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Croc pots are my lazy godsend. Toss some chicken and veggies and some kind of sauce in there. Come home to a house that smells awesome and a meal that isnt terrible for you and isnt as pricey as takeout! 

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Sugar bee
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LittleE3:  +1. crockpots are amazing. when Fiance and i were in our last apartment, i used ours 3-4 times a week. when i was alone, i used one at least as much. there’s nothing like coming home to a cooked meal and having the apartment smell yummy!

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This is tough…I’ve totally been there! I think a crockpot would really help…or even stock your kitchen with lean cuisines or healthy choice meals that are super easy to heat up when you’re not in the mood to cook. When I’m feeling too lazy to cook something healthy, it’s so nice to have a lean cuisine at the ready to just pop in the microwave

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chicagoworkinggirl:  Hide the takeout menus and block the grubhub website on your computer! Lol. I used to fall into this trap quite a bit, and unfortunately the only way out is accountability. Maybe if you have a friend who also lives alone, you can take turns cooking dinner together? 

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Just think about all the money you’d save by not eating out! I loveme some Thai food but I can’t even remember the last time I ate out. Fiance and I wake up early so we’re all about making dinner fast since we are tired. We do a lot of chicken – shawarma, tacos, wraps, parmesan, etc. Now that it’s nicer out a quick steak, potatoes, and asparagus on the grill. If you don’t want to cook, a salad, lean cuisine, or light Progresso soup.

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chicagoworkinggirl:  OMG are we the same person??? Foodler Thai food was the death of me!!

I made a resolution 2 weeks ago to stop, and so far I’ve stuck to it. But now I’m dealing with the damage- and extra pounds of that bad habit. These are somethings I do that makes it easier. Now I change into gym clothes right before I leave work. That way, as soon as I get home I grab the dog and take him for a run without getting sucked in on the computer. I feel so good after a run that I don’t bother with junk food take out. Also, I snack on veggies and cottage cheese while I cook dinner (something quick like chicken and rice and beans) or reheat leftovers. 

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Ooh I have had this exact problem. Here’s a few things I’ve done that really help:

Eat your homemade healthy dinner at work after you get off before u go home. That way you’re not hungry by the time u get home.

Instead of going straight home after work,  go to the gym. This helps cuz it reminds you that you just worked out and you don’t want to waste all that effort. 

Make a list of things you like to do for fun that don’t involve food. After work just go do something on the list instead. If you can get a friend to go with you, even better! 

The key is not to go home hungry or bored. Usually after I ate dinner at work and did stuff on my list, I was so tired I just went straight to bed when I got home. Planning meals ahead of time helps too. Good luck! 

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We always keep a few quick options on hand so that we’re not tempted to order takeout if we get home late and are too tired to cook. Things like frozen, preseasoned fish or extra individual servings of large meals like soup. I also always buy big tubs of lettuce when grocery shopping, so I can make myself a big salad to go along with whatever else I’m making. Having quick things on hand makes it so much harder to justify ordering or going out.

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Helper bee

chicagoworkinggirl:  I did this when I travelled for work, and worked 12-14+ hr days. So, I know how hard it can be to get out of that rut. It just took a ton of self control to stop. I’d be tempted to order takeout and start to justify in my head why I was going to do it. I had to snap myself out of it…. It took a couple of weeks of forbidding myself from ordering out before I finally fell out of my slump. Even now, I have to plan a mid-afternoon snack to avoid being ravenous (and ordering out) by dinner time. 

I also eat as soon as I get home from work, before I let too many of the temptations start to hit me.

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I hear you!  I do think that this kind of thing becomes an actual (though mild) addiction.  Maybe to the MSG or sugar or wahtever they put in there?

In my opinion, you’ve got to break the addiction by going cold turkey for a while.  Maybe 7 days will do it?  Maybe 30?  Start by challenging yourself to go 7 days without the takeout and then see if you want to extend to 30 days?  Once you’ve broken the habit you can decide if you let yourself have a cheat night onec a week/month/whatever, or if you just stay away from the stuff period.

I agree that having a crock pot is the answer to a single girl’s prayers when you are trying to eat home cooked food.  I’ll make a big pot of whatever and refrigerate or freeze individual sized portions.  If I’m really organized I’ll make a few reciepes so that I have more variety.  Add in some salads and there you go, healthy dinner, even more convenient than take out.

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What if you made some of your own Thai food? Would that help you get that craving but also get out of the cycle? Green and red curries are both super simple to cook.

Could you make a deal with yourself that if you eat healthy meals for 5 nights, you can have whatever takeout food you want on day 6? Knowing there is a day when you will get it rather than trying to cut yourself off cold turkey might help you get through!




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chicagoworkinggirl:  I am not sure if this would ‘help’ or not, but I know I HATE wasting food that I have spent my hard earned money buying.  So, I make a menu week-to-week, and shop accordingly.  Whatever I am cooking – because it usually involves a protein – a few days out, I thaw the meat.  Thawed meat in my refrigerater = me HAVING to cook it, period.  I would hate for it to go bad.

I like another PP’s suggestion of hitting the gym right after work, rather than going home first.  Even if you order out, at least you will have burned some calories.

And, give yourself a cheat day.  If you know that come Friday night, you will get to order takeout, and only Friday to indulge in it, it can become a ‘game’ for yourself.  A test to NOT order before Friday, and to work on being ‘good’ until you can, so you can order more of it 🙂

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Darling Husband and I were victims of this, but then I started researching healthy recipes and now we eat IN 6 nights a week and it’s much friendlier on our waistlines and budget.  I remember thinking the other day how I used to eat out all the time, and how awful I’d feel, and I really wouldn’t trade this for anything.

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I can relate, omg I LOVE thai food!  I was doing this same thing over the fall and winter, but I also gained weight and have made myself stop.  What I find helpful is to plan my cheat meal for the week in advance… if I know I’m ordering Thai food or a pizza on Friday night, it makes it easier to eat healthy during the week and just anticipate the deliciousness.


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