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How we met: Very complicated story short: friend, grocery store, school. We met three separate times over the span of about 2 1/2 years – the last two being within a month or two of each other. 

First date: We got together when I was 15 and he was 17. Neither of us had a car, so we didn’t really go anywhere. We just hung out on the couch in his basement a lot. We did go to lunch with our moms and his baby sister a couple days into our relationship. 

First kiss: It was my first kiss, so he kept asking if he could kiss me and I kept saying no (I really wanted him to kiss me… I just got freaked out when he asked). Finally, I told him to stop asking and just do it. A day or so later, we were on the playground at his church, and he was kissing up and down the side of my face when he said, “Are you going to come over here or what?” I couldn’t hear him over the sound of my heart racing so I looked at him, about to ask him to repeat himself, and he kissed me. 

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We Met: In a group friend party setting, we saw each other a few times before we really started to get to know each other but the first time I locked eyes with him as he looked over his shoulder and then bobbed his curly head as he walked up the street in front of us, I grabbed my friends arm and I giggled with a kind of glee I hadn’t felt in a long time. I knew, just knew, that there was something special in that boy.

First Date: We never dated classic style. I think we’ve been to less movies than yars we’ve been together and we don’t eat out much and its just never been either of our “way” so it never really happened. Our earliest ‘dates’ were trips out to his family cabin, where it’s quiet, serene and just plain old a good place to fall in love. 

First Kiss: It was one of the nights of eternal partying (I was 18 when we met, it was what I DID, so it was the basis of a lot of stories) I was nervous, I was still weary of boys and I didn’t know what it all meant but when he kissed me, it was perfect and I wasn’t nervous at all. He put me eat ease from the very beginning!

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How we met: We met in the bar of the hotel that was hosting an anime convention in my hometown (can anyone say nerd? :3). It was the last day and I was sat with two friends on one side of a booth while his friends were hanging out on the other side, he asked my friend next to me if she was okay, cause she looked so exhausted XD But she completely blanked him, so I took pity on the guy and we started talking and exchanged bbms when I found out that he had a blackberry.

Things just went from there and after a month and a little bit of drama we had our first date ^^


First date: On the 5th of April 2011 he travelled from London to meet me in Oxford, we went around the Ashmolean, the natural history museum, saw Thor, got a snack in Costa and went around the park (he kept asking to see my house but I was terrified of having to introduce him to my housemates). It was a pretty good date, though a little awkward cause I’m bad at first dates XD And sat in the park on a bench he asked if I’d consider being his girlfriend.


First kiss: When I went to meet him at the station for the date I’d been trying to rehearse how I was going to say hello to him and what we might talk about during the day… well that didn’t really pan out cause when I saw him come through the barriers I scurried over and kissed him really quickly on the lips. Yeah. That wasn’t my plan, but I think he thought it was super sweet and was pretty chuffed lol though I was pretty ashamed.

I think he spent the rest of the day trying to steal kisses off of me and we definitely kissed again when we became official πŸ˜€

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How we met: At college orientation – we were in the same small group. He tried to kiss me, I had another boyfriend (from high school) at the time. A couple of months later, when we moved into our freshman dorm, we ended up living right next door to each other and became really close friends over the next couple of months.

First date: It was college. People didn’t really go on “dates,” per se. Our first real date wasn’t until months after we had been together! But I always consider our first “date” the night we walked around DC (where went to school) together and visited all the monuments. It was one of the first times we did something alone together, since we spent the vast majority of our early “dating” time with our large group of friends.

First kiss: It happened before we officially started dating, actually. I visited him at his house during a break from school. We went to a party at his high school friend’s house and ended up kissing that night. It took both of us a little while to realize we really wanted to be together, officially, but I guess that was the beginning!

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How we met: Ok drum roll plz…Hi5 lol I added his picture because he was a friend of a friend and thought he kinda looked familiar. He added me started flirting and as they say the rest is history. But we do believe we met before that as kids we grew up playing at a park my relative ( my aunt and his grandparents) and remember kids that we would play with but can’t remember the name for anything ..oh and we went to sister schools and was on the choir and sang together on several occasions but dutn remember if we actually met then lol So we’ve always said it was fate :P.


First Date: A week after chatting online non stop we decided to meet in person and watch a movie (but were already bf/gf). He was like dang you really are tiny ( 4’ 11”) and I answer with my fave saying “Yup I’m fun sized”. We went to watch King Kong ( the one thing about the beginning of our relationship he remembered that I didn’t and never let’s me live it down lol )


First Kiss: ….At that very movie lol. We were cuddling in the seats of the movie theater and sharing his jacket  his face was on my neck and I could feel him staring and as I turned and started to ask why was he staring at me he just kissed me and not just a peck a ..we had to take a minute to breathe kinda kiss and he hugged me and said “I’ve been wanting to do that from I saw you walked in the foodcourt”.  

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Aw, I like doing these and reading everyone’s stories.  It’s so cute πŸ™‚

how you first met your SO

We had a class together in college.  Near the beginning of the semester, he tells me he was looking for a cute girl to sit next to, because he knew that people tend to sit in the same spot through the semester.  Well… I guess he picked me πŸ™‚  Only he didn’t sit directly next to me that first day.  He sat with one seat between us, even as we talked.  He says he didn’t want to make me uncomfortable in case I wasn’t receptive or something, haha.  The only problem was, I was already kind of dating someone at that point, so he had to keep sitting next to me and waiting for me to be available before he could make his move.  He was determined I guess πŸ™‚

your first date

We hung out a lot in more casual settings before our first date.  He took me out for dinner, and the poor guy was so nervous that he was sweating a bit.  He had to excuse himself to the restroom.  I thought it was sweet, because I can get anxious pretty easily, too.

your first kiss

We had gone out with some friends to some bar, and I had to leave early for some reason or another.  SO walked me back to my apartment (only a few blocks away).  As we stood outside my door, I really wanted to kiss him, but I was too nervous to do it, so I turned away to go inside.  He says he could tell I wanted to, so he grabbed my hand and pulled me back and directly against him for our first kiss.

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How we met? We met online! it was through some really sketchy dating site called campuskiss.com, and i had had nothing but creeps message me on there, but when he messaged me to meet for coffee, i didn’t get that “weirdo” vibe from him. He picked me up at my apartment and we went for coffee, and immediately i knew i had made the right choice! he was smart, handsome, responsible, i even told my mom after that meeting that i could see myself marrying someone like him!  six months after we met i moved provinces to go to school, but we visited each other at least once a year, and after three years of living in different cities in different provinces, and losing touch, only messaging on facebook to say hello here and there,we ended up moving to the same city the same year, and (unknowingly) only 7 blocks away from each other! 

First date? i don’t know what he was thinking, and he is lucky i am a horror movie fan, because our first date consisted of him picking me up, us going to Blockbuster and renting a movie to watch at his place called “Visitor Q”, a completely insane, gory japanese horror flick! he is still surprised i didn’t run out of the room and stop all contact from then on!

First Kiss? It was after our second real date, we went to the movie theatre, and when he went to drop me off at home he  said he didn’t want me to go and asked if he could kiss me. i’d never had a guy ask for permission before, but it seemed so sweet and innocent to ask, i couldn’t say no to that face! πŸ™‚




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