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Bumble bee
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@GelaMac:  UGH! PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE! I hate that. Sometimes my fork gets into contact with my teeth!! Ah!! My fiance told me a few months ago… I never noticed, now I am very careful to not do that!!

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Buzzing bee
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I wanna add my pet peeve!! I HATE HATE HATE when someone is saying something needs to be done, and leave the work “BE” out.. Example…

Correct: The car needs to BE washed

WRONNGG: The car needs washed…


=) okay i feel better now

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Bumble bee
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when someone bumps into me and doesn’t say excuse me or apologize. i HATE that…

when someone at work tells me the tv isn’t on, and he can very well push the power button himself.

one of our clients who every day has to complain about something.

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Busy bee
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My biggest pet peeve is when people are late! It is so annoying when a time is agreed and someone comes late. Its extremely rude and inconsiderate. My time is wasted when people are late. 

For example: 

Planning a trip to the beach with some friends. 

We say were leaving at 9 a.m, so I wake up at 8 a.m. 

My friends do not pick me up until 10.30…


Thats what i mean! That friend would be extremely inconsiderate because she probably woke up at 9.30! While I waited hours for her.


Biggest. Pet. Peeve. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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The thing that drives me most crazy is bad grammar. No I don’t think everything has to be perfect, but things like using the wrong their/there or misplaced punctuation drives me absolutely bonkers.

Plenty of things annoy me but that one comes to mind first!

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Helper bee
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Biggest pet peeve is people using the back of their hand to wipe their mouth. GOSH I hate that!!!

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Sugar bee
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Recently, it’s people who make/expect me to conform to their last-minute “plans” (in quotes because is it really a plan if it’s not thought about ahead of time?) Sorry but I operate on a schedule! My friend recently got mad at me because she texted me to go dancing right then. Umm if I need to get dressed up and do my hair, I need TIME TO DO IT. And I was in the middle of cooking dinner at the time, so no.

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Sugar bee
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when people get off the escalator and then stop right in front of it so you have problems getting off, it drives me mad. same with barriers for metro stations.

and also im sorry coupon lovers, but when im in a hurry at the supermarket and someone gets out 50 coupons and a handful of small change to pay a bill i must admit i sigh.

consistently late people (especially since im a manically early person cant help it)

and finally, if ive taken the rubbish out but havent put a new bin bag on the bin – when my fi throws food items straight into bin i get very grumpy – as guess who has to clean it later!

god i sound like a real grump dont i?!

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Sugar bee
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I hate when I let other drivers go in front of me–at a stop sign, getting into a long line of traffic, etc–and they don’t do the “thank you” wave in their mirror. I end up yelling that they are welcome sarcastically.

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Helper bee
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One of my biggest pet peeves is when people comment on other people’s weight. Just not acceptable. I don’t want to be called “tiny” all the time just as much as another person doesn’t want to be called “fat”.

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Bumble bee
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@jbridea:  I have to agree with you. I HATE when people are late, when they say they will be there at a certain time. My husband does it all the time. Pisses me off. 

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Bumble bee
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I hate it when a person’s only setting is sarcasm. All. the. time. You can’t get a straight conversation out of them. It is so irritating it makes me want to wring their necks!

I appreciate sarcastic humor, and can be pretty sarcastic myself at times, but I do not pull it out when I am in a stressful situation at work and it can be easily taken the wrong way.

I work with a girl who is so brutally sarcastic that she has offended me a couple times, and I have only had this job for a month!

She is just plain rude other times, such as when she decided that the best time to “inform” me of a workplace practice I was unaware of was while I was dealing with a customer over a headset, and having a hard time hearing them.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I absolutely hate flakey people. Hate it! I have ended friendships because of this. I have a lot going on in my life and with today’s technology there is absolutely no reason why you cannot communicate to me that your plans have changed. Just not showing up or deciding at the last minute to opt out is not acceptable. Call me, write me an email or a letter even, send me a text. Hell there is even Facebook. If you say you are going to be somewhere, be there.

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Blushing bee

When people sit on the machines at the gym while texting/surfing/etc. on their phones.  Obviously everyone takes a break between sets, but when there’s only 1 or 2 machines and you can’t use them because people are on their phone for 5 minutes doing nothing, it drives me crazy!!

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