(Closed) "be grateful to even have a job" – what do you think of this phrase?

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Worker bee
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I think one should be careful who they complain about their job to. If it’s to an unemployeed person, then the unemployeed person should have every right to pretty much shut the other person up and remind them to be thankful. 

But, if you’re venting to a friend and just saying you hate your job, and that friend has a job then they should patiently listen and not throw out, “You should be thankful!”. To me, that phrase seems to be a way to shut the other person up because they don’t want to hear them complain about their job anymore.

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Sugar bee
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I think people just use it as a reminder to be humble and grateful for what they have when others start to sound entitled or ungrateful (ETA: or CONSTANTLY bitch about their job). I never intend to use it in a way that implies you shouldn’t continue to reach up and improve yourself – just that people get so focused on being unhappy that they forget to be grateful for the basics.

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Honey bee
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I agree with you.

It’s hard when you see people being made redundant who have families to support and mortgages to pay or have just graduated and cannot find anything not even a check-out job.  Yes if you’re employed, look elsewhere, but regardless of how healthy the job market is I wouldn’t quit my job without another one to go to.

For what it’s worth, we moved to Asia earlier this year for work.  SO hated his job (and was averaging 77 hours a week, sometimes up to 110 – not joking) but there was nothing suitable in the UK in the four or so months he was looking.  I was due to graduate and prospects weren’t great for me either.  When he found this opportunity he jumped for it!  And it really is an opportunity and more than just a job to pay the bills.

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Helper bee

you ~should~ be happy you have a job. but there’s something to be said for feeling content and happy in your job… if you’re feeling underpaid, underemployed or whatever, it is best to keep it to yourself. or to that one person closest to you.  if you are unhappy, get out or find another job. 

if someone has to say to you over and over, “be happy that you have a job”, chances  are you have overburdened them with talk  of your dissatisfaction with your job. an even better friend might tell you to stfu. 🙂

we are all responsible for ourselves and our satisfaction in our lives.

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Blushing bee

Im very grateful to have a job, doesnt mean i cant bitch about how much i hate it. feeling like you’re not valued in any way at a minimum wage job when you’re capable of so much more is not a nice place to be.i should add that SO was made redundant over a year ago so i know how hard it can be for those people, still doesnt make me a bad person for being unhappy in my crappy job.

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Bee Keeper
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I think you should be happy you have a job. You don’t have to like your specific job and its completely ok to feel that way, but given the current employment situation in this country its almost a slap in the face to people that don’t have jobs and truly need one or want one to complain excessively. I complained during the summer to a friend that was unemployed about how I hate having to wake up and leave my son at an ungodly hour everyday and she was quick to point out my paycheck and that having a job right now, especially one like mine, is a blessing. I am lucky enough to be in a job that I think most people would love to have and even on my worst day here I still consider myself a very lucky girl. I was brought up to work hard even when you hate it. Even if it’s a job making minimum wage. Your work and attitude about work is a representation of your character (one of many). So its just not something I do often because I do remember what it was like to not have steady work and want it so badly.

I should also say that to be under appreciated, over worked and  underpaid or working in a job that doesn’t even come close to utilizing your intelligence and skill is a very hard thing to deal with. That’s why I say it’s completely normal and realistic to not be happy or content in your specific job but its never ok in my mind to say you shouldn’t be happy to just have a job, any job, given the current employement situation. It’s very rough out there right now. I have a close friend who has a bachelors and a masters and can’t find a decent job to save her life right now and I have witnessed how hard she is trying (think waking up at 5 am and hittin the pavement everyday with resume’s and applying for jobs and being told you are over qualified). She now works two part time jobs to get the pay equivalent of one full time job. She does it with a smile on her face though because she remembers just last summer when she was on the verge of being homeless and needed a job in the worst way.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I know what you mean.  I am grateful for having a job right now but that doesn’t make the fact that I have a degree that is wasting away just disappear.

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Buzzing bee
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Yeah I think it’s totally fair to complain about your job to another employed person. I used to shit on my old job all the time- it sucked.

But I definitely wouldn’t say it to someone who is unemployed. Now that I’m back in school again and not working, I’m becoming more than aware of how stressful money can be when you’re not working. I’m in that annoying situation where my degree alone wasn’t enough to get me employment in my field, so I have to spend the time and money to go to grad school. If my Fiance wasn’t employed, I’d be screwed. So I 100% empathize with people who cannot find employment. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@harleyq:  I can relate. My job is pretty good… the pay is nice, I like my coworkers, I get to use my brain, etc., but I have to admit that some days it makes me miserable, and I really am not passionate about it.

I feel guilty that I don’t want to be in my job since a lot of people would kill for it. I still try to do my work well, though, and make the best of it… I just can’t see myself doing this long-term.

I did everything I was ‘supposed’ to do… went to university, worked throughout, and then got this job and worked my way up to raises etc. It just isn’t what I really want to do.

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Helper bee
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I know what you mean. I am very grateful to have a job now, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not wishing I had a different one (and working towards a different career path). 

I have seen it from both angles-I remember being a year out of college and still not having any leads and I was so frustrated by people who complained about their jobs when I wanted one so badly. 

I think that someone complaining is completely valid, but I guess you just need be very careful about who are you complaining to. 

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Busy bee
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@harleyq:  Here’s the way I look at… I don’t necessarily think “Be grateful to have a job.”  Moreso, “Be grateful for what that job provides.”  My husband has been having a hard time with his job.  I don’t give him the typical line of “Well at least you have a job!”  That’s annoying and it certainly doesn’t help.  But if you re-frame it… “This job allows us to live a lifestyle we enjoy… we are able to pay our mortgage every month…”  And so on.  I absolutely support a person’s choice to seek other employment.  But it takes a while.  And I think during that period of time for searching (which given current conditions, could be a long-ass time!), it doesn’t hurt to focus on what your shitty job actually does provide.

That’s my two cents!

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Buzzing bee
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I used to be slightly annoyed by it… until we found out my husband is losing his job, and he’s having a very hard time finding another one. Honestly, now I am really grateful just to have a job. 

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Sugar bee

@KimberBee:  If it’s to an unemployeed person, then the unemployeed person should have every right to pretty much shut the other person up and remind them to be thankful.

Exactly. And there are a LOT of them right now with the state our economy is in.

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