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    Even if it means you have to get the bigger/more expensive house, upstairs laundry is SO worth it!

    It's nice, but shouldn't be a major factor in the decision.

    It's better to have the laundry room in the basement.


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    As someone else mentioned, it’s not that big of a price difference over 20/30 years, so if you like it, go for it.

    Consider other things with this, like age and maintanence. Laundry upstairs is amazing, just make sure it’s done properly (washer pan under the washer and a drain). I’d be more worried having a hot water heater upstairs than I would a washer.

    As long as your washer is balanced, the noise isn’t that bad. We have ours upstairs, right next to the master. I close the laundry room doors and our bedroom doors at night and I barely hear it.

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    That’s not really a huge price difference, yes monthly right now it would be more but in the long run you may be happy that you went with the house that had everything you wanted vs. some of what you wanted.

    That price is amazing btw, especially when compared to what you get around here ๐Ÿ™ A house that size would sell for a minimum of $600k here!

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    With the exception of retired people with kids moved out of the house I dont think I have ever heard anyone say “I wish I had less space”. Instead its “I wish I had more space, storage, yard, etc”

    So the smaller house may be great now, but as your family grows and as life accumulates stuff you will probably be glad for the bigger house since you can afford it now.

    It will cost more to upkeep so that is a big factor, but it can be balanced by the fact that with time value of money that payment each month for mortgage will get easier and easier. And, hypothetically, as you earn equity you could always sell it for retirement when/if you want to downsize.

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    @ThreeMeers:  So true. We *almost* didn’t buy this house because I initially thought it was too big for 2 people and I didn’t want to live in a “big empty house.” The house we were about to sign on was 1800 sq ft with 1 less bedroom and no second living room. The night before we signed my husband asked that we go take another look at this one just to be sure and you know what? he was SO right. It took us less than 6 months to fill this house and I’m so glad we went for it.

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    I voted that it’s nice, but wasn’t a major factor to me.  The most truly convienent washer/dryer setup I’ve had was in an apartment where the hookups were in a closet in the bedroom.  While this was great for a single person in a small apartment, I could see it being a huge hassle in a house with a family.  The most inconvienent setup is probably the one I’m in now.  The washer hookup is in an attached, but seperate utility room.  Laundry has to be taken out into the carport and then into the utility room.  It also doesn’t have a dryer vent so the dryer has to be vented out a window onto my screened in porch, right on top of where my new outdoor bar was just installed.  By BFF’s is not bad.  It’s in a small seperate room just off the kitchen on the first floor.  All of the bedrooms are on the second floor though. 

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    i personally don’t mind laundry rooms in the basement.  when i built my last home i considered putting the laundry on the main floor but opted to put it in the basement and put a den on the main floor instead.  i did laundry 1-2 times / week for a couple of hours.  that did not warrant taking up valuable floor space on the main floor.  i had my office in the den and was in there every single day for hours. 

    we are now in the middle of designing and building another house and there are no basements (it’s on the beach) so we are having it on the main floor.  like @This Time Round said, you spend most of your time on the main floor.

    i don’t think the laundry room should dictate the home you buy.  price, location, neighbourhood, maintenance, need of remodelling, etc should be the main factors. 

    both homes sound nice but if you are thinking long term the larger home may be better if you plan on having a large family. 


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    It wouldnt be a deciding factor for me.  If you get a second floor laundry one though, make sure there’s a drain in the room and its properly sloped.  On HUGE negative that would actually make me prefer a lower floor one is that in the rare case that your washer pipe busts, if you dont have proper drainage, which a lot of places dont, youre going to flood right into your downstaris and it’ll cause a ton more damage.

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    I have a second floor laundry.  I love it!  It’s not loud, but then we bought a new washer and dryer last year…..

    On size of houses…we have a 2.5 floor townhouse with 2 bedrooms.  We use the main floor and our bedroom mainly.  I just cleared out the spare room for using for crafting for the wedding (it originally was a craft room then it became THAT ROOM for dropping stuff)….

    My Fiance and I have talked about getting a bigger house, and we have no need to.  We also aren’t planning on having kids.

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    I picked other haha. I dont have this option in Florida, no basements down here at all.

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    I love having an upstairs laundry. It’s so nice not having to bring laundry up and down the stairs. The only downside to an upstairs laundry is that if there is a washing machine leak, it could damage the first floor ceiling. Because of that, I was initially unhappy about having a second floor laundry, but really it is great for the convenience factor. 

    As for sizes of house, I think 2400 is a great size. Our house is close to 5000 square feet. I know that sounds ridiculously huge, but it’s spread over three floors so it doesn’t seem that massive.

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    It would be nice to have a laundry room upstairs where the clothes go… but I always think, what happens if the washer breaks and floods… then major damage and a heck of a lot of money to replace ceilings etc…

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    When I lived in a condo in college our laundry was upstairs, right next to my bedroom – I LOVED it – SO easy! Now I live on the second floor of a two family flat, and our laundry is in the basement (so two floors down)….I don’t HATE it, but it is annoying. We have a laundry shute, though, so that makes up for it…almost

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    @StL.Ashley:  We have a laundry shute, though, so that makes up for it…almost

    Too bad the laundry chute doesn’t go “up” also! LOL

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    That’s actually kind of a deal breaker for me. Our last apartment had laundry in the basement and it was awful. Having to run down in the middle of the night to swap a load and then again first thing in the AM to get work clothes made me hate my life a little. Our current apartment has a laundry room right off the kitchen which is perfect.

    In your case OP, I think you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for that upstairs laundry room once your baby gets here. Even without cloth diapering, just the massive amounts of laundry that you’re going to have to do will be worth having the more accessible laundry room. 

    ETA: Saw your update. Congrats on the house! I’m sure it will be the best option for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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