(Closed) Ban on sugary drinks larger than 16oz? DISCUSS!

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  • poll: Should the ban on sugary drinks be passed?
    Heck yeah - people clearly can't drink in moderation on their own and it's costing all of us! : (53 votes)
    25 %
    No way - the government is overstepping its bounds! : (127 votes)
    59 %
    I'm not sure, I need more information. : (14 votes)
    7 %
    I'm on the fence. : (21 votes)
    10 %
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    It’s ridiculous.  I’m a fairly healthy person.  I exercise and generally eat well.  However, sometimes I want a damn Coke! And I say this as I sit here, on my Friday splurge day, with a 32 oz fountain Coke in front of me. I’m an adult and I’m able to make decisions for myself, without the government telling me what I can and cannot drink.


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    The government’s job is to protect us from danger- not to protect us from ourselves!! All the other government regulations on food have done nothing to make us healthier, anyway, so it seems assinine to just continue doing the same thing with more force expecting different results.

    (FWIW, I don’t drink soda, but it’s not my business who does)

    ETA: I also hate the “it’s costing all of us” arguments for government regulations on things they should not be involved in- have you ever looked into the figures on this? And, furthermore, maybe the government should just get its nose out of healthcare while it’s at it and then we’d kill 2 birds with one stone.

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    I like lots of ice in my fountain drinks, so I would be sad if I had to get a little one.  I only drink soda at the movies maybe.. twice a year.  But I would like a big soda.

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    Honey bee

    The govt is way too controlling and wants to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong. While I agree that sugar isn’t healthy, it’s not the gov’t’s place to ban anything of that nature. It’s up to the dr to inform them that it isn’t healthy and for the individual to make the choice themselves.


    That said, if you’re going to ban a certain size, why not ban all sugary drinks period? The sugar content is the exact same no matter what size the drink container is. It really makes the lawmakers look completely ignorant when they pick and choose what is ok and what isn’t when it’s all the same in the end.

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    Since they’ve proven that sugary drinks are NOT the cause of the obesity “epidemic”, there is no reason to ban them.  What they should do instead is improve the quality of the food students get at public school (which is already the government’s domain) as well as make McDonalds and all that crap illegal. Anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce shouldn’t be allowed to be eaten!  SO THERE.

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    I normally don’t hop on the “GOVERNMENT IS OVERSTEPPING ITS BOUNDS” bandwagon but for this I am.  This is utter bullshit.

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    While it’s so unhealthy to drink huge portions of those sugary drinks, the government shouldn’t be the ones mandating this.  What we should do is offer better courses in nutrition and gym in schools, instead of cutting health and phys ed classes!

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    Ridiculous. That’s pretty much all I can say without launching into a huge rant. Absolutely ridiculous.

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    A ban isn’t going to stop people from buying larger quantities of smaller sized drinks, so I don’t really see how this would work.

    I do think that sugary drinks should be taken out of schools, however.  My middle and high school both had Coke and Pepsi vending machines.  Replace those with juice and tea and it won’t be as readily accessable.

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    I rarely drink anything other than water so this doesn’t effect me but I still find it silly. People are going to do what they want regardless. I agree with PPs on the school lunch issues. Pizza is considered a FRUIT for goodness sake!!!! Fix that crap!!!

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    I think this is definitely over-stepping, and, besides, banning large sugary drinks will not solve the obesity problem. If it would, I would be more likely to be on board, but it will just inconvenience people and likely show no results. 

    Edit: I don’t even drink sugary drinks (I stick to diet or water), but I still think this is useless and inconvenient. 

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    Do they not have anything better to do then make this a stupid ban? just because they cant get a larger drink what makes you think they wont buy two 16 oz sodas? people are stupid! Obesity will not stop this way.

    Honstly I dont drink soda or really anything beside sweet tea and water. But this kind of pisses me off.

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    This is dumb.

    I wonder if it would only apply to cold drinks, or would folks have to give up their venti sized coffee concotions as well.

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    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I loathe when issues like this come up. If someone wants a coke, they should have a coke. Regardless of the health of that person, they should be able to buy a coke. Is it smart? No. But it is NOT the governments job to protect us from ourselves.

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