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I was on bedrest for a month and I ended up going to 40 wks one day.  I was bored, but had lots of time to work on Weddingbee and finish an article I was writing 🙂

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I have a friend who was on bed rest from 23 weeks to 37 weeks, and then her baby ended up staying put until 41 weeks. Just so you know, if you have any premature baby/NICU related questions you can PM me, I have been an NICU nurse for 5 years now.

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@red_seattle: I don’t have any experience with this, but 7 weeks of bedrest could end up with a really awesome post count on the ‘Bee! (just pointing out another positive)

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I am part of a moms/preggo group. A few ladies I know where on bedrest, but only for a little while and then things got stable and they were able to have a normal pregnancy to deliver at full term.

One of my good friends in the group starting having contractions REALLY early. They never put her on bedrest but she did have weekly appointments and ultrasounds starting at about 20weeks. She carried to term and her baby was born just one day before her due date.

Another girl was on bedrest for awhile…then was allowed to get out of bed near the end but had a scheduled C-Section at 37 weeks and her baby was even a few ounces bigger than my friend who delivered only one day early. Both babies at totally happy and healthy.

Good luck!!


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This is my mom’s story, so I can’t fully share what it was like…I can share my seven year old perspective of her situation. 🙂 

My mom became pregnant with my sisters (twins) at an older age, so her doctor recommended bedrest for a majority of her pregnancy.  Though I think it may have been a bit boring, she had a safe and uncomplicated labor, and delivered two healthy girls (who are now 20, which I find very weird.)  

So, for what it’s worth…20 years ago she had a positive (although probably boring) experience.  Though both of us have memories of playing lots of games of Loteria (Spanish lottery game).  

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I cross-posted this in another post, but it seemed to help the other OP.  My SIL was put on bed rest with her twins last year, so I asked my cousin for advice since she had gone through it before.  My SIL did well with it, pretty much slept as much as she could.  Here is my cousin’s advice: 

“As for things that helped me stay sane (well, I was never sane…just tried not to become more insane) I really spent a ton of time on my laptop. Does she have one? It will really help her to feel less isolated. I also really liked catching up on t.v. series Dvds that I hadn’t had time to watch when I was busy chasing a toddler around. They were better than renting just movies because they lasted longer and I would only let myself watch one episode a day so I had something to look forward to for the next day. Does she have a netflix subscription? That might be nice to just download to her laptop when she wants it. Also, when the Kindle came out, I thought that might have been nice to have access to whatever books I wanted. People would bring me books that I was not really interested in, so I just didn’t read them. The easy, instant access of a Kindle would have been nice:-)

Another piece of advice I would offer is that she needs to have some sort of a routine, however little it is. It helps the day go by faster. For example, I would wake up at seven (crazy, I know, but sleeping in made me feel lazy) the nurse would put me on the monitors while I ate breakfast, then I’d shower, get ready, check email, watch an episode of a dvd, eat lunch, read while I was on the monitors, take a nap, my daughter would come visit, internet time, my husband came to visit while I was monitored, we’d watch crappy summertime reruns, then I’d go to bed and do it all over again. It really helped to know what I was going to be doing day-in and day-out. I ALWAYS showered and did my hair, makeup, etc, even though I really had no reason to. It really made me feel better and of course I had the time, so why not?

Does she have any other kids? If so, nice quiet activities for them would be nice. I thought it was so thoughtful when people came to visit me and brought coloring books, puzzles, books, etc for my daughter to use when she was visiting.”


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Glad the suggestions helped you, both SIL and my cousin went on to have healthy boys- a little bit early, but those boys are all giving their moms gray hairs now.  It may be hard to stay positive, but take things day by day and hang in there!  Good luck at your appointment today!

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I had pre-eclampsia with my first and was put on bed rest at 33 weeks. I wasn’t even allowed to SIT up for the entire 4 1/2 weeks-I had to actually lie down the entire time. Plus, a nurse had to come in every day too. I got through it with a phone, t.v. books, mags And lots of visitors. I also couldn’t have my planned baby shower so I stayed busy making lists of what I needed and sending my family out shopping for baby stuff:)

Funny, I never once thought that things wouldn’t turn out fine. I was induced at 37 1/2 weeks and it all worked out. I don’t remember being bored for a second. Everything will be fine-sounds like you have good doctors. These things happen all the time-enjoy your last few weeks of being able to lie around in peace and quiet:)

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I am at 30 weeks. I have been on partial bed rest for months. I can go to work, but by the end of the workday I am ready for my bed. Most weekends I do not leave the bed. I am predisposed to pre term labor so have been taking 17-P shots since I was 20 weeks and I am now counting down to the day when I no longer have to get them. I have not had any labor pains so far and I get checked every few weeks to see if I am dilating at all. I thought I was in labor a month or so ago but it turned out to be kidney stones. If we can get past the mini-moon which is the weekend after the wedding, I will be at 34 weeks and I feel much safer delivering then. My son was born at 34 weeks so I know what to expect. If we can make it to October we will be thrilled. I have just been taking it easy and that helps a ton. If I overdue it then my body tells me immediately.

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