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I will go through this myself.  I am in major pain when I get my period even on the pill so I don’t get it anymore.  I’m not sure I could stand going off it without massive doses of pain pills.

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Try accupunture, i have endo, at it helps with the pain.

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I would HIGHLY rec you to a NaPro Technology Doctor. While BC is allowing you to maintain a pain free “cycle” it’s not a true cycle and your endo is kinda just chillin in the background. The problem with endo is that a lot depends on the degree of it. My mom had endo and I’m a miracle baby… It may be difficult to TTC and you may need surgery to get it as under control as possible. I would say a doctor who is VERY confident and proficient in Endo removal because if it’s not done well… it can make ttc worse… If you get a doctor who is on top of treating it and not just masking it… your pain levels will dramatically decrease and chance of successfully conceiving skyrocket…

ETA: my mom had to have surgery prior to conceiving and about 5 years after having me had a full hysterectomy. 

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Look into the Creighton Method and find a NaPro doctor.  Dr. Hilgers, founder of both Creighton and NaPro, is very successful at permanently removing endometriosis and eliminating pain.  He has a special surgical technique that minimizes adhesions and restricts growth of endometriosis, so he is very pro-surgical intervention.  Additionally, he has a much higher success rate of pregnancy over the standard OBGYN care.

Here are several links that go straight to the source:




The fertilitycare website has a panel where you can search for creighton teachers and NaPro physicians.  If possible, try to get Dr. Hilgers to look at your medical chart–it would require you to learn the method and work with another physician.

Also, here are some blogs I read from women who’ve had success with NaPro and Creighton:



This last blog is written by a women who is battling infertility for years.  She’s amazing.  She works for a NaPro physician and is currently a client.


 Lastly, I understand going on BC for pain care.  I don’t think any of us who don’t have endometriosis can fathom the pain.  I hope that you will be able to use NaPro so that you can completely eliminate endometriosis!  Many prayers for you and your husband!

ETA: The blogs are written from a Catholic perspective.  I gave the OP these links b/c I know she’s Catholic.  For the other women who are enduring endometriosis and are not Catholic, there are individual tabs on these blogs that explain their individual stories and success with NaPro/Creighton.  Dr. Hilgers is Catholic BUT he is very good at what he does!  I found the Creighton method not to be very religious.  I mean, you can apply religious doctrine, but the instruction and texts do not have much religious stuff surrounding it, much to the chagrin of other Catholic NFP founders like John and Sheila Kippley (founders of the Couple-to-Couple league, NFP international, and Sympto-thermal method).  So please don’t discount NaPro and Creighton b/c of it’s background–it’s backed with lots of science and you are never pressured to be Catholic, have a Catholic opinion, etc.

Lastly, I have PCOS.  I have had nothing but great amounts of respect from my Creighton instructor and I imagine, giving the personal testimonies of other women, that NaPro physicians are just as kind and respectful.  If you are interested in learning Creighton and want a reference to my teacher, PM me and I’ll give you her information to you.  She does distance teaching through skype.  I will be out of town for a few days and incommunicado during that period.  I will come back to this thread later to answer questions if anyone has them (please don’t think I’m ignoring you).  Lastly, here’s a thread on my experience with NFP: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/those-interested-in-nfp

P.S. OP, if you want to read a book written by Dr. Hilgers about NaPro technology, it’s called the NaPro Technology Revolution, I’ll send it to you.  It just skims why and what he does.  I didn’t find it to be completely surprising b/c I already knew a little about Creighton and NaPro going in.  PM me, and I’ll send it to you if you want!

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I am in the same position as you. I have endometriosis and am currently on BC and planning to go off of it in 2 weeks. Your pain sounds worse than mine- I have EXTREME pain/throw up, but it’s only on Day 1 of my period. Other than that, it’s just bad cramps…bad, but manageable.

I do have a friend who tried a diet to control the pain- no dairy, soy, or wheat…and some more stuff. It helped her pain and she is pregnant now. =)  I think I’m going to try the diet when I go off BC. Not sure if there will be anything left that I’m actually ALLOWED to eat, but it’s worth a try. LOL. Here is a link to the site: http://www.endo-resolved.com/diet.html

Good luck!

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@jedeve: It honestly may be worth the commute… if it was brain cancer would you do it if the doctor had the treatment to make you better? Most likely. Just like many things this is a crippling disease and if it were me I would not take a wait and see approach. For the record, a sorority sister of mine lives in Minn. (well, I think Michigan now) and is/was a patient of Dr. Hilgers. She had an ovary removed from an illness as a child and didn’t have a period for her entire adolescence/early adulthood. Dr. Hilgers was able to get her period going our Senior year of college after only a few months of treatment (back in 2006) and now that she’s married she is ovulating occasionally and has had 3 miscarriages. While it is def. painful to have 3 miscarriages… they are a hundred step closer to succeeding and only have a few more to go. If you would like,I can find out if she is still with Dr. Hilgers himself or someone else… I also know a couple who went to Dr. Hilgers for treatment from Texas.

Being pain free, endo free, and the ability to go off BC and have children is worth it imho. And if they think it’s growing onto your bladder I’d want it dealt with ASAP… not a “wait and see.” Hell no, get it out of me! Dr. Hilgers is very successful at getting endo out and without all the scaring that makes pregnancy hard to achieve.

Another point, Even if Dr. Hilgers himself became your endo physician… you would more than likely need to do creighton charting for about 6 months before potential treatment anyhow. They get a LOT of Out of Town clients and I’m sure it wouldn’t be like you would be going there every month or something. Maybe an initial exam, charting, treatment, follow up.

Either way, I think it’s worth the trip.  Or at least a phone call to find out more 🙂

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