(Closed) Because nobody, least of all tiny babies, should have to eat in a toilet stall

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I think women who go completely overboard on the “breastfeeding in public argument” make the issue a bigger problem! Yes – it is totally natural and beneficial to Boyfriend or Best Friend your baby. Yes – I too, will Boyfriend or Best Friend my LO. Yes – it needs to be done on occasion, at a time that may seem “inconvenient” ie- restaurant or mall. However- going totally crazy over your right to breastfeed and ranting all over the place makes the issue seem like a huge deal and give this argument life. I don’t see why women have such an issue with others stating that using discretion is important?!

By all means, Boyfriend or Best Friend those adorable babes, and please- don’t hide in a hot car to do it if its 90 degrees out but do use common sense! Its a sad truth that breasts are considered sexual – but it is absolutely a fact! There are teen boys at the mall, there are men at the mall, bottom line is there are people that may be uncomfortable everywhere! And even I, a nurse/woman/individual  who is pro-BF would prefer to not see your nipple while I’m eating a $20 meal at a nice restaurant. 

I am by no means saying be ashamed, or to Boyfriend or Best Friend your baby on a toilet, but I am saying that being so overboard with the pro-public Boyfriend or Best Friend and stating that you’ll “whip your boob out wherever you are to feed” is a bit extreme. Please- Feed in public- do it tastefully. If your baby doesn’t like the cover, maybe leave the busy food court and find a less trafficked area? 

Im all for women keeping their babies well fed by breast milk– but a little thought behind where you choose to Boyfriend or Best Friend would probably help everyone involved feel more comfortable (mom, baby, and the general public)

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@coffeecoop:  I’m sorry–did I miss the post where someone said they’ll “whip it out” whenever and wherever? I think the anti-breastfeeding-in-public crowd is guilty of the same sin–overblowing the situation to make it seem crazy. I have to say I have NEVER (outside of, like, a LLL meeting or my local breast support group) seen a woman not using a cover in a super crowded area of the mall. Ever. 

I think your “advice” is fine, and pretty much exactly what I said in my “pro-breastfeeding-in-public” posts earlier in this thread. 

And ultimately, while I make reasonable accomodations for the comfort of others (because I don’t want anyone staring at my chest either), when push comes to shove, I Boyfriend or Best Friend where I can, when I can, and cries to “cover up” and “be discrete,” which apparently are aimed at people like me (because I haven’t seen a whole bunch of people “whipping it out,”) come across as a message that what we’re doing is, if not downright shameful, then “not to be done in public.”

And I’d like some “anti-breastfeeding-in-public” folks to weigh in on the “homosexual relationship” comment from earlier in the thread. If I’m uncomfortable (for arguments’ sake) watching gay people kiss (which is a much more sexual act than breastfeeding in public), shouldn’t they just “go to the car” or a “less crowded place” or at least “cover up” to do something that makes me so uncomfortable (NOT HOW I REALLY FEEL…) How is this different? They have a legal right to act in a way that does not harm others in public, and so do  I. No one here (I hope) would argue that my “discomfort” overweighs their legal (and moral) right to act freely in public.

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