in a male stripper for the first portion of the night, and have him dance downstairs, for only women to view. It was comical, I have even seen it with three men, in cow suits, dancing to a choreographed back street boys dance, to a backstreet boys song. It was hilarious! And they did get naked, but they never showed their penis’ as they had a towel over it the whole time. They can do pretty amazing stuff with their bodies, but I never found any of it actually sexual.

That being said, for my bachelorette party I’m not going to go to a stip club, period. I find it kind of lame. My friend had her bachelorette party at a female strip club, as we don;t have  a male one here in the area we live in, and the club that hosts the “ladies night” currently has not held any in the last year. I found it pretty offensive, and kind of gross. But thats because I’m a chick. Just as a man would find it gross to be in male strip club. lol. I think Men view it probably pretty much the same as we do, its entertainment. Don’t get me wrong you do have creepers, on perv row, being yucky, but you do in male strip clubs as well.

If my bf (soon to be fiance sooon ), wants to do a stripper bachelor party, I wouldn’t really care, as long as they go to a strip club and don;t rent a local hooker to host a bachelor party in someones house. And with the guys my bf hangs out with, I wouldn;t doubt if they would want to do that. (My bf actually told me that he and friends hired a hooker to strip at apoker party once, long before he met me) YUCK! but thats them for you when they get together. I just find the whole bachelor/bachelorette party with strippers, very uncreative, and borderline demeaning.

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@magilnyc: I also went to Thunder Down under on my stagette, it was so much fun and kinda cheezy. I even got up on stage! Well worth it, my husband totally didn’t care. I would say at best it is less than R rated! Haha.


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