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I am so sorry you are dealing with this! I would be losing my shit too. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things and everything you can be. Just try to take it one day at a time. So sorry

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Omg I’m so sorry! I would be feeling the exact same way.  Honestly, I feel like I would have to just start over completely. Move out and buy all new furniture and clothes!  I’m sure that isn’t necessary because sooo many people get bed bugs and have successfully terminated them. Just follow the advice of the exterminator and do your research on how best to treat them as quickly as you can.  It will all be okay.

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Gosh, I am so sorry you are dealing with this!  My brother had bed bugs in his bedroom (at my parents’ house).  The exterminator was able to determine it was only in there so they cleared all of his clothes & he slept on the couch until they could get rid of them in his bedroom.  It was a challenge though & eventually, my parents decided on installing laminate floors in his bedroom before things got worse & spread otherwise.  Not a cheap option, but it gave them peace of mind.  They continues to treat it for months just in case & to this day all is well :).  Good luck & I really hope things get better.  I can’t even imagine!

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high heat.  wash your clothes and then dry them on the highest heat.  then don’t bring them back in your place.  can you bring stuff to your parents or friends until the bed bugs are gone?

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sleepyhead22:  I am so sorry you’re going through this. I used to run group homes and we rented from an apartment complex that was awful and just infested so I’ve been through this several times. There IS an end. It’s important to get all of your fabric run through the dryer on high heat and bagged up. I know it’s a colossal hassle, but that will kill them and any eggs. I would recommend taking down fabric drapes, curtains, posters or paintings on walls. Empty dresser drawers, heat dry anything soft in them, bag everything up. You can buy bedbug proof pillow and mattress covers from Walmart. Make sure you get the right size and the ones that say bedbug–they have a pink label and have the chemical that kills them on the inside. Put those on your mattress, box spring, and pillows under any mattress pads or linens. Heat treat sheets etc before you re-make the bed, and I would throw out foam mattress pads if you can’t heat-treat them. Tape the zipper shut and DON’T OPEN THE COVER. Like, ever. It stays on forever. Once bugs are gone, you can replace the mattress and pillows. Pull your bed completely away from the wall. You can also put sticky pads like glue mouse traps under the feet of your bed and dressers to prevent them from crawling down the legs and around the apartment–they will get stuck in the glue and die.

To avoid spreading them around–they can be in your clothes–change your clothes standing near the door just before you go out. CHange into clothes that have been treated in the dryer and don’t sit on anything before you leave the house. I’d recommend keeping your purse in a trash bag that’s tied shut when you’re in your house so nothing crawls into it. It’s unlikely–they don’t move far or fast–but better safe than sorry.

Also I understand your landlord doesn’t want to panic his tenants, but they will spread through walls. As you said, that’s likely how they came into your apartment. So if they treat your apartment it will push the bugs into adjacent apartments. Once those tenants find bugs and their apartments are treated, the bugs could come back to you. You may want to discuss this with your landlord as he’s making more cost and hassle for himself.

When they treat your apartment, it should be a series of treatments. They should pull up carpet from the edges of the room, treat under switch plates and vents, and pull furniture away and treat along the walls. It’s a mess and a pain, but it is effective.

Again, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Bed bugs are unfortunately becoming more common and having them does not mean you’re dirty or anything like that.  Feel free to PM me if you have questions or just want to vent.

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I’ve had bed bugs. It was a nightmare and my landlord at the time refused to do anything and told me it was my responsibility. He also chose not to tell the other tenants in the building, so who knows if they also ended up having problems.

I ended up paying for the heat treatment because it’s much more effective than spraying, but it was over $2000 for just my 2 bedroom apartment at the time. I scheduled the heat treatment to take place right before I moved out so that if the other apartments in the building also had them they wouldn’t get back in my place. This eliminated my bed bug problem and I did not bring them to my new place (thank God).

The exterminator I used also leant me CO2 machines after that I could put by my bed that simulate human exhalation (which attracts bed bugs) and then captures the bugs. We used these to prove that the bugs were really 100% gone and then not present at my new apt because no bugs showed up in the traps.

You also need to get those trays for under your bed legs that contain the powder that kills the bugs. This combined with never putting luggage or clothing on your bed will help keep bugs from reaching your bed if you ever bring them home again and will alert you if you ever get them again.

You can also spring for a packtite which will heat treat your clothes, luggage etc when you return from trips in the future. Also, make sure to strip the beds when you get to a hotel and look directly at the mattress

I wish you luck. Getting bed bugs is incredibly expensive, time consuming and mentally & emotionally devastating. I pray never to deal with them again.

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I’ve never been through this myself, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about diatomaceous earth. You can buy it on Amazon. People said to basically cover your entire home in a layer of it. Cover EVERYTHING. Then vacuum it up. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes, absolutely. Will it take a while to clean up the mess? It will.

Will it get rid of the bedbugs in a very effective and comparatively inexpensive way? HELL YES.

So that’s something to look into!

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soontobeMrsBoo:  This +100.

Also seal with caulking the baseboards and around the electrical and plumbing outlets.  This is a common entry point.

Get rid of everything fabric.  Bag it up and don’t open it for 6 months.  Yeah it sucks.  But so does a re-infestation.

If you haven’t properly prepped your place there is little point in spraying your place.  Get the covers, and use them religiously.  The double sided tape around the legs of everything is great too, you can also put the legs in plastic tubs.  Remember they cannot jump.

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sleepyhead22:  I’m in Buffalo, NY and I can’t say enough good things about Buffalo Exterminating, but yeah, they’re probably out of your geographic range :/. I definitely threw out my bed, mattress and couch when I moved and got new ones. I probably didn’t have to, but the mental association was too strong. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, it truly was horrible. Good luck, I hope you are rid of them soon!

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sleepyhead22:  Feel free to contact me with any questions. I’ve been through this in a helping other people way. Here’s the deal with boxes: Yes they can get into them. But if the boxes are in another room that no one is sleeping in, they don’t have any incentive to move over there. So you’re probably ok, although I would unpack everything outside your new house and throw away the boxes and bring just the gifts themselves inside. FYI DE does not work on eggs, and not on all adults. Something about the stages of molting. So you can still carry eggs, then they can hatch again in your new house. Also the females tend to hide up in the ceiling so sprinkling on carpet will not help them. So it’s effective mostly as a preventative, but not an alternative to professional treatments.

On a happier note I have spent kajillions of hours in apartments with bedbugs, helping people do their laundry and clean everything. This includes one infestation where they were literally falling from the ceiling. I have never taken bugs home with me, nor do I know anyone who has. They’re tough to spread. Just change and wash clothes before you leave the house. I’ve also found that, after a day of cleaning and washing and stress, taking your beer into the shower tends to clean you inside and out at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bed bugs are a real bugger to clear. Luckily I haven’t deat with them in my own home, but I feel your pain.

The best thing you can do, TBH, is to completely move out for 3 days and have the place completely sealed and fumigated with all of your clothes and possessions inside. I know lots of people who have had them, but the only people who have really been successful in removing them in the long term are those who moved out completely and had the house sealed and professionally sprayed before moving back…. would your landlord consider this?

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