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That would be pretty awesome! If anyone has done this Id love to hear about it too. Ive never been backpacking around the world. Darling Husband and I backpack on 3+ mile hikes in the summer and fall but nothing long term. I say if youre able to do this – go for it!

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I think that would be SO fun!

I’ve personally never backpacked around the world. But for our honeymoon my husband and I backpacked for three weeks around Europe, we went to seven countries!

OK, my tips:

  • definitely live out of just a backpack, invest in a good one. use travel space bags, they saved us so much space! have a lock for your backpack, masterlock sell ones with cords to loop around the backpack
  • money belts!
  • have a smaller day pack to use day to day
  • carry only one bank card (for taking money out) and one credit card (Capital One is the only credict card with no foreign transaction fees)
  • Clothing; get those hiking ones that you can zip the legs off so they serve dual purpose as shorts and pants. And they dry quick
  • Bring some sort of clothesline, whether it be a hemp rope or a cheap on from your local dollar store. That way you can wash your clothes.

I mean if you are going for a whole year I would have a general idea of where you want to go but leave it open!

Seriously, take a train, a bus, a ferry, a plane, stay in a city as long as you want. When you’re done just go to the nearest transportation hub and go! We did that in a couple cities and it was so much fun!

In every city we went to a lot of people spoke English. For us the biggest language barrier came in Italy.

If you are going for so long I would consider bringing a small laptop or perhaps a iPad that way you can at least preplan some of your routes or just basic research.

Ahhh I have so much more tips but can’t think of them now!

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I did it for Western Europe a while ago. Um, okay, about a decade ago. It was awesome and I don’t think I will ever have time to do it again. I went to so many countries. Beautiful. One thing though, I’m black and being in some countries that don’t have a significant black population was interesting to say the least. I wish I could go to India, China and some South East Asian countries 🙂

  For preparations, I just saved saved saved. Read lots of books. Went to the library and got a book on European languages (Italian, Spanish, French) but a lot of them spoke English. I used buses and trains a lot. But I live in NYC so I depend on pulic transportation so it was easy for me to figure stuff out. And I second the good backpack decision. I still use mine 10 years later.

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Oh! Good shoes. SO IMPORTANT because you will be doing a lot of walking. And break them in beforehand. SO IMPORTANT. My husband splurged on a pair of Merrils and they were awesome. Super comfortable and waterproof.

Some of my fave frugal travel blogs I perused when planning our Honeymoon.

Frugal Traveler

World Hum

EuroCheapo by far my favorite, many tips about cheap/free things to do in each city.

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I backpacked around Western Europe for a month a few years ago. Started in Greece, then Italy, France and ended in Germany.

We knew the basic places we wanted to see ie. Athens, Rome etc. and then just improvised the inbetween time.

We had a HI Hostel membership that gets you a discount on the hostels in that chain. Most of them are also very clean and nice so you don’t end up in a dirty, disgusting place.

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I haven’t backpacked around the world, or for as long as you’re thinking, but I did go for about 3 months 3 years ago. I spent about a month in West Africa, a month in East Africa, and a month in Central/Eastern Europe. I had different friends accompanying me for certain portions of the trip, and for some portions I was by myself. I never felt afraid or threatened, even when I was by myself, but of course I was always on guard.

Transportation: I flew from West Africa to East Africa, and again from East Africa to Europe, but otherwise I got around by the cheapest means of transportation possible: local buses and “bush taxis” in Africa, and buses and sometimes trains in Europe. I also walked a lot instead of taking taxis, to save money–for example, if the bus dropped me off in the north end of town, and the place I wanted to stay was 8 miles away, I would always walk instead of taking a taxi (if it was safe, that is). 

Food: I was on a super tight budget, and I ate local, inexpensive food whenever possible. In Africa, this meant eating “street food,” i.e. food prepared by local women on the side of the road that cost about $0.25 for a meal. In Europe, I tended to buy food from supermarkets and eat it in my room, or else I bought from farmers’ markets.

Clothes: I think I had 2 pairs of pants, a dress, a skirt, and a couple shirts. A light jacket. Flip flops, and sneakers, I think. It was plenty. I carried around a bag of detergent powder with me and washed my clothes at night whenever I needed to.

Lodging: I carried a tent and sleeping bag with me, which made my load kind of heavy, but it was definitely worth it, because it allowed me to save a lot of money on lodging. A lot of hostels have a camping option that’s much cheaper (and sometimes nicer–more private) than the dorm option. In Europe, a lot of people rent out rooms in their homes, which are cheaper than staying in hostels.

Budget: For 3 months I think I spent….$3000? This was 3 years ago though, and that includes all my airfare. Europe was much more expensive than Africa, of course–even the hostels could get pricey n the cities. 

Anyway, those are my details. You should definitely go for it!! 

P.S. language barriers! I only speak English (and a West African language, which was useful in West Africa, but nowhere else) and I was fine. It’s kind of embarrassing going to a country and not being able to speak the language, but I’ve found that there’s pretty much always SOMEone who speaks English everywhere. It’s always possible to get your most basic needs expressed just by pointing and miming, when all else fails.


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