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  • poll: Which Caribbean honeymoon resort?
    Mango Bay - Barbados? : (6 votes)
    35 %
    Rendezvous - St Lucia? : (3 votes)
    18 %
    Another resort in either Barbados or St Lucia? : (7 votes)
    41 %
    Another island (i.e. not Barbados or St Lucia)? : (1 votes)
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    As you’ve never been to the Caribbean, how about a cruise to visit mulitple islands?

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    @PrincessIncognito:  I would try to figure out what aspects on a cruise he isnt keen on & see if you can meet in the middle..

    Example, Fiance wasn’t keen on ‘buffet food’ so i show him a list of restaurants that we could choose from. He didn’t want to do excursions all day, every day – so we aren’t. He didn’t want to be in a confined space, so we booked a balcony room & only have 1 sea day. To be honest, i think he’s really fallen in love with the idea!

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    I’m from the islands! St Lucia is lovely if you want to see green mountains, but if you want the beach go for Barbados! Mango Blovely a good pick and there’s a small but busy little  town called Holetown nearby that has lots of good restaurants and shopping.

    Other islands I’d highly recommend is the French side of StMartin, Antigua or Anguilla!

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    Barbados is the richest of the Islands in the Caribbean… and it has a very British influence to it… so it is very much like the US or Canada… highly developed, well eduated people, and quite safe (compared to many of the other islands).  

    It is also a GORGEOUS island with the most ideal of climates (80 F all year round, and very little rain / almost never a hurricane) because it is sooo far south and east.

    Because it is such a rich island, it doesn’t have a lot of All-Inclusives (doesn’t need them to survive). There are just a couple, and if you check the Reviews on TripAdvisor etc, you’ll find that they get kind of a meh rating… mostly because, once people get to Barbados, they realize that they could have stayed elsewhere and done more on their own if they weren’t tied down to an AI

    Much like visiting other well-off economic countries, one has a lot of choice… be it Hotels, Condos, Rentals, etc.

    I have done a fair bit of travelling in the Caribbean… and by far Barbados is one of my favourite islands (dare I say it is the BEST ?). And a lot of that is because there is sooo much choice there… be it scenery, accommodations, eats, things to do etc.

    The main accommodations will be found on 2 of 3 sides of the Island (it sort of looks like a triangle) with the most on the West Coast, followed by the South Coast, and fewest on the East Coast… the latter being on the Atlantic side, and the seas are rougher (not suitable for swimming etc)

    Where you want to base yourself is up to you… getting around the Island is easy, as they have good public transit, and taxis are not a problem.  Renting a car is do-able, but more expensive than in the US, gas / petrol is also expensive.  If you stay a week, you might want to rent a car tho for a day or two so you can go out and explore the Island on your own… not difficult.  Otherwise, take an organized tour so you can see the interior of the Island and East Coast.

    The Island of Barbodos is aprox 166 Square Miles (14 x 21 Miles)… and relatively flat, with a few hills in the middle.  And has a population of aprox 285,000.

    The South Coast is nice… the West Coast (Platinum Coast) is nicer… but also more expensive.  Look for places around Holetown or Speightown.  The “mega rich” that frequent the island are centered in these areas… especially in the immediate vicinity of the famous Sandy Lane Hotel & Golf Club.

    St Lucia is aprox 238 Square Miles… but it is a mountainous island, and very different to Barbados… although bigger it has a population of 173,000.  The island also gets a lot more rain, and has a tropical rainforest.

    It is a much poorer island, but also gorgeous… in a very rustic sort of way.  Because of the geography & economics of this island, it does rely on tourism a great deal… so there are a lot of AI Resorts and fewer Hotels etc.

    Because of the layout of the Island, getting around on one’s own is not easy… and renting a car NOT recommended.  So exploring most likely will happen if you are on an organized tour / excursion.

    NOTE – The roads in St Lucia are wicked… like a roller coaster… and not a lot of guardrails etc … even taking a shuttle from the Airport and you might get car sick !!  If you can see if you can get around by water (many Hotels have water shuttles) and the island has many ferries.

