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I’m not sure about your bride, but I hate shower/bachelorette party games more than anything. That said, my sister is planning my Bridal Party, and has asked me what I wanted to do. I was down for dinner and drinks at my favorite piano bar- everyone would pay for their own dinner and drinks. She mentioned doing a BYOB painting class, so we’ll be doing that before- again, at their own cost. She is putting times down on the invite, so those that want to skip the painting class know exactly what time to meet for dinner. My sister is paying for a room at a hotel by the bar so anyone that wants to crash can.


Long story short, I’d ask her what kind of party she’s wanting. I’ve always gotten input from the brides I’ve planned the party for, and the only expenses I’ve had was for appetizers and desserts to feed people during the lingerie party and for a Bridal Party veil and sash for the bride to wear.

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I would plan enough for at least 15-20. You could do a bunch of easy recipes (check pinterest!)- dips and other finger foods. I ordered two dozen petit fours for my sisters. 

The party you are planning sounds a lot like what I did for my sister. We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant, then came back, played a few games, had some drinks (beer and some fruity stuff for the non-beer drinkers), had dessert, and did the lingerie party.

The only game I remember playing with her and her friends was seeing who could get the penis frozen in an ice cube out the fastest. We did have a few others, but nothing big. Again, check pinterest. It’s my go to party planning stop!

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Try to mix in her fav’s… favorite: candy, drinks, color, animal, wedding theme or an old childhood favorite movie, book or hobby.

Find old pictures and pin them to a clothes line and hang them up through out her apartment.

Index cards could be used to be passed out to guest and can be used for games such as;           – advice for living together or advice for naming their first borns, etc….

You can also set up a cute photobooth with your own materials from home.

Or you can do a baking theme- where everyone makes cookies, or a cake and decorate.

Ask MOB for advice, pinterest helped me!!!

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How about a scrapbooking activity where the everyone creates a scrapbooking page and a favorite memory of the bride in the scrapbook page and put your picture on the scrapbooking page and then you put it in a scrapbooking album. Also you should do games such as I never ever, loaded question adult edition, the newywed game and do a guest the ages game where you put out a photo and everyone guest how old the bride was in her pictures growing up. You can also give out prizes based on the brides favorite things such as books, tv shows, movies, or even a iTunes card. 

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In my experience everyone pays for themselves at the bachelorette dinner, plus the divided cost of the bride. It’s a good idea to start spreading the word when you hear back from attendees.

Try saying somthing like… “I just wanted to let you know that this will be a very low key event so our gift to the bride will be the cost of her dinner divided between all of us in addition to your own meal. I hope you will all be willing to participate in this gesture. You are welcome to bring a traditional gift as well but remember mother of the bride will be there!! Can’t wait to see you!”

You could also easily send an email if you are not comfortable calling everyone. But you will want to follow up by phone if you dont hear from anyone, as emails can easily be lost. consider calling another bridesmaid to help with this task

You can call the drink anything! How about a bride-tini?

I think a great way to make it a little more special would be to offer to get ready together before the event – you can give her the tiara then. You could also see if any other bridesmaids want to join in. maybe take the bride out for a surprise manicure before?

You could also gather together her favorite snack foods for the movie portion of the evening. Popcorn, candy, soda, apples with peanutbutter – have a few healthy snack options as she may be watching her figure before the wedding.

As for games, I think a great game (if everyone is comfortable with having a few drinks) is to have trivia for the bride – questions about the groom (you can get the answers from him or maye his mom) – and for each question she gets right, she gets to hand out a shot to the person of her choising. For each question she gets wrong, she takes a shot!

Another game could be a wedding gown contest. Give teams a roll or two of toilet paper. their goal is to create the most beautiful gown with toilet tissue on one of the group members.

I think you have been so generous by volunteering to do this. You won’t need to do much in order to make the night special. A cocktail and close friends can be an amazing night on it’s own! SERIOUSLY ask the other bridesmaids if they would like to help and then delegate tasks. If someone can be in charge of snacks, someone in charge of games, and someone in charge of RSVP’s it will be much easier on you

Lastly: if 15 are invited, you should expect 8 to 12 to attend. I would let the restaurant know ahead of time that you will be doing seperate chek in order to avoid an awkward bill discussion after dinner.

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