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Oh that’s so awful! 🙁 I hope you can get the co-pay to shrink. You know, other self defense classes are less straining but still teach you how to defend yourself. I would look for one sponsored by a church or a YMCA or a parks and rec class once you start feeling better (fingers crossed).

Major internet *hugs*

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What is wrong with your spine?

Mine is curved in a S shape you can actually feel that it isnt straight And what helps me with the pain the most is streching (not cracking at all) my back as much as possible…

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I have a really bad back too, have for years due to my heavy chest.

It really sounds like you need physical therapy, not chiropractic adjustments. I think you should make an appt with a regular DR and have some x-rays and possibly a MRI of your back to see if there are bigger issues. Numbness of the toes or extremeties is a big red flag that something is wrong.

I hope you’re able to find relief soon.

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I gave myself two disc wedges back when I was 23 years old while doing a backward arch prior to my Kung Fu class. I was in such bad shape that I couldn’t even walk! I went to my MD, a DO and an orthopedic doctor and all they gave me were pills and I wasn’t improving. I finally broke down and visited a chiropractor in sheer desperation. He fixed my back! Oh at first I had to go 5x per weeek, then three, then two and one, but he fixed it! In fact he was fairly fresh out of chiropractic school and was going around to fitness clubs giving presentations to drum up new patients and he used my x-rays as his “before” and “after” pics. I still see him about once a month and I am 51 now! But my back is in great shape! After you get straightened out, focus on strengthening your abs – it is a key element to keeping back pain at bay. Like anything else, there are good and bad chiropractors. Mine is excellent and I love him!

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As a fellow young back pain sufferer I feel your pain, literally.

I am only 26 years old and have been dealing with low back pain on and off for 6 years.

Over the past month and a half I had 3 episodes of pain SO bad I could not get out of bed. My legs were going numb. I felt like they were going to go out from under me at any second.

I went to a chiropractor and he took x-rays and drew all over them to show me where my spine was “shifted”. I did one adjustment but couldn’t commit to 3 days a week of treatment so I decided to ge a second opinion from an orthopedic spine doctor.

He did an MRI and found TWO herniated discs in my low back. My spine is out of alignment because of disc damage and weak muscles.

I’m now doing Physical Therapy and have to take it easy exercise wise for 4-6 weeks. After 1 week my back is feeling better already. The muscles are relaxing and I’m starting to be able to move normally.

Chiropractic treatments can work, but if you have nerve involvement it’d be good to get the whole story (which you won’t get from an x-ray).

If you have disc involvement, all the shifting of the adjustments may actually be hurting the discs more in the mean time.

I am so sorry you are going through this pain.

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I second what the PP said.  You need to get yourself to a regular doctor for an evaluation.  They will probably send you for some testing and refer you to a specialist.  Nothing against chiropractors, but they can’t rule out other things that might be wrong.  Numbness could indicate something more than just misalignment. 

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@stranger1: Nerve involvement is not something to be messed with. The last thing you want is permanent nerve damage.

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@Miss Fish: Try and get an MRI if you can. That way you can see if there’s any soft tissue issues. Plus, they now give you a DVD of your images so if you are a science nerd like me you can look at them yourself.

If your MD still thinks chiro is the best course of treatment, by all means continue it. It just good to check in on what everything looks like from time to time.

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@Miss Fish: When I first called they scheduled me for 3 weeks out.

Then last Monday (1 week before my scheduled appointment) I was in so much pain I could not go to work.

I called the office nearly in tears and they found a doctor who could get me in that same day.

I saw the doctor, he gave me a steroid shot into the muscle to help it relax. I had an MRI done the next day (Tuesday) and had the results by Wed morning. I started Physical Therapy on Wed night.

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I wonder if you have a bulging disk or possibly bone spurs.  My coworker had bone spurs and she didn’t get it treated for so long that she has lost the feeling in her fingers permanently that surgery couldn’t even fix.

I hope you find out what’s wrong and feel better!  Chronic pain sucks.

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I feel for you–I had my first back surgery at 23 and still have slight nerve damage in my leg from ignoring the pain for so long.  I would follow up with your GP again so they can reasses and do some more testing. Good Luck!

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