    St Lucia is a good choice if you are interested in an AI experience where your time will mostly be spent at the resort… laying on the beach, taking in water activities, maybe a few excursions etc.

    Barbados is a better choice if you are the sort of person, who doesn’t like to sit still… and likes the freedom to see and do things on your own (not tied so much to a schedule)

    As for cruising…

    It is a good option for first time visitors to the Caribbean, in that you can see a different island every day… and therefore get an overview of what you may and may not like (every island having its own vibe) vs. putting out a lot of money on a Caribbean vacation and ending up somewhere you don’t particularly enjoy.

    The benefit to a cruise is it truly can be the middle ground between an AI Vacation and a Self-directed one… in that you can do as much or as little as you like… as the mood suits you.

    Mr TTR wasn’t sure about cruising before we went the first time… he honestly thought he’d be bored.  He wasn’t … infact he admits that he kind of likes the days at sea because he enjoys a holiday where there is variety.  Days at sea can be busy (tons of activities on board) or relaxing… curl up with a good book somewhere.

    He does enjoy the AI feel when it comes to accommodations, food, activities and entertainment (more so because we cruise with Celebrity which also offers a Flat Rate Beverage Option).

    It is also nice to unpack once, and have the islands come to you !!

    And honestly when it comes to PAMPERING… you cannot beat a cruise.

    Overall amazing value for the money spent in our opinion.

    — — —

    Other Islands…

    ANYWHERE in the British Virgin Islands (although nothing is cheap there).

    Antigua and Sint Maarten / St Martins are also both nice.  I would most certainly go back to Antigua for a week.

    Cuba and the Turks & Caicos are the next destinations for us.

    Personally, Mr TTR and I would not return to the Dominican Republic or Jamaica (due to politics, crime, etc)

    — — —

    Trip Planning Tips

    Start your familiarization by using Wikipedia… it is a good place to get a basic overview.

    Wikipedia – Barbados= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbados

    Wikipedia – St Lucia= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Lucia

    As well check out each Islands own Official Travel Websites.

    And I never travel anymore without consulting TripAdvisor… which besides having Reviews for Accommodations, Restaurants & Attractions… also has their Boards (they call them Forums) where you can ask Questions and get answers from locals and Destination Experts.  LOVE that feature.

    For cruises, every cruise line has their own websites… chocked fulll of info.

    And also check out TA’s sister website, Cruise Critic… it sort of does the same thing, just for the cruise industry.  So you can read up on Cruise Lines, even specific Ships and Cruise Itineraries.  See Reviews etc.  And they too have Boards where you can ask Questions get info.

    Hope this helps,


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    TO @PrincessIncognito:  you are very welcome.

    You’ll also find there is much info here on WBee as well… as many Brides / Bees do postings / recaps / blogs about their Honeymoon travels… some are even quite detailed with pics etc.

    You can always use the WBEE SEARCH function to find them.

    As well…

    Current Blogging Bee Mrs. Beanstalk = http://www.weddingbee.com/author/beanstalk/#axzz2Ko0yVGtZ is currently in the midst of sharing her Honeymoon Adventures in St Lucia… a great read if you might be interested in that particular island.

    Hope this helps,


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    I’ve been to both Barbados and St. Lucia on a cruise – so only one day at each. I am a person who likes to go out and do things, so I can’t really imagine spending 10 days on either island. I’d suggest doing 5 days on one island and then hopping to another island that is close by for the other 5 days.

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    TO @babymakes3: you said,

    I’ve been to both Barbados and St. Lucia on a cruise – so only one day at each. I am a person who likes to go out and do things, so I can’t really imagine spending 10 days on either island. I’d suggest doing 5 days on one island and then hopping to another island that is close by for the other 5 days.

    I get that you were there on each island only 1 day… so granted you probably didn’t see much.

