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  • Wedding: September 2012

@OCWedding:  You only see one side of the story. We had a contract that clearly stated that we must receive all requested infos at least 2 weeks prior to the reception date. And that the band will play some requests but not all. The reception was in Santiago Hill and it was around 100%, so I thought it would be nice for the band to wear Aloha shirts with dressed pants playing outdoor. The audience seemed to like our look but the bride and groom was upset. On this note, I would take it that it was my mistake. But we had no intention to disrespect them at all so I did apoligize when they said they did not like the idea. We have many different gimmicks and flavors that make poeple fall in love with us.

About the grand entrance music, they waited until the last week prior to the reception to send us a bunch of mp3s, expecting us to put together a medley just for the 3 minute long grand entrance. However, I worked with their coordinator and the ceremony turned out perfect. But the grand entrance music could not be played without a proper rehearsal, so we did one song. Can you imagine mixing 4 to 5 songs just for the walk? That would last 20 minutes… Hello???

I don’t want to make things worst by blasting back since they were my clients after all and I worked hard to successfully lighten up the evening. I wish they would relax a little more to enjoy their special day. Instead they were tensed and expected the band to play like a juke box just for them 2, and forget about the guests. We missed a couple songs but we did play some of their requests but nothing seemed to help.

We got many calls from the guests complimenting our performance and sound. We even got more bookings after this wedding. Except for the grand entrance song that we could not do as they wanted, the songs for the first dance, mother/sun and father/daugher dances were perfect. The music for the cake cutting ceremony, bouquest and garter toss were so much fun. The band had to stop for the guests to join the DJ indoor, but the audience kept saying “more more” so we played another one for them.

The DJ did such a great job and even brought his lighting system as a bonus. Starting from 5pm to midnight and the crowd danced until the last minute. He did play most of the requested songs. Everybody was exremely happy, so I am not sure what the problem was.

Of course, we respect any opinion or criticizm to improve. But you can tell when someone is angry and just wants to control every little detail instead of letting the professionals do their job. We’ve done hundreds of weddings for many years and made many couples happy. But I guess sometimes you run into a certain clients that expect a lot and will not tolerate anything that did not go as smooth as they wanted. We heard that the catering staff, photographers all got criticized, but we got hit the most.

In conclusion, I don’t think we will lose any business because of this complaint, since this is only 1 out of hundreds of positive feedbacks (see http://www.letoan.com/LT_Band.htm).

I do wish the bride and the groom many years of happiness and thanks for helping me re-enforce my contract for my future gigs.

Best regards,



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  • Wedding: August 2012

Decent singing does not make up for making a fool of my father in law with your very BAD jokes, the lack in communication, and the mistakes that you made. YOU made a stressful night, even more stressful.
We ended up ignoring you, in order to have a good time, but it shouldn’t be like that.

 Please do not bring other vendors down with you, in order to make us look bad for your benefit. Our other vendors were MUCH more professional and successful that evening. They all received handsome tips, especially our photographer. I’m offended and it’s unprofessional you imply everyone else messed up along with you.

Right afther we booked you, you complained about another bride giving you a play-list and how silly that someone would do that. We were very worried, but hoped that in communicating with you we would be able to find something good for us and you. WE were wrong. It was only after we got very MAD with you at our reception that you appeared more weary of getting things right.

Grand Entrance: 1 grand entrance song for the bridal party + 1  grand entrance song for bride/groom. MANY weddings do this. I’ve seen basic club DJ’s get this right. Who rehearses a grand entrance, and if so why didn’t you say you need to rehearse?

Ceremony music: 1 for parents walk, 1 for bridal maids, and 1 for the bride to walk down the aisle, 3 minutes each. Again, this is very common for most weddings. **Please don’t promise us you can do it in the moment, only to complain about it now, when you barely delivered. 

It’s actually OUR wedding. We would like to hear 2-3 of our favorite songs, IF you don’t mind. That’s all we ask. ( Yet you complain about this? It’s like talking to a dictator MC. I don’t get it!! Why can’t the client give you a play-list.  Just play for us a few songs and entertain our mixed guests as we all agreed and discussed.)

You sing a Michael Bauble song, only to play the same Michael Bauble song on MP3 a few minutes later. (it’s things like this that were weird.)

How do you mess up a name like Jason???

We gave music to you 2 weeks in advance and even still your not organize enough to recognize that this was so.

 You don’t have REAL feedback anywhere, except for ONLY positive comments on your own website, which I’ve always been personally concerned about. Plus your positive feedback dates are very far apart, which I also worried about as well. (My mistake with booking this vendor!!)

You can say anything you want, but we only have that one wedding evening. All we ask is that you make as minimal mistakes as possible and instead there were many big mistakes. Yet still at the end of the night your DJ simply played his own music and did not bother to mix in some of our favorite songs, that make us happy to dance to.

We just want other couples to be aware of what our experiences were. People make their own decisions, but just buyer beware, you might be taking a gamble on this band.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

We have been married for 1 month now and things have finally settled down which is why I can give my personal experience with Le Toan and his band.

I will also address things  in the same order so those reading can compare our experiences. 

  1.  Professionalism:  They were actually very professional!  Le Toan emailed (and eventually called me because I was too busy to answer my email) me weeks in advance asking for my choice of songs, names of people to be introduced, and the order of events that I would like for my wedding.  And when I wasn’t sure of songs, or of how things should go in a wedding (because after all this is my first wedding), he offered suggestions.  He always made sure I picked what I wanted to do.
  2. Customer service:  He met with us several times to make sure things were exactly the way we wanted.  Heck, he even accommodated our song list 2 days before the wedding!  How can you beat that type of customer service?
  3. Professionalism (sorry, this is not a repeat, but merely me trying to do it in the order the previous reviewer did it… you can blame her):  He and his band were dressed appropriately for our indoor wedding of.  We don’t want to brag about the prices since we all can’t be rich like the previous poster.
  4. Performance:  Him and his co-MC made appropriate jokes and comments.  Not really sure why anyone would even think about making bad/distasteful jokes at a wedding so can’t really believe the previous poster on this one.
  5. Preparedness:  Regarding our bridal party entrance song, yes, this one there was a bit of a screw-up.  Turns out it needed to be 7 minutes long?  But I was not told this despite sending the song 2 days ahead.  But it wasn’t bad because our bridal party was awesome and did their thing regardless.
  6. Experience:  Music was a little loud at times but there wasn’t any “CLUB” music inappropriately played throughout, or at any time.
  7. Preparedness:  Didn’t have recessional music so can’t comment.
  8. Preparedness:  Correctly pronounced everyone’s names but that’s because he called us several times to go over this.
  9. Performance:  They were in sync at our wedding for the parts that we heard since we were busy with other wedding duties…. Greeting tables, etc. etc…
  10. Professionalism:  We had our own DJ who played after the band was done.


I think those who are considering him for your wedding should just YouTube LeToan’s band to see him perform. He doesn’t deserve that bad review.  If he was as bad as what OCWedding said, he would not be in business, and I would not have hired him after seeing him at other weddings.  OCWedding was obviously a bridezilla and a very uneducated one at that so take her review with a grain of salt.


Btw, OCWedding, the title of each number/section doesn’t always match with the comments that follow.  And you should really think about grouping them together.  It sounds like you’re writing out of anger instead of giving constructive feedback.

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