(Closed) Bad Lower Back Pain at 11weeks? Help!

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Aww, that sounds really rough! Do you think prenatal yoga might help? Or maybe a visit to a chiropractor?

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I had really bad back pain throughout my pregnancy. It would be so sharp and sudden sometimes that it would cause me to fall to my knees. I also worked a job in which I stood for 8 hours a day. I used a heating pad and took Tylenol as sparingly as possible. I hope your back pain gets better. I’m guessing you’re just having a lot of round ligament pains.

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lazybee123:  I am at 17 weeks and thankfully my backpain is not that bad yet though I have some experience with BAD back pain so thought I’d give you my tips. For reference I had spinal surgery in December (replaced one of the discs in my neck with an implant) so my whole back was extreamly sore for months. The only thing that would help me before and after the surgery was heat. I used a wheat cushion that you can heat up in the microwave and it works wonders. You can put it behind your back in a chair and lean against it. Some people prefer ice though so if heat doesn’t work, try ice packs. Tylenol will help if it’s muscular but if it is a nerve that is irritated (which is often the case in pregnancy) then it will not do anything I’m afraid…

It’s also worth looking into doing some light back stretches and really focus on making sure your posture is correct. As there is a chance it will only get worse as you get heavier. I hope you feel better soon.

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Are you sleeping with a maternity pillow yet? I have the leachco back n’ belly pillow and it REALLY helps my back pain!

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lazybee123:  Im 11.5 weeks and Im having some lower back issues now too. My gf sent me a few links for this pre-natal yoga …she said it helped her a lot loosening everything up. I think Im going to start getting myself on a schedule for doing it (I have never done yoga classes in my life so Id like to start at home and maybe build up to a class)

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Blushing bee

lazybee123: How is your back? I’m 10 1/2 wks and suddenly experiencing terrible low back pain. I have the same fears as you… is it going to be this way the rest of the pregnancy??!! My midwife gave me a number for a physical therapist, so I may give that a try. Uggghh, I didn’t see the back pain thing coming. It SUCKS!!!!

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Busy bee
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I’m not sure where your pain is, but my back pain was actually… Well in the joints of my butt. If you have something similar, it DID get better for me. In the mean time, Tylenol, ice, and sleeping with a pillow between your legs can help.

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lazybee123:  during my first pregnancy I had awful, awful back pain during the early part of my second trimester. I started doing a lot of prenatal yoga, but for me, that made the pain worse. (I had sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and the stretching aggravated the misalignment of the joints.) The one thing that did help me was acupuncture. I had never tried it before in my life and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt temporary relief after the first session and permanent relief after the fifth. Something to think about if nothing else seems to work for you. Hope you feel better soon — back pain is really hard. 

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lazybee123:  i am not pregnant, and ivw never been pregnant but i suffer from a mild form of spina bifida occulta. It affects my lower back, and i am here to suggest some remedies for you. 

Ice – ice helps with any sort of inflamation or swelling. I have an ice bag and i sit on the couch and press the bag up against the area in pain

Heat – i have an electric heating pad. This will help stimulate the blood flow

So do ice for as long as you can, wait a few mins and then use a heating pad for 20mins or so

Stretching – my chiropractor has suggested stretching for the back, you can look so e up online

Chiropractor – i plan to go to my chiropractor throughout my future pregnancy bc of my back problem. I cannt do any heavy lifting which makes me worry bc if i have kids i will have to pick up the baby. So my chiro has suggested i start strenghtening my back and start to weight train but lightly and i need to learn how to properly lift without using my back. Use your legs.

I know a lot of people are against chiropractors, some people think they are not “real” doctors and i think its a really ignorant comment bc the spine is such an important part of the body. 

I actually went yesterday bc i pulled my back out to the point where my legs kept giving out. I was crooked, literally. My hips were not aligned with my body. So i went and she realigned my back, cracked me and massaged me and gave me physical therapy. I walked out of there with no pain except for the muscle i pulled and im almost 100 % better after one visit.

Yoga – there is yoga for pregnant women and this is something my hiro has suggested i get into when i stsrt trying for a baby bc its very helpful and its a great way to keep fit

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lazybee123:  Glad to hear the shoes are helping. I had about 2 weeks of hellish pain. I lived in bed with ice and heat packs and some back rubs from Darling Husband. All of a sudden one day it just seemed to get better! I’m still not 100% and taking it very cautiously. I think it was just a relaxin/progesterone surge or something that totally loosened my back, like in a really bad way. Oh and I get this big, giant Mueller back brace from Walgreens that really seemed to help too. I would definitely look into the back brace if your still hurting. I think it was about $35. My back is always worse at the end of the day as well. 

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lazybee123:  I didn’t have it so much my first pregnancy (just a million other stretching/hip pains)– but this time my lower back was pretty rough for awhile.

It’s partually because things are growing.  It could also be because you have constipation or gas trapped back there– no joke!  I’ve had gas pains for a few days in a row that didn’t let up….and then they did.

This pregnancy, I have been seeing a chiroprachter since about week 9.   It’s really been helpful.  I still had lower back pain for awhile but it’s eased up (I’m 22+6 days), and now it’s more my midback LOL– 


My suggestion is definitely a chiroprachter though!  Find a good one, who you’re comfortable with- just make sure you let them know you are pregnant.  I’ve also been getting a massage weekly, which I know is expensive and out of budget for some, but it helps!!

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