    BUT I’d be very curious what you did while you were on Barbados… to come to the conclusion that one couldn’t spend 10 days there

    * Although I do agree, that with the two islands in Question so close to one another (as are many islands in the Caribbean) that island hopping and doing 2 Islands is really a good idea and quite feasible.

    — — —

    Now I can see where perhaps your statement could be made about St Lucia… but not Barbados which offers up an absolute ton of stuff to see and do… definitely enough to fill up 10 days with.

    Just a small sampling of the great stuff that Barbados has to offer when it comes to seeing & doing…

    Bridgetown (the Capital) – Barbados’ Houses of Parliament -The Stone Barracks – St Anns Fort – Garrison Savannah – Gun Hill Signal Station – Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station – Glendairy Prison – Garisson Drill Hall

    South Point Lighthouse – Farley Hill National Park & “the Island in the Sun” House Ruins

    Bathsheba (the dramatic East Coast) – Oistins (Barbados main fishing community) – Speightstown & Holetown (both on the West Coast)

    Welchman Hall Gully – Harrison’s Cave – Cherry Tree Hill – Andromeda Botanic Gardens – Animal Flower Cave – Orchid World – Arbib Nature & Heritage Trail – Barbados Wildlife Reserve – Green Monkey Encouter – Parks Farm (home of the Black Bellied Sheep)

    Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum – Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill – Medford Mahogany Creations (handmade Mahogany Furnituremaking) – Mount Gay Rum Distillery – Four Square Rum Distillery

    Historic & Notable Houses (including but not limited to) – Sunbury Plantation House & Museum – St Nicholas Abbey House – Sam Lords Castle – Lancaster Great House – George Washington House – Fustic House – Francia Plantation – Fisherpond House – Drax Hall – Tyrol Cot (Sugar Plantation Great House) – Celebrity Houses of Barbados (where the stars call home when they are in the country… Rihanna – Oprah – Simon Cowell – Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more)

    Historic Parish Churches

    4×4 SafariTours – Aerial Trek (Ziplining) – Segway Tours

    More than 70 miles of beaches… including well known Crane Beach on the southside of the Island, and the famous Sandy Lane Beach and the Platinum Coast on the westside.

    Scuba, Snorkeling and Diving … Reefs – Wrecks – swim with the Wild Green Sea Turtles

    And every form of water sport thinkable… SeaDoos – Parasailing – Sailboarding – Surfing

    Sailboat Charters – Catamaran Day Cruises – Deep Sea Fishing – Atlantis Submarine Expeditions – Glass Bottom Boats – Party Boats – Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Cruises

    Sports like… Cricket – Horseracing – Polo – Tennis – Golf – Track & Field – Horseback Riding – Biking – Hiking

    Festivals – Art – Music – Cultural Events – Shopping – Great Restaurants – Nightlife

    Honestly there is a thousand-and-one things to see and do in Barbados.

    Infact if I had the time and money… I’d certainly be open to retiring there and spending 6 months (November thru April) calling it home !!

    Barbados Tourism = http://www.visitbarbados.org/


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    Check out Couples Barbados! Its newly purchased/renovated by Couples. The resorts come HIGHLY reccommended. My travel agent highly suggested Couples Resorts in Jamaica (Barbados wasn’t an option then). We are going to Couples Swept Away. It looks absolutely beautiful, in budget, and has great reviews. Remember to take everything you read on trip advisor with a grain of salt. The Couples Resorts has their own message board, and many mnay people on there are gearing up for their 10th+ trip. The way I see it, that many repeats can’t be wrong! If you have any questions about them, feel free to send me a message, I did A LOT of research before making the decision.

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    Half my family is from Barbados and I just came from there in September. I think their all-inclusive resorts do not offer half as much as most of the other islands. Their beaches are GORGEOUS! I’m not fond of the food. I would choose St Lucia over Barbados for sure. I also do not consider it as developed as many other islands (I’m not including St Lucia in that comparison!). It has a heavy British influence and most of the tourists are English and the food/meals are geared towards them also. 

    I would either do what you are planning which is visit both or I would do St Lucia.

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