(Closed) BC Question: Pill or Nuvaring?

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I was on the pill for 7 years before switching to Nuvaring, so I’ll try to answer all your questions.  I never had any nausea or noticeable side effects from either, the pill actually helped me out with my period pains and moodiness.  I know that everyone is different, but didn’t know about the whole family morning sickness thing, but I really didn’t have any bad reactions and i was on a lot of different pills to keep my out of pocket costs down.  I finally switched to the ring cuz I was tired of taking a pill everyday, and I was getting to be forgetful.  You have to take the pill around the same time everyday for it to be most effective, which can be a real pain for some people.

I’m 5’9, so I can’t really answer the effects of the ring on a smaller person.  I don’t feel it 99% of the time, but sometimes either I or Fiance can feel it during sex. Its ok to take it out for up to an hour at a time, so if either of us can feel it we just take it out and then I put it back in when we’re done.  I definitely prefer the ring to the pill, cuz you only have to put it in and then can forget about it. I’ve been on it for about a year now, and when I first got it I checked almost every day to make sure I didn’t lose it! In very rare instances, it could fall out but I’ve never had that happen to me.

We used condoms for the first year of our relationship (we were both cheated on in our previous relationships where we didn’t use condoms, so until we knew for sure we were both cooty free we used condoms) but haven’t since then and I didn’t before that.  I haven’t gotten pregnant (knock on wood!) and dont’ use any other forms of protection.  As long as you use your form of BC correctly, I think you would be ok. But if either one of you is particularly fertile, there is that small risk of becoming pregnant, so ultimately that’s something you have to decide.  I don’t want to have a baby for another few years, but in the unlikely event it happened now, then I guess we’re having a baby sooner than we planned. But after being on BC for almost 10 years, I think I’m good until I come off it.

I hope this has helped you with your decision, please feel free to pm me if you have any other questions. Good luck, and be honest about all your questions and concerns, since ultimately she can help you make the final decision. And you can always switch if one doesn’t work for you.

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I have to agree with the comment above. I too was on the pill before moving to the Nuvaring. My period started to get really wacky with the pill.  The only negative comment I had with ring is that it made me gain weight the first few months.  Otherwise I love it.

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I love love LOVE the Nuvaring.  I haven’t experienced any side effects whatsoever.

 Also, I’m 5’2" (on a good day) and have definitely not found that it’s too big or uncomfortable.  You don’t even notice it’s there!

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Just another Nuva Riing testimonial here – I love it!  I would check with your insurance though, because some insurance companies cover it like the pill and other place a higher premium on it.

 If you need more advice look in the little green area below, another girl asked about the NuvaRing with quite a large response.

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I have endometriosis, and I have been on over 20 different kinds of BC, and while I know that BC effects everyone differently, I have been by far the most happy with NuvaRing.  I’m a petite one myself, coming in a whopping 5’2, and the only discomfort I have every experienced with the NuvaRing is inserting it, which is mildly uncomfortable for me.  I do get a little nauseous with it the day after I insert it, but it is mild and doesn’t last long.  That’s the only side effect I have experienced.  My gyno gave me a great tip for inserting it–use a tampon applicator.  It works!  Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!

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Yaz all the way..

Nuva ring made me itchy. Not in the vaj  – all over my arms and legs….

generic yaz gave me cramps and headaches.

Be aware of your body and if you don’t feel right one month, don’t tollerate it. Switch to something else.

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I Love NuvaRing.  I didn’t have the weight gain or crappy moods I did with the pill.  I also have never experienced nausea.  As far as the backing up, my fiance and I do, but it’s more of a personal preference, plus we have five kids already from previous marriages and REALLY don’t want another bugger running around.

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I’ve been on BC for 4 years or so and I’ve never had any nausea, just lighter periods than before.  We used a backup method early in our relationship just to be extra sure, but we haven’t  been using any at all for well over a year.  I just have a cell phone alarm to make sure I take it at the exact same time every day — I’m a huge stickler about it!  And we’ve never had any preg scares or anything.  I’ve been considering switching to the Nuvaring because it seems great to not have to take something daily, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  One of my good friends is on it and she loves it, but apparently she/her partner can feel it sometimes during sex.  But it sounds like it varies a lot from person to person.

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I tried both and by far NuvaRing is the winner. No weight gain, I get a light very light two day period. I tried several pills and I was always feeling sick and gained a lot of weigth.

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I’ve been on birth control for years and have tried several different pills as well as the NuvaRing, so i’m happy to offer my answers. I can say for sure that for me, the pill is the winner by far!

– whether or not you experience nausea really depends on the person and the brand. for me, the pills with more estrogen in them (Ortho-Tricyclen, Nordette) more often gave me nausea (as well as other symptoms like emotional issues…it may take a few tries to find a pill that works best for your body). However, one easy way to combat this is to take your pill everyday with a small meal or snack (carbs are good – like crackers or something), and a beverage. this allows the pill to have some cushion while you digest it; otherwise, it can irritate your tum. you should be fine if you take it with a snack.

– I’m a medium sized girl (5’4" about 150) and I really didn’t like the ring. Most of the time you couldn’t feel it at all, but there were a few instances where it would slip out during sex and that was painful. plus, i found that it increased discharge ALOT (a few friends experienced this too…) enough that I wore a pantyliner most days…isnt that sexy!!! i was on the ring for 8 months before i went back to the pill.

– I’m sticking with the pill and will likely never go back to the ring. It was nice not having to remember a pill everyday, but the combo of the possibility of it slipping out at intimate moments and the discharge was enough to stear me away. every pill has different side effects for every girl and it does take a while to find your comfortable with, but i think its worth the hunt.

– It’s always a really good idea to back up birth control with a condom. Neither the pill or the ring protect against HIV or other Save-The-Date Cards so if you’re not 100% sure that your relationship is 100% monogomous, condoms are necessary. Neither is 100% effective against pregnancy and the more protection, the more likely you won’t get pregnant. If you absolutely cannot get pregnant at this point in your life, i’d recommend using both forms of protection. i’ve been with my FH for 6 years – at first we used both but in recent years just the pill since we are preparing to start a family and if something unexpected DID happen, we could start one now.

PS. I’m 99% sure that the NuvaRing is the same chemically as Nordette, which is a higher estrogen pill. If you think you might be sensitive to higher levels of estrogen, this might be something to consider 🙂

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I’m 5’2", 115 lbs, and I love the nuvaring!  I switched to it from ortho-tri-lo 3 years ago, and I’ve never looked back.

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I have ADD so there is noway i could remember a pill every day! I lOVE the ring!

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I had severe nausea issues with the pill and I tried several different brands.  I have stomach issues in general so that was part of the problem.  I’ve been on the ring for a few weeks now and so far so good!  I haven’t experienced any nausea at all and I can’t feel it at all.

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I’m on NuvaRing and I love it!  I always had a hard time remembering to take the pill at the same time every day, so the ring is perfect for me.  I’ve been on it for about two years and have never had a problem.

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