(Closed) BBT charting – temp higher in morning than in the afternoon?

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@MrsOats:  I’m also new to this charting business, so I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. But I did want to say that I’m in the exact same boat. I’m temping in farenheidt, and my temp this morning at 6am was 98.0 and at noon it was 97.3, so I’m a bit confused about this issue too. Would love some advice from more experienced charters!

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Do you sleep in a really warm room or with a heavy blanket?

Not sure why it’s cooler in the day, but perhaps you were chilly?

I don’t think the temperature number matters so much… What you need to see is consistancy so you can see a change in thermal shifts. It’s best to always record within the same time.

A little disturbance in your sleep can throw it off. If you were tossing and turning, or stressing over not sleeping, that can raise your temperature.

I started setting an alarm for 5:00am to take my temp. If you wake up to use the bathroom it can throw things out of whack too.

I picked 5:00am, because usually if I wake in the middle of the night, it’s early enough to still get a good reading, and my husband waking wont disturb me, since I take it before either of us need to get up. I just set an alarm, temp, record it, zonk back out.



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The best thing is to temp once and only once. Some women’s BBTs are very sensitive, so even the waking up process can affect your temps even if you don’t move much or get up. Strictly speaking, you should take your temp as soon as you wake up, even if it’s an hour early. TCOYF software will adjust it for you, but you’ll likely just have to disturb the temp. Now, if your BBT doesn’t change much by lying around and dozing until your usual temp time (mine doesn’t), then just temp at your usual time. I would use the first temp you recorded this morning (the 7:30 time) and make a note of your restless sleep on your chart. That way if the temp looks out of line later, you can remember to disturb it.

ETA: I also recently changed my temp time to 5am. It used to be 7am, but I was consistently waking up around 6 and then lying there until 7. I was able to see a clear shift in temps when I O’d, so it doesn’t matter much, but my pre-O temps were a little inconsistent. I very rarely wake up before 5, so my pre-O temps have been much more consistent.

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@MrsOats:  I find my temp is always artificially raised if I have a restless sleep just prior to temping and sometimes it is lower later in the day than it was on the morning of a restless sleep. If I wake within the last 2 hours or so before my usual temp time, I temp and go back to sleep. I then temp at my usual time and input that one in my chart, but I record the circumstances and the first temp in my notes too. Sometimes I use a temperature adjuster on the first temp and input that instead, but I prefer not to do that.

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if i have a bad sleep, my BBT is always really high. too high to even count it in my chart and i end up discarding it.

so your restless sleep that night could have played a big role there.

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Just relax and keep taking your temp the first thing when you wake up before moving much.  You will still probably get a pattern (or FF will help you find it).  If you wake/get restless at  6:30 — temp then.  I often have to temp around 5 or 6 in morning, because I often wake up briefly then — if I don’t temp then when I do and take it around 7, like normal, it will be higher than ususal.  If I don’t sleep well my temperature will be sky high when I temp and then I discard it.  I often have to discard a handful or so temperatures during the month.  I still get my pattern.  After a while you will be able to recognize when a temp is not normal.  I have a fairly consistent range of pre-O temps, and a range of post-O temps.  You won’t know if you have a consistent range they fall into until you collect lots more data. 

I wonder if your lowered temps later in the day might also be influenced by whether or not you have your mouth open more during the day?  I know that when I have a fever, I have to make a point to keep my mouth closed for 5+minutes or so before temping, or it is always quite low.  But, it seems like you are stressing yourself out by taking your temperature during the day — so you might want to stop!!


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@MrsOats:  Please stop taking your temps at different times during the day! You’re stressing yourself out. Just record the ones from when you wake up, and make any notes about late wake up times, restless sleep, etc. Your temp can be affected by many things during the day, so having your mouth open/talking a lot (like @bluegreenjean: said) or having a cool drink within thirty minutes of taking your temp can cause it to be artificially low. This is your first month charting, and it’s stressful and it’s hard not to focus on single temperatures. Remember, you’re looking for an overall pattern, and you don’t know what your normal pre- and post-O temps are yet. Keep up the good work, but don’t worry too much 🙂

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