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I just let her sleep when she was tired. A schedule never worked for me because she was breastfed and was seriously up every 2 hours on the dot. 

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At two months we were putting Addie down at about 9 pm, and she was up two or more times a night.  At 3 months, she switched over to only once a night; at 3 or 4 months we started a bedtime of (generally around) 7 pm, and at not yet 5 months she started sleeping through the night.

If you put her down earlier, you might find she’ll start sleeping through the night soon (like within the next couple to few months).  Addie used to be an absolute bear to put down at night, and now, looking back, I really believe it was because she was overtired by going to bed so late.  Remember that well rested babies sleep better than over tired babies, and sleep begets sleep.

Another option, in the book, The No Cry Sleep Solution, it says to experiment with bedtime by moving it 15 minutes each night until you fin the baby’s ideal bedtime.  You’ll know it’s their right bedtime because they should be sleepy but easy to get down.  If they’re fighting sleep, they’re probably over tired and the bedtime needs to be earlier.

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My daughter went to bed at 9pm and was up at 12,2,4,6,8 until she was over 7 months old. I thought I was going to go crazy, actually I probably was crazy. I did everything I could and read every book about babies and sleeping that I could find. I tried white noise machines, swaddling, not swaddling, black out curtains, nightlights, music. EVERYTHING. And sadly, nothing worked. But on the other hand, my son who is my firstborn, started sleeping through the night when he was a month old, and no tricks were needed, he just did it on his own. So I think it depends on partly on the baby.

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I think it really helped to read several sleep books the first month  after having baby (while sleep deprived myself…still am though) and I also got great advice from my mom about a ‘real live couple’ she knew who put their baby to bed super early and had proven success. 

Emi is close to 10 weeks and goes down easily at 6:30pm every night since the first month. A few times, she’d go down around 7pm and once it was 9:30pm and she was horribly cranky the next day.  (Well, she’s had more than 1 day like that but that was definitely a result of her later bedtime.)

Her last feed is a little before 6pm. Some nights, she eats every 3 hours after an initial 4-5 hour sleep stretch but a few days ago, she got up only ONCE, at midnight to feed. To me, that was thrilling! Usually it’s feeding time close to midnight and then around 2:30AM though.  She wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:45AM almost every morning, talks to her mobile and then cranky and back down for a nap at 7:30AM.  We also play white noise for her and she sleeps in the other room so we don’t wake up for every little sound, only when she cries out loud. I am convinced the white noise helps relax her to go back down. 


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If you put her down earlier, you might find her feeds move earlier too, and instead of feeding say 10-2-6 she might feed 8-1-6, and then eventually drop the midnight feed. Like Mrs. Spring said, babies sleep much better when they are put down drowsy but not over tired.

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our son also moved his bedtime from 10ish to 7-8 around this age.  It was a hard transition for me because his first stretch of sleep was about 5 hours so I went from sleeping 10-3 to sleeping 10-1 or so.  But babies generally do need to eventually get to a bedtime sometime between 6 and 8 PM.  It WILL get better, the stetches get longer, but it might be a month of relatively poorer sleep for you while your little one gets there. Follow your baby’s lead with sleep as others have said – if you are noticing 7 is the right time, then that is the right time for now! good luck 🙂

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