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@FruitBasket:  Oh no! Sorry you had such a bad time today- fx it goes better tomorrow! You will be fine giving birth- it’s amazing what our bodies can do!

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@FruitBasket:  Aww I’m so sorry. I used to be so afraid of needles and would work myself up to passing out as well (my friend was giving blood, and all I had to do was think about the fact there was a needle in her arm, and I pssed out).

That being said let them know if you feel faint, even when you are going to deliver. I went to birthing class, and they said if you feel at all like puking or fainting, let them know so they can help you, even if it ends up being a false alarm.

I’m not sure what you can do to not work yourself up. Honestly, pregnancy has made me so used to getting blood I don’t even think about it anymore. Same with shots. It’s just something I’ve accepted is going to happen routinely and it doesn’t hurt, so why get scared?

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I end up fainting or nearly fainting every time I have to get shots. having blood drawn doesnt scare me as badly but still. 

I found that it always coincided with low blood sugar. Now if I am doing anything Adrenaline inducing, like getting a shot, I make sure to eat some sugary oatmeal and sip on a fruit drink like v8 splash in the hour leading up to the event. I haven’t had any problems since I stated doing that. 

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Awww I’m sorry! That stuff sucks SO BAD! I have a heard time with needles and have thrown up before. A few tips, bring something like a banana with you for after. Don’t go with an empty stomach, drink a LOT of water. And DO NOT WATCH. Watching them do it will always be the death of you. Turn your had and sing a song, tell a story, think of something, anything, except what’s going on. The worst part is the pinch and then before you know it they will be done!

And, you’ll be able to give birth don’t worry. You’ll be used to this blood taking crap in no time. I”m only 16 weeks and I get mine taken for the third time next week.

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I used to hate getting blood drawn, but what helped me do fine with it — and this is going to sound weird — but what I now do is I watch every step of it. You’d think it would be easier to look away with your eyes closed, but for some reason I do much better when I can WATCH them put the needle in and watch the blood come out, so instead of just feeling this awkward icky thing going on, I can know exactly what I’m feeling as it’s happening. It might not work for you, but I can get blood drawn no problem now!

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@FruitBasket:  Aw I’m sorry you’re having a rough day.  If it makes you feel any better, my sister and best friend both hate needles and pass out at the sight of them.  They both fainted at least once getting blood drawn during pregnancy and both were just fine when it came to giving birth! 🙂  You’ll be okay!

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needles freak me out too. the best advice i ever got from a phlebotomist was to drink TONS of water before going in for bloodwork. it helps your veins puff out, which makes it easier for them to find (= less time in the chair!). 

i find what also helps me is telling them what arm to use and then looking in the opposite direction. i usually just feel the needle poke in and within a few seconds they’re done (especially when i drink lots of water).

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I am also teriffied of needles. If I look at what they are doing, I will freak out and probably pass out. 

The worst for me is a finger prick because they have to squeeze the finger… oh god… 

I am so lucky that I have strong veins in my arms! My hands on the other hand always give me issues when someone needs to put in an iv… 

I’m sorry you’re having a rough day OP! Try to psych yourself UP for the shots/blood draws instead of the other way around. Also, absolutely do not look at what they are doing if you can help it! 


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@FruitBasket:  I know that feeling!! 5 years ago i was petrifed of needles, i passed out at my first appointment and as it turns out i had terrible veins which meant they had to keep sticking me in all different areas, once they took blood from my foot!! It was horrid!! I learned some deep breathing exercises which got me through the blood work and as i needed a lot of it done it helped a lot. By the end of my pregnancy i must have had my blood taken about 100 times no joke and 3 cannulas were in my arms at 1 time! Then i had to have clexane injections after the birth and an MMR vaccine too. The needles never stopped but with the breathing exercises it helped and now i dont even really mind needles, i had 6 vials of blood taken yesterday and didnt even flinch! 

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Chin up, my friend literally passed out every time they drew blood while she was pregnant…she also threw up about every other time. With that said, she went on to give birth to two kids! She said while in labor she didn’t give a shit about the needles because she wanted to meet her kid!

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