(Closed) B**ch; how do you feel about the word?

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  • poll: Do you use that word?
    All the time : (36 votes)
    9 %
    Sometimes : (54 votes)
    14 %
    Never : (18 votes)
    5 %
    I use it negetavely towrards people I dislike : (62 votes)
    16 %
    I use it light-heartedly : (64 votes)
    16 %
    I'd be offended if a woman called me that, friend or not : (36 votes)
    9 %
    I'd be offended if a man called me that : (56 votes)
    14 %
    That word doesn't offend me unless I know it's being used to hurt me : (63 votes)
    16 %
    Other : (3 votes)
    1 %
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    Busy bee

    @Artificial-Sweetener:  +1 

    Your mom seems to be referring to the original meaning of bitch as something that is demeaning etc. However, I call my friends bitch loosely, but I never use it when I am visibly upset unless I mean it. I know people disagree with how freely its thrown around now though. If my man ever called me a bitch, however, It would be a fight. But a regular guy calling me that, it really isnt worth my time giving them the satisfaction of knowing they got under my skin.

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    Busy bee

    @Artificial-Sweetener:  but now that i think about it, if your Future Sister-In-Law called you a B would you be offended or no? and do u think she would be offended if she heard it in the context that you used it?

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    It all depends on the context. If it’s said in anger and in a hurtful way and is meant to insult than no, it’s not ok. Or by a stranger. Or by Darling Husband because he’s my husband and I don’t like name calling. But the way you said it seems like something I would say. I guarantee you are going to get a lot of “calling other women things like whores, sluts, bitches, in such a casual way just makes it seem ok for men to do it. It’s highly disrespectul”

    With that said, as an example, my grandmother doesn’t quite get it when im like “that bitch totally ignored my phone call right now! im gonna punch her in her nose when I see her”  She thinks im literally going to punch this person and thinks im that angry that I used the B word. So I think this all depends on who your speaking to.

    If you said what you said to me, I wouldn’t have flinched if I knew you personally.

    Take this all with a grain of salt though because I come from a circle of people that swears a lot so it’s not such a big deal to me to use it casually like that.

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    I said ‘use it negatively to people I dislike’, but I’d not say it to them – only if I was referring to them in conversation with someone like my Fiance.

    For example, my CBM threw a frankly, pathetic hen do for me this weekend and the lead up to it resulted in me being super stressed and that has made me look at her differently and feel she was a bit of a bitch considering how long we’ve known each other and how I’ve supported her in the past. 


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    It doesnt bother me, unless its being used to purposely hurt someone. That goes for any word though, cuss word or not.

    I do use it to describe people when they’re being, well, bitchy.


    I think it would be more offensive if it was said by someone you’re close to when they’re mad at you. My mom accidentally sent me a text (it was supposed to be sent to a friend of hers) where she said that I was being a bitch. And yeah, it hurt. A lot. But I’ve had customers that meant nothing to me call me a bitch and I just shrugged it off and told them to leave the store.

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    Blushing bee

    I generally use it light-heartedly like in a similar situation that you used it, I also use it for everyone regardless of gender.

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  lol my nickname is Bee so as im reading this, i thought you were saying hi to me and i was gonna say hi back. but while im at it, hi. new bee on the block.


    I agree whole heartedly with what you said


    @stardustintheeyes:  +1

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    I use it pretty often, and 99% of the time I’m referring to someone I dislike lol. Occasionally I’ll use it when I’m being playful or goofing around with my friends “you better work b$tch!!!” or something equally silly. That’s very rare though; I prefer to save it for people I don’t like…man or woman. I wouldn’t care if a friend called me a b$tch because I’d know it wasn’t malicious. If someone (man or woman) called me a b$tch out of malice, I’d probably respond with my own choice names lol

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  I voted for: 

    I use it negatively to describe people I dislike

    I would be upset if a woman called me that, friend or not

    I would be upset if a man called me that.

    Basically, I think it is a pretty rude word and I only use it seldomly, when I am really mad at someone, and I never say it to the person’s face– that would be overboard for me. I don’t like to use a lot of swear words (other than shit and f*ck if I am mad about something), and the B word is a pretty strong one.

    I guess how you use it depends a lot on the culture where you are and among the circle of people you regularly associate with. I use the F word a fair amount when I’m around my friends and Fiance, but I definitely cut down on using it when I’m with my mom, since she is offended by it. I think our moms don’t really like to hear bad words coming out of their daughters’ mouths, is all!

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    I work with delinquent  children And children with mental health issues.  Every day I get some variant of ” fuck you miss birdie!” 

     If a bitch is the worst I’m called on any given day I call that a win!

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    My best friend and I call each other a bitch like its our name… “hey bitch whats up”

    Darling Husband says i’m being a bitch when i’m being rude and snotty… I don’t mind it at all its just noting a behavior.

    But if someone says an insult preceding that word like “f’in bitch” “stupid bitch”, “dumb bitch” etc then i consider that an insult.

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  It only has as much power as people give it!  I use B a lot when I’m joking around!  I would get offended if someone called me one in a mean way though.  

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