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msnap2be:  OMG you didn’t have a sex drive either?! I thought I was just crazy until I started thinking maybe it was my bc.

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BeeG35:  Im on the generic of Lo estrin fe ( microgestin- same exact ingredients) and to be honest sometimes my cramps are worse! Also some cycles I dont get a period, or I just cramp lol. Every cycle is different

As far as side effects go -at first I thought I had a higer sex drive but nowadays since ive been on it…yeah, none lol! Looking forward to TTC soon so I can just get off BC in general

However BCP put you at a higher risk for blood clots, especially over 35- Maybe look into Mirena? I’ve heard people really like it and rarely get periods on it. Not sure if the blood clot risk it the same or not

ETA: Ive had no weight gain at all, no hair loss and no headaches ( I usually do not get headaches tho, unless Im hungover haha)

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I had migraines on a different BCP (was on it for 10 years – took getting off it to realize it was causing my migraines) – and I was just put on Lo Loestrin Fe for one month to prevent a period (bleeding issues). I’ve only been on it for 3 weeks so far, but no migraines yet. Lots of spotting (practically a full period), but that could be because of when I started it.

I’m only taking it for one month, so I don’t have any long-term results to share, but I feel better on this than I did on Apri 28-day, which was my old BCP.

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I started out on Lo Loestrin and was on that for a few years. I got some pretty bad headaches in the first month of taking it But that was all. Years later, my doctor switched me to Lo Loestrin because my blood pressure was high and she wanted me on something with lower estrogen. I took that for maybe 6-8 months or so, and then decided to stop taking BC all together. Other than those headaches, I didn’t really have any negative side effects. My periods were really light while I was on it, and only lasted 2-3 days. I did notice that when I stopped taking the pill my sex drive went way up in that first month I was off of it, but it has since returned to normal.

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HOw worried are you about becoming pregnant?

I tried Loestrim FE and had weight gain and horrible bloating…it would neer go away!!!

I ditched it and have now been on a progesterone only pill for over a year.  I have had ZERO bloat, ZERO weight gain and because I take thyroid supplements and also have migraines, it has not intereferd with those conditons because it contains ZERO estrogen.  The only thing I have noticed is sorry Too Much Information alert…I don’t think sex is as comfortable as it used to be…this happens alot with ceratain bc.  But you can compenate for it with more lube etc.


Look into a POP pill as they call them…you do have to take it within the same hour every single day to be effective…plus another bonus is, if you do decide to conceive this type of pill leaves your body quicker than traditional bc.

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I’m on this pill. It has the added benefit of being the type of pill that slows down fibroid growth (I had a previous surgery on for this so it’s an issue for me).


No real side effects outside of sometimes after intercourse I spot bleed. The doc says it may be a side effect of the pill since they eliminated the other possibilitis (ie current fibroids, stds, cancer). My hair is fine, my weight is stable, my sex drive is normal. I do get migraines, but never with auras. Make sure you talk to your doc about auras because they are a serious contradiction. 

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I was on lo loestrin fe on and off back in college to regulate my periods. I don’t really recall any side effects. I was put back on this pill in January. I had ZERO sex drive. I cried all the time and was very moody/emotional. I went off of it on my own and everything went back to normal.

I do have migraines with an aura, but I have those on and off the pill so I’m not sure if they were related in any way. I never gain weight on BC because I eat clean so my diet never changes and I don’t give in to tempations.

In terms of the product – I never had my period. I’d bleed for a day and that was it. No cramping. Nothing. 

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BeeG35:  I’ve been on Lo Loestrin for four months now. 

The first month, my period did come closer to the regular time than the two iron pills (the only “placebos” – the white ones are real). For me, I have to take it at the SAME exact time after night, but it’s essentially almost eliminated my period (although the first month sucked, I spotted a lot). Which is awesome for me – and I haven’t had really any cramps at all, and they used to be bad.

So a weird side effect – my boobs are definitely bigger. I thought (as did my SO) that I was just being silly, but my bras definitely don’t fit as well (sucks, they were expensive and I already had a little trouble finding good support) and my clothes look different on me. I was 34D so the change isn’t necessarily welcome as I’m only 5’3″, but I know I shouldn’t complain because other girls wish BC would make them bigger. 

I haven’t really noticed any other side effects, including real weight gain anywhere else that I could attribute to BC. I get moody on the second week sometimes which some people say is because of BC but I’m not sure. I got on it for acne + BC so I’m happy with the BC part but my acne is about the same, although the doctor said to wait longer for it to work. 

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RunnerBride13:  I was on it about a year and it took about 6 months of being off for my periods to completely regulate. 

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BeeG35:  ahh right!

I actually found a style of American Eagle bra that held up well and wasn’t over-the-top expensive, but now that they’re a little bigger, they don’t fit as well and it’s making my clothes look not as good 🙁 I have other bras but they already weren’t amazing, and worse now. 

I’m debating going on a bra hunt again. I don’t want to! But it sucks as-is. 

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JessicaBrooke926:  Just curious…were your cycles long or how were they irregular off bcp? Did you ovulate? I wasn’t on lo loestrin fe but a different pill and it’s been almost 6 months and I’m going crazy because my cycles are so messed up! 

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I’ve been on it for about a year, and love it. I have no cramping, no periods, no mood swings, and fewer migraines! The only downside is that my sex drive is pretty much non-existant…but that may not be the pill.

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