Be Honest: Do you genuinely like other peoples kids?

posted 2 years ago in Beehive
  • poll: Do you genuinely like other peoples kids?
    I do like kids for the most part-- some have their moments but overall yes : (66 votes)
    38 %
    That's a no-- I typically don't like other peoples children : (106 votes)
    62 %
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    I love kids! But only the well behaved ones. If your kid is a monster, I’m probably going to pretend it doesn’t exist. My mom has a friend whose 8 year old frequently tells her and anyone else who is around, to go f*ck themselves. I do not like that kid.


    Dont get me started on infants. I feel myself start to get all emotional when I see some stranger’s newborn at the grocery store. This just recently started happening. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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    I can’t answer the poll.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Depends on the kid.  Just like I don’t like every adult in the world, I don’t like every kid.  They are human after all with individual likes and dislikes and personalities and interests.  I don’t categorize children with the same broad brush just because they are children and I think it Is pretty unfair to do so.  I know some really spectacularly awesome kids I would hang out with over an adult any day of the week. I know some I would really prefer to not be around, just like some adults aren’t my cup of tea.  Age doesn’t factor into whether I like you.

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    For me, it depends on the kid. I’m generally not very interested in them. They can be around during gatherings and I’ll talk to them but there’s a definite limit to my patience and as a whole, I’d prefer to enjoy the adults around me. 

    Confession- I feel the same way about groups of men, too, though. I’m pretty much only deeply interested in women as a group. Everyone else is on a case by case basis.

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    OMG, I really like kids. ESPECIALLY visiting kids. My kids always remarked that they like having visitors because I am nicer when other kids are there (oops! Lol!)

    All kids can get pretty annoying the longer you spend time with them. Just because, they are hard work and I like my private time. 
    But in general I dig kids.  

    Now teens, that’s a whole other can of worms…


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    Sansa85 :  That’s true. It’s not very nice to judge someone’s parenting style but for those of us who have dealt with some children’s crazy antics, it’s hard to sit by and not feel irritated.

    I guess the best hope would be for them to finally realize how out of control their child can get and start working to correct the behavior sooner rather than later. Just like us, kids have their bad days, too, but that’s where the parents should figure out how they want to approach the situation and teach their child how to handle the tantrums. I know I definitely have my bad days where I wish it were socially acceptable to throw a tantrum. Lol.

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    On the rare occasion that I meet a child who is actually well behaved, intelligent and has manners, yes, I enjoy their company for short periods of time. I want nothing to do with babies however. 

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    I love kids and always have! And kids usually like me too, especially little ones. In fact, my prime demographics are kids and old people – let’s just say I’m an 80 year old woman in a 20-something body. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I adore my niece and nephew and genuinely enjoy spending time with them, though of course it can be exhausting at times too. I’ve often chosen to volunteer with kids because I enjoy being around them and find it rewarding, and I also work with young adults in college. That said, I’m not so into kids that I’m oblivious to badly behaved or mean ones – I have my limits and a lot of kids are little terrors. My mom and sister both love kids probably even more than I do (or at least, they prioritized them more and had kids early, whereas I’m waiting but still really want kids) so I think we all got strong maternal instincts genes. My friends have often joked that I’m the maternal one in our group. (I don’t feel the biological pull to have kids yet but I’ve never questioned that I want them.) 

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    I am CFBC but enjoy most kids. Of course, there are some who are bratty and obnoxious and those I do not like, but the majority of my friend’s kids I think are so sweet and adorable and I truly care for them. I like the babies and toddlers the most, I find them very cute. I also really enjoy seeing them grow and evolve. I’m also very happy not to have any myself. So I guess you could say I enjoy them more from a distance and in small quantities. 

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    I don’t not like kids but I don’t particularly like being around them. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a natural at interacting with kids so more often than not, I just feel uncomfortable? If I was given the choice between kids tagging along or adults only, I would always choose adults only.

    I am always nice to them though! I try to interact with them when they are there and for what it’s worth, our nieces and nephews are always asking when we’re visiting again.

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    I truly do like the kids that are in my life, but all of them share a trait that I find really lovable: they don’t live with me.

    I much, MUCH prefer to be in the company of adults only…or dogs.


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    bee123456789 :  I feel exactly the same way! Like babies are cute too look at and all but they really aren’t all that “fun” until you can interact with them more. 

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    fromatoz :  it varies by kid but generally yes. My best friends’ 2 year old daughter is hilarious and sweet and just a joy to watch grow up. Actually most of my friends have awesome kids but that’s because they have awesome parents! I babysat a kid once that was a total asshole….but so was his dad. The apple never falls far from the tree.

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    I LOVEEEE all my nieces & nephews. One of my best friends kids on the other hand ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„They’re so wild & no respect. My other best friend has just a doll for a kid; I guess it all depends. 

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    fromatoz :  nope. Not really at all. 

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    It depends on the kid. I’ve worked as a nanny and worked at daycares. There were kids I absolutely adore and kids I couldn’t stand. Kids are people, it doesn’t make sense to me to lump them all into one group where you can say you like or dislike every single one of them.

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