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    Even if it means you have to get the bigger/more expensive house, upstairs laundry is SO worth it!

    It's nice, but shouldn't be a major factor in the decision.

    It's better to have the laundry room in the basement.


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    @Eight6Eleven:  I have a “no-man’s land” set also. Mine is in the KITCHEN of all places. Not the most convenient place ever. I guess I’d just rather it not be in such a weird place.

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    I would LOVE a 2nd floor laundry room or even 1st floor. I really hate carrying laundry into the basement and I told DH our next house either has to have 1st/2nd floor laundry or a laundry chute!

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    Our laundry room is upstairs, which is very convenient, but just be mindful of any potential flooding. The previous owner had a major leak that caused a stain visible on the ceiling of the floor below. Luckily we did not need to replace the wood, but if we did it would have been very costly!

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    @crayfish:  I kind of disagree on the insanely big part. Our house is 2,600 sq ft and it is just the two of us. And we have only one small 10×10 room that is currently unused (by which i mean, it is storing all of our cast-off stuff we can’t find a place for elsewhere). We really like having some space to spread out, and adding 2 kids to the mix would definitely fill us to the brim!

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    @78h2o:  We have a laundry room upstairs. On the noise issue I’d say it really depends on your machine. Ours is cheap and super loud. It is annoying but we just make a point to not wash clothes while we’re trying to sleep, problem solved. The dryer is nicer/quieter and we barely hear it when it is on. If you had a good washer/dryer you prob wouldn’t notice. When you break it down monthly… $200+ seems like a lot of money to spend just for the convenience of laundry…. but man is it convenient for it to be upstairs haha. BUT, since this is meant to be yoru forever house with a plan for 2 kids…. I feel like you should go for the bigger house because it is bigger. I grew up in a house that was about 1800 sq feet for my parents, me, and my brother… and it definitely seemed a little bit cramped. Our house now makes me so happy because we have room for everything!

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    @kana86:  +1


    We used to have a condo that we rented out every year (was in a university town) with an upstairs laundry room.  One year the washer broke and the tennents didn’t tell us.  We didn’t find out until they moved out.  The whole upstairs flooded and it cost us a small fortune to fix it (had to fix everything from the upstairs flooring, to the support beams to the downstairs ceiling).  Of course, if you were living in the house yourself I’m sure you would notice leaking and water damage long before the damages got this bad, but the risk of increased repair costs due to flooding is still worth considering.  How much is the trade off between having to carry laundry downstairs vs. higher possible repair costs?  One possible idea is to add a laundry chute from the upstairs to the basement so that you can shove the laundry in from upstairs and have a basket in the basement to catch it.  That way you avoid having to carry laundry baskets down, but would still have to carry them up with clean clothes.  Unless you added a dumb waiter, then you can avoid carrying laundry completely.  This would depend on the floor plan and costs though, it might not be possible in all properties.

    In my opinion though, you should go with whichever house fits you best since you said you plan to live there for 20+ years.  If you can afford it, go with the one you will love since as time goes by the little things about the house you don’t love will start to drive you nuts and you might end up wanting to move quicker than you’d hoped.

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    I voted it shouldn’t be a major factor, but then I read your whole thread.  If you can afford it, go for the bigger one with the features you want – it sounds like it’s going to be your forever home (or at least your for-a-long-time home where you raise your family).  Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    I think 2400 is huge.  Where I live 1800 square feet is big.  Most of the homes for sale in my neighborhood are 900-1200 square feet.

    But if it works for you, great.  I think the pp was pointing it out because the added utilities can be a shock for people when they first move up to that size. 

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    I voted OTHER

    I’ve lived in many houses over my lifetime… and by far the most convenient for me was when the Laundry Room (and I mean a room, not a closet) was on the main floor.

    The New Home Builders like to brag about their Upstairs Laundry Rooms and how they are “close to the dirty clothes”… which is TRUE. But such rooms are no closer to the action than a Laundry Room in the basement is. In reality, you’ll spend the greatest portion of your day most likely on the Ground Floor.

    So Laundry in the basement or upstairs, and you’ll be going up and down stairs constantly to put a load in, take it out etc. And because it isn’t “right there” where you are… it means that it isn’t convenient… OR easy to remember… in that you get busy with other stuff (with my main floor laundry, I am continually walking by the Laundry Room and throwing in a load to the washer or dryer as I go about my day)

    A Laundry Room on the main floor and you bring down a basket full of dirty clothes once a day, and take back up a basket of clean at the end of the day. Easy-Peasy.

    And being as it is on the same floor as most other “service areas” (kitchen, garage, entrance to backyard etc) it is a great when you have something truly icky that needs to get into the laundry that originated in one of those areas.

    By far the best Laundry Room in my whole life was on the main floor, with the Mudroom / Garage / Backyard entrance on one side of it, and a Bathroom on the other. When things got really messy in life, it was nice that someone could stripdown in the Laundry Room and then make their way to the Bathroom to wash up, BEFORE heading upstairs !!

    Hope this helps,

    PS… My DREAM Laundry Room would be a bright and cheery good sized room on the main floor with Washer & Dryer, a Deep Sink for rinsing out Delicates and other tasks (like dying fabric), a Counter for Folding, Cupboards for Supplies, and a pleasant place to iron (tv or stereo perhaps to while away the time), a Sorting System for Dirty Clothes, Cubbies for Clean Clothes, Hanging Space for long & short items, and a Drip-Dry area (with a utility janitorial sink underneath… kind of like the floor of a shower with taps down low… good for doing things like rinsing out mops, garbage cans, and giving the dog a wash).  And if the room was big enough… space also for a sewing table.  I saw one such room once in a Model Home, and Mr TTR couldn’t get me out of that space… it was awesome !! 

    lol, there were a lot of other women who were also drooling… I don’t have any pictures (sadly) but if you GOOGLE – Laundry Rooms – you can find some AMAZING pics that people of taken of their “fitted out” Laundries to give you inspiration, and ideas on how to make even the smallest of spaces more workable.

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    @78h2o:  I would go for the upstairs laundry. Mine is next to our 2nd bedroom and on the same floor as the master and I love it. I’m always putting on loads and if I had to carry it downstairs all the time I would probably fall over. 
    Also if you want the 20+ year house I would go for the bigger one. 500 ft of extra space is a big difference to me!

    Best of luck!  

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    it seems as though the laundry room IS a big factor for you. if you ‘settled’ now, you could end up moving again in a few years, and that’ll just end up costing you money anyway.

    i saw on a property show that “he who ends up in his ‘forever home’ in the fewest moves, wins. in other words – if you can afford the better house, and you think you’ll one day end up in a house like it, get it now.

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    Our new house has a laundry room right off the kitchen, on the 1st/ground floor. I don’t think it’s a huge deal at all. I mean come on, it’s a flight of stairs, not a 3 mile hike.

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    If you are looking at a 20 year purchase, go with the house you really want. The price difference will not be significant over a 30 year mortgage, nor should there be a significant increase in taxes, insurance, etc.

    As far as the laundry room is concerned, I always worry about the leakage (this could destroy a big part of your home) and noise (easily addressed) issues but convenience probably trumps those.

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