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Honey bee
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Oh I am SO scared whenever there is a tornado watch/warning! I moved to NE Ohio from Michigan last year, and apparently there is “never” any tornados here, but last summer, when Darling Husband (then FI) were downtown eating dinner, his mom called us and told us there was a tornado sighted right by our house! ah!

I would honestly not mind thunderstorms if I wasn’t so afraid of my house being blown away… when I was little we would alll go into the basement when there was a tornado warning, but right now we don’t have a basement! So I seriously have no idea what we would do–we would actually die if a tornado ever really did come through. But…compared to florida, I suppose I would rather have tornados than hurricanes. Fear of the unknown, ya know?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Yes, but not in it’s direct path. It was scary though. We had to take our daughter down to the basement and stay in the utility closet under the stairs until it had passed us. Where we were living tornadoes are pretty rare, but that summer there were a few big ones.

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Buzzing bee
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We used to get tornados every now and then when I lived in Chicago – we had one come through our neighbourhood whilst we were all at school when I was in second grade.  That was probably the only time I was ever really scared – all the kids in the hallway in the tornado position whilst the sky turned green and the wind whipped through; kids were crying and you could even see the teachers were scared.  Fortunately, our school was fine although there was an awful lot of damage around.

We also used to visit family in Minnesota every summer and without fail, there would be tornados during the time we were there.  They had a split level house with five levels so we always went to the lower basement and stayed there until they passed – there were 5 of us kids around the same age so we always thought it was great fun!  There was only one really bad one when a lot of their neighbourhood was destroyed but their house was fine.  

I don’t know how I’d react to a tornado now – as long as we have a basement, I don’t really get too worried.  Now living in Australia, we don’t have to worry about tornados as much, just cyclones (hurricanes)!  

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve never been in a tornado, *knock on wood*, but been around a lot of them.

I grew up in tornado alley, so I’m pretty desensitized to watches/warnings. (Growing up, spring was basically one long tornado watch with warnings every other week.) Several times each spring, we’d drive around and look at the tornado damage, I grew up in the country so thankfully rarely did they hit people’s houses, usually just trees and power lines torn up, sometimes a barn or shed damaged.

I go outside and look around when the sirens go off. If it gets bad, I’ll take cover, but it rarely gets that bad. With the hundreds of tornado watches and warnings I’ve been in, I think we’ve only seriously taken shelter 2 or 3 times. Those times that it was bad enough for us to seriously take shelter were very scary!

I think it’s all what you grew up with. My sister lives in Florida now, and her first hurricane season down there she was completely freaked out and scared. Though she hasn’t been in any hurricanes yet (she’s been there 5-6 years now).

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Buzzing bee
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I also came close to being in a tornado. It was last year at college, the winds got REALLY crazy, and we found out that it touched down a mile or so away. But being in NY we don’t have many tornados, usually blizzards!

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Sugar bee
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Oh yeah!! I used to live in KS and we had tons of scares, when I came to KS to visit my friends years later, there was a huge tornado that hit the area!

And whats  mazing is that, for a state that does have tornadoes, hardly any homes and apartments had any basements!

Now there was one time that I will never forget. My brothers and I were at our babysitters house and there was talk of bad weather. Anyway, I was inside when I heard a commotion outside. Went outside and all the adults were out in the street talking and looking up into the sky. I followed their view and there it was, a cloud slowly moving past us and it was spinning. I was so freaked but yet the adults werent, so I figured if the adults werent worried I shouldnt be worried either.

The cloud continued to spin but it passed us without incidence and moved out out of our view point. That was the most interesting day and freakiest day with a tornado.

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Honey bee
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I have. It was so surreal. Everything was fine and then out of nowhere we see the funnel touch town a few blocks over. I remember forcing all the kids into the bathroom with blankets and a mattress (we had our neighbors over) and then my parents letting me stay with them while they got everything else safe. My dad even had to run outback to unleash our 200 lb Newfoundland so if he did get swept up he would atleast have a chance… everything was floating. Not blowing around, just floating. It was terrifying. At that point I was forced into the bathroom with everybody else.

Afterward we realized how lucky we were. Our roof had beed lifted only slightly which meant minimal damage but a couple houses down a woman had been asleep when her roof suddenly collapsed. Her house was demolished along with 5 others on our street. She survived. I have no idea about the others. It was strange how some houses were demolished and others were just fine. The next few weeks were insane dealing with the fact that we had no power and had to clean up all the debris. Red cross was there helping us with food and other supplies and my school pitched in as well as the churches in the area.

I don’t actually look back on that time as scary or sad. It was uplifting actually to see everybody come together to help those who were in need. Even our neighborhood became insanely close and helpful. And besides, they say once you have been hit, it is incredibly unlikely you will every be hit again! So, lucky me!

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Blushing bee
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@red_rose:  You’re so right – fear of the unknown!  I’m in the land of hurricanes, but am way more terrified at the thought of a tornado (or an earthquake), even after going through Katrina.

Glad it missed you, theredhead!  Scary!  A freak one blew through my neighborhood a few years ago – like 4 city blocks from my house, but I slept through the whole thing.  It was early morning and I woke up and noticed the power was out, so I went to get my cell and set another alarm, thinking ‘awww yeah, 45 more minutes of sleep!’  I heard two police sirens while I was up, but I’m such a zombie in the morning that it didn’t really register until later.  Once I got up and to work, my dad called to ask if I was ok – I still had no clue, but he told me my neighborhood was all over the news.  That night, I pulled up to the laundromat down the street to do my laundry and it was closed because the whole glass front had been blown out.  Crazy…  I was really lucky.

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Yes, being in Alabama we have had our fair share of tornadoes here. I live a little south of Birmingham and luckily the worst ones don’t usually hit around here but they have hit Tuscaloosa (west of us) pretty hard. It is totally devestating. Last april 27th there were over 50 people that died in tornadoes in alabama that day & total neighborhoods were just leveled, people lost everything. It is really really scary & it doesn’t get easier. Just have to make sure you have a good NOAA/weather radio and know your tornado saftely plan. We also have the best meteorologist ever, Mr. James Spann, so that helps too.


Edit: the worst damage we have personally had were some trees & tree limbs that fell down in the yard.

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