Be Honest: Do you genuinely like other peoples kids?

posted 2 years ago in Beehive
  • poll: Do you genuinely like other peoples kids?
    I do like kids for the most part-- some have their moments but overall yes : (66 votes)
    38 %
    That's a no-- I typically don't like other peoples children : (106 votes)
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    fromatoz :  I don’t like anyone’s child. I dont like talking to kids.I dont like being near kids. I just dont like kids. 

    And no I don’t like babies either. I don’t think babies are cute. 

    But then again I don’t have children and never will. Thank god. 

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    While I like many kids that aren’t my own, I don’t like most. We have raised our kids differently than many people I know. They don’t rule the roost at our house, tantrums get them nowhere, and they don’t get everything they ask for. I have so many acquaintances that constantly complain about how their kids won’t sleep, won’t eat, etc.  and they are basically held hostage to their kids’ demands. That’s bullshit. When they are newborns? Sure. Maybe even toddlers to some extents. But at house, you eat what’s on the table or you don’t eat. I don’t make a point of cooking things I know my family doesn’t like anyway, so it’s not like I’m forcing feeding them shit. When it’s bedtime, it’s by God bedtime. They trash their room or throw a tantrum? They straighten things up or a priviledge is removed. When we go somewhere, they usually go with us. We have never sheltered them from things like going to the movies, church, or to nice restaurants. And they knew better than to show out. They are respectful. Sure they have their moments, like we all do. But at the end of the day, they know there are lines. Many kids these days don’t have these lines. Parents that I know are inconsistent, lazy and martyrs. 

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    Bumble Beekeeper

    Pretty much no. At best other people’s kids bore me and make me uncomfortable. At worst they make me question whether I should really become a mother. I am trying to have faith that I’ll feel differently about my own (who have yet to be conceived) one day!

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    I work with kids, so yes I generally I like them. I do get to give them back though! I make an effort to find something I like about every child, but there are probably half a dozen or so (out of 100’s) that I just couldn’t warm to.

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    I will happily watch and love all the babies forever.

    As far as kids, I love most and the ones I don’t like generally have parents that are even less likable.  We all have our moments but chances are if you’re not an @sshole your kid won’t be either 🙂

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    As a general matter and in the abstract, I like kids as a concept. Lol. However, I’m pretty uncomfortable around children who can talk because they tend to tell it like it is. Like a kid will totaly be like, “oh you have a mustasche,” if I haven’t been keeping up with my salon visits. I’d rather not hear the raw truth from someone’s kid!

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    fromatoz :  No, I don’t like other people’s children. I don’t find them hilarious, I don’t find them charming, I don’t find them endearing. I tend to find them whiny, annoying, and needy. I guess if I were to try and break it down: When I want to see my friends, I want to see them, not their children. I don’t want my conversations constantly halted because their child is being loud, unruly, wants to show us something, etc. I don’t like having to go places that are “child friendly” or during “child friendly” times. 

    A few of my friends have kids and one of my friend’s sons is a literal MONSTER. He is disobedient, loud, rude, mean…ugh. I hate that kid. Can he be sweet? Sometimes, but I literally have an embolism every time my friend gives in to his many tantrums. 

    That being said, I do like babies and toddlers (up until around three or four?) but after that, something tends to shift and I am not a fan. 

    Do I love my niece? Sure. But is she annoying? Yeah, at times. At the very least, she is draining. But I tolerate her the most. She does crack Darling Husband and I up and she is still very cuddly and sweet, but my God it was like an energetic tornado ripped through our house. Darling Husband and I just babysat her last week for five hours and by hour four he and I were wondering why we’re so bent out of shape about this whole “infertile” thing hahaha. 

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    I don’t like babies and don’t find them cute.

    I don’t mind kids between 2-4 but after that not so much.

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    Depends on the kid. 

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    My feelings range from indifference to dislike.  I was a teaching assistant the summer before I started college and I did enjoy working in the classroom with kids aged 5/6 years old but I was secondary to the teacher in my role, so I wasn’t really responsible for anything.

    I’m 7 months pregnant with my first and my kid is going to be awesome! Epic! Great ratings!

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    I LOVE babies. I don’t have any of my own, but I love other people’s babies (well behaved, not screaming!) I don’t think I want any, though. Small amounts of time with other people’s babies are enough for me!

    Kids are another story. I have a niece and a nephew (four and six), and I can’t stand to be around them. They are adorable, but they get on my nerves.
    Honestly, I have so little patience, and they are so annoying (in the nicest way lol). 

    Teenagers, I don’t mind being around as much. I particularly don’t mind when they can have intelligent conversation. My one cousin (just turned 16) is like that, and we have a lot in common.

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    fromatoz :  I LOVE my nephews as my own. I have a couple of cousins with kids who I love as my own. That is as far as it goes. And it is only select cousins, some of them if we are not very close, it is a no. 

    ETA: If we are talking about kids in the sense they are not 18 or 21 yet. I do like a few teens after they get past the smartass phase, about 15 or 16. But still, really only family and close friends. And ocassionally I do find one or two 4 or 5 year olds to be cute or charming, but they have to be extremely well mannered, behaved and intelligent for their age. 

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