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What are you quitting/reducing? – sweets

What’s your current goal? – moderation, meaning once a day (small serving)

How’s it going? – Meh.  I’m breastfeeding so I kind of want to eat a dump truck full of food all the time, but I know what I put into my body is going to be in my milk, so I just need to make better chocies 🙂

Any tips or tricks you can share? – I go for fruit or a bowl of cereal when I need something sweet.  Sometimes I make chocolate milk, or eat a square or two of chocolate.  I lose my mind over doughnuts or pastries though.  I gotta work on that!

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@IAmTheShadow:  I drink black tea like it is going out of style. No soda or coffee for me but black tea, yummy! I guess with the caffiene I will have to cut back. Thankfully I already water it down so that is a start.

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@IAmTheShadow:  Hmm hadn’t heard that. I will have to look into it. I use tea bag from Starbucks (Tazo). I could drink tea all day…as I take a sip. But again I water it down a great deal so it isn’t so strong.

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@IAmTheShadow:  You can definitely do that! When I was super broke, I used to reuse tea bags with three or four cups of water!

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What are you quitting/reducing? – Eating fast food

What’s your current goal? – No more than three times a week. Both my husband and I work downtown and live in the suburbs. We leave our house at 7:15 and don’t get home until after 6. By the time we make dinner, we’re hangry, so we usually pick up something on the way home. 

How’s it going? – We are starting slowly. My mom has helped us make dinners that we can freeze, so I am going to take some of her recipes and make them for myself. So far this week, so good!

Any tips or tricks you can share? – Plan ahead. I need to start spending weekends in the kitchen so that I don’t spend all of my money at Panera and Subway. Problem is I’m not a huge fan of cooking (I’m pretty terrible at it), but I want to cook more at home to save money. 

Great thread! Laughing

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I’m not TTC quite yet, but my goals are in partly in prep for that…

What are you quitting/reducing? – Quitting-smoking…reducing caffeine

What’s your current goal? – For smoking to quit completely.  For caffeine, it’s mostly coffee (I don’t drink much soda) and I know once I’m PG I won’t be able to rely on my morning 2 cups of coffee to get my day started. (Seriously, I drink coffee all throughout the day!)

How’s it going? – I get migraines really bad, caffeine helps them, and I was actually instructed by my doctor to drink coffee or mountain dew first thing in the AM to prevent them. For now, I’m trying to limit my coffee to only in the mornings. 

Smoking-I quit before for 4 years, and started up again about 8 years ago. Since then, I’ve tried gum, patches, E-cigs, and nothing worked.  I started taking Chantix a while back and it really helped me quit, but I went on a trip and forgot to bring it, so I started back. (Hard when Darling Husband and all my friends also smoke.) Then it was crunch time with wedding planning and we were buying our house at the same time, it didn’t seem like a good time to add quitting smoking in there. We just moved into our new house and aren’t smoking inside, so the past two mornings we’ve been freezing outside trying to smoke…with winter coming fast, I plan to start back on Chantix tonight to help kick the habit. 

Any tips or tricks you can share? – Unfortunately, I don’t have any right now! 

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@mgol25:  I love to cook, but until recently (we moved), I hated the kitchen in our apartment so much that I never wanted to cook, and we got used to eating out.  Now we live out in the country and our commute is a little longer so I’ve been seeking out quick dinner ideas to cook at home.  My favorite quick home cooked meal is one my mom always made:

You need: 9×13 casserole dish, boneless chicken breast, a jar of gravy and a box of stuffing. 

Line dish with non-stick foil and put 4 separate tablespoons of butter/margarine in bottom of dish, add dry stuffing mix and the amount of hot water to it (says on box).  Mix lightly so stuffing is wet and spread across bottom of pan.  Add frozen chicken breasts on top.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, then check chicken.  When chicken is almost done, pour gravy over chicken and stuffing and bake for 5 minutes. To lower cooking time, place chicken in fridge in the morning before leaving for work to help thaw. I usually heat up some kind of green veggie to eat with it, and more than likely, you’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day! 

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What are you quitting/reducing? – Carbs?

What’s your current goal? – No measurable goal. Just avoiding them where I can, and trying to replace them with veggies. I tend to eat all carbs all the time. 

How’s it going? – I’ve switched from cereal to smoothies and a slice of bread w/peanut butter. Probably just as many carbs once you count the sugar, but I think it’s better. Lunch is usually salad or frozen veggies.

Any tips or tricks you can share? – Not really. I’m hoping to start working out daily, so maybe I can introduce another carb snack. Veggies leave you hungry. Haha.

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What are you quitting/reducing? – Caffeine– coffee in particular

What’s your current goal? – 1 cup of coffee per day. I don’t drink soda anymore. I can slug down several cups of coffee a day, especially on the weekends if I’m not paying attention

How’s it going? – meh. As well as can be expected. I managed to get it to two cups a day but oh man am I irritable. Everything annoys me.

Any tips or tricks you can share? – I think I might have to just go cold turkey. I did that with soda 3 months ago and now I can’t stand the taste of soda. I just am not ready to say “goodbye” to my pumpkin spice coffee 🙁

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