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Our daughter was supposed to start off in her own crib from the get go.  When we got home I was still breastfeeding and didn’t want to get in and out of bed and walk all the way down the hall, so our she just was relegated to a pack n play in the middle of the room (for easy access) and has stayed there and she is now about to be 7 months.  We hope to move her into her own room before she is a year old, but at this rate, we’ll see.  We did use a changing table attached to the pack n play, but now we just change her on the floor or the bed.  Don’t stress you’ll be fine.

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I hadboth of my children in the bassinet in my room until they outgrew it (around 3 months)  then it was a pretty smooth transition to the crib in their own room.  I hada visual monitor for the last one (5 years ago) and i LOVED being able to watch him on the camera… it really eased any anxiety.  plus it came with a portable screen.. like a little cell phone that i could view and hear him.  that was the best purchase ever.  I used it until he was almost 3… worth every penny!

I was breast feeding also…so its much easier to have them closer since they wake up every hour or 2 to eat… sometimes 3 hours at the most

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Dear Daughter slept in a travel lite pack n play (the size of a bassinet) in our enormous walk-in master closet until she was 6 months old. We also had a changing table in there, which was a godsend as I hate bending over to change diapers on the bed or the floor. It was very convenient having her so close to us, and I will do the same again with future children. It would have sucked to have to walk up and down the long hallway to comfort her with every cry before she was able to sleep through the night on her own.

At 6 months, we moved her into her crib in her own room, and sleep trained her to get her falling asleep and sleeping through the night on her own. Indescribably wonderful to have our nights back after all that time!!

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howtobeawife:  We had the dilemma of where to put our son. We have a split level so the master bedroom is on the lower level, and the other two rooms are upstairs. We have him in a pack ‘n play in our room right now and plan to until he’s 6 months or a little older. Then we need to decide if we are going to move our bedroom upstairs or just run the video monitor overnight.

All his stuff is upstairs in his nursery, and we go up there to change his diapers, make bottles, rock him, etc. Our bedroom is big enough, but this way we don’t have to wake the other person up in the middle of the night with a crying baby.

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I used the Arms reach co-sleeper till my son was about 7 months old.  I would just change him on a changing pad on our bed.  The co-sleeper was great because I would not have to get out of bed which was great because I had a c-section.  I think you should have the baby with you for at least the first few months.  

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I was 100% confident that my DS would sleep in his own crib from day 1….that was until I was in the hospital with him right after birth and saw how small and helpless he was. No way could I have him all the way down the hall with 2 doors separating me from him. I needed to hear his little breath and grunts to lessen my anxiety.

I went out and bought a Rock ‘n’ Play and had it in our room until he was about 3.5 months and started outgrowing it. Then I transitioned him to his crib, which went pretty smoothly.

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howtobeawife:  my son was in a bassinet in our room for the first 8 or 9 weeks. I was nervous to have him “far away” from me, but the transition was easy & we both started sleeping better. Is plan to keep baby with you for a few months. 

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We did the first month in the infant part of the pack n play. He did his first night in a cradle that my Father-In-Law made for him, but he somehow managed to roll himself onto his side and ram his face into the side while swaddled (NO IDEA HOW!). I started feeing like he was too big for the infant inserf in the pack n play around 1 month and he wasn’t rolling in it so We tried the cradle again…now he somehow ends up at the bottom of it in a little ball everytime I wake up to feed him. Either way he is staying on his back and he isn’t mashing himself into the sides anymore so that is where he will stay until at least 3 months. That is when SO and I will start fighting over if he has to go into his own room or not (i want him next to me until at least 4-5 months)

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Our daughter slept in the napper portion of her pack n play until she outgrew it around 3 months. Then, we put her in the larger part of the pack n play until 4 months when we moved her to her own room.

We always did middle of the night changes on our bed. I put a towel down for poops if they were bad! 

I highly recommend room sharing as it’s recommend as one way to potentially reduce sids and also allows you to get more sleep. There’s no right age to move baby to their own room – it’s whenever you and baby are ready. You’ll find what works for you guys and it may not be the plan you originally laid out!

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howtobeawife:  i dont have kids but my mom had two more children when i was a teen. She breastfed during the night so my baby brothers would stay in a bassinet right next to her bed until they outgrew it. That way they were within arms reach,and i think they moved to the crib at about 2-3 months. She was still breastfeeding at that point so she put the crib in her room next to the bed, and i think she felt more comfortable knowing they were close. It depends on your situation, but i think a bassinet helps while theyre small because they also have wheels so you can roll the bassinet into whichever room you’re in at the moment And it helps prevent the baby from turning on their stomach. But do what feels good for you

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O good thread. We’ve been debating this my whole pregnancy. We ended up getting a bassinet (the pack n play that comes with the stand up bassinet) and I think are just going to play it by ear. Our room is right next to the baby’s room, couldn’t be closer, but I’m not sure how we’ll feel when the baby’s actually home. Based on the above comments, I bet we’ll have the baby with us in the bassinet for at least a little while. 

I do plan to Boyfriend or Best Friend, and my husband is up for anything he needs to do to help and support that – but for those of you who also Boyfriend or Best Friend, did you find that having the baby in your room to unneccessarily disrupt BOTH you and the father’s sleep (during feeding or changing), when if the baby had been in the other room, it would just have been your own sleep affected? 

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I’m not yet a mother but we have the stokke sleepi mini (bassinet) and have actually already got it set up in our bedroom! When the baby is about 6 mth we’ll attempt to move her into her nursery and put her to sleep in the stokke sleepi. I worry that I will get into a co-sleeping arrangement when I get up to Boyfriend or Best Friend her in the night. Really want to try to avoid this but I know myself and I will be wanting to get back to sleep so badly! I suppose having her in the nursery won’t be any better as I will still just bring her into our bed to feed. 

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I just set up my baby’s crib in my room.  She is 4 months and still in my room 🙂   I’m thinking in about a month I’ll be ready to move her. I would probably feel comfortable moving her into her own room now but she started rolling onto her tummy at 3 months and I sometimes come in to find her asleep on her tummy so it’s freaked me out a little bit that I’ve liked having an eye on her still.

I couldn’t imagine putting my few days old baby to sleep in her own room where I couldn’t see her.  I would think you would want baby in your room for at least a couple months.  My husband sleeps right though her wakeups or crying-though she never really cried much (sometimes I feel like kicking him for sleeping through everything).  It is nicer to be able to Boyfriend or Best Friend in bed rather than sitting in a chair.

I actually changed baby’s diaper in my bed those early weeks.  But by 6 weeks she stopped pooping overnight so I now rarely have to change her at night.

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