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To add along to the hate of morning sex….my Fiance DOES NOT leave me alone at night before bed, which would be okay if we went to bed at a decent time…but NO. he works night shift and gets home late, so we dont go to bed till 3 a.m. By this time I am so tired and cranky, just wanting to go to sleep, and he just will not stop. its even worse when Im on my period, when I WANT to do it and I look all nice he never wants to, but when I’m feeling the crappiest and look the worst he wont leave me alone, I dont understand! haha

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I wish my SO would start forgetting MORE! He remembers freaking everything I say, so it makes me feel bad that I alllllllllways forget things he doesn’t like. I know he doesn’t like coffee or the smell of it.. but there’s a few things I always forget. Like he either likes coconut flavor or shredded coconut, but not both and I never remember which. 

He even realizes that if we go through a drive through and I say “nah, I’m not hungry” I 98% of the time will say “well, can I maybe just steal one of your fries?” so he always orders extra nuggets/fries. Hahaha.

He’s way too good to me!

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@LauraCYW: I noticed a lot of people have put morning sex, but I am quite the opposite. My FH hasn’t figured out that once my eyes have begun to droop (around 11pm) sex is out of the picture, whereas he stays up till 2 am and still wants it. Conversly, I enjoy the morning sex, it’s when I still have the energy.

Also OP, I checked with my FH to see if he knows what I liked from the drive-thru after reading your post. He does! Woohoo!

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My Fiance always gives me red roses. He has it in his head that red is the color of love and that is just what he HAS TO get. But really pink flowers are my fave lol

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My husband ALWAYS screws up my food orders. It also drives me up a wall when I ask him to get me something from the store and instead of telling me he forgot to pick it up “They were out.”

Really? Funny how they never run out of the stuff YOU ask for! I’ve called his bluff a few times on that one and have to go get it myself. Also, he loves hot dogs and I HATE them. I haven’t had a hot dog since I was too little to protest. Yet every single time he gets on the grill “How many hot dogs do you want?”

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Don’t get me started on Darling Husband and flowers. We have had some major blow outs over flowers. The man seems to think neon daisies are natural looking and pretty. Dude. I am/was an interior designer. Do you see anything “neon” in our house? No? Take the hint. How many times do I have to say “Honey, I really love freesia, they’re my favourite” and the man does not pick up the hint. I asked him once, and he said he didn’t know what freesia were. So I pointed them out to him. He still doesn’t know. Lord love him for trying but there’s only so much fake enthusiasm for neon flowers a girl can give. Mother’s Day was better, but he put his brother in charge of flowers for my Mother-In-Law and me, and my bouquet was moldy!!!!!!!!!!

He also always asks me what I want on my hot dog. It never changes. Ketchup. Just ketchup. Only ketchup. Piles of ketchup. Put away the bottle of mustard, please don’t bring it near my hot dog.

Oh and I once asked him to bring home Rice Krispies for a recipe, and he brought home shredded wheat. Wtf?! How are those even close?! LOL! I’ve learned not to send him to the grocery store for anything otherwise you’ll end up eating an entirely different meal then you’ve planned.

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I feel like I can relate to every single post here! My Fiance is amazing in so many ways but his memory is seriously lacking. He ony remembers it’s his own birthday when I wake him up with a card! I, on the other hand, have the memory of an elephant. At least I always win in arguments because he never remembers what we’re fighting about. haha

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Ahhh, ok so Fiance knows I am on a diet and that I hate bacon, yet every morning when he makes himself eggs and bacon, he offers to cook me some. Ugggg… I have never said yes. I know he is trying to be nice but geez. Also it seems like when I am on a diet, that is when he offers me everything that I can’t have, makes it so hard. Of course I want a cookie damnit!

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@eloping: OMG I just laughed so hard. My mom is from Poland and she said when she and my dad were first dating he brought her chrysanthemums and she just burst into tears and ran away. He did not realize that in Poland they are funeral flowers! LOL!

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@bakerella: What is it with boys and flower? I try not to complain because at least he give me flowers (unlike other guys I dated), but how hard is it to get me my favorite Gerber Daisies? In almost 3 years, no gerber daisies. He got me, I kid you not, a Strawberry Margarita Bouquet– it was in a large margarita glass with fake plastic strawberries. I don’t drink much and I never drink margaritas- seriously what was he thinking?

I wanted to punch him when he used the gift card that the wedding florist gave us– (trying to make us happy after messing up my wedding with purple and orange flowers instead of pink and orange flowers. This majorly upset me with many sleepless nights and I’m still upset about it and he hears my vents frequently about “How could they mess up purple and pink?!!” ) So what does he order from *that* florist? PURPLE FLOWERS– seriously dude, WTF have you heard *anything* I’ve said the past 6 months?!?!

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to return the toilet seat to the down position. Cool

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@ValerieJene1022:  Ah!  My Fiance does this too!  I hate when he leaves the towels in the wash for a while and they get all stinky and I have to wash them again to get the smell out. I think my Fiance just refuses to sort the laundry.  It is like he thinks if he does it wrong I’ll just do all of it lol.

The one thing I’ve come to hate recently is pizza… My Fiance wants pizza every day of the week!  If I didn’t make dinner I’m sure that he’d come home with it all the time. Sometimes when we do order pizza the next day he’ll ask for it and I’ll remind him we JUST had it the day before.  He usually looks at me with a blank stare for a moment before going “oh yeah, I forgot.”  Hopefully its jus a phase *crosses fingers*

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Been together 5 years and he still doesn’t get that I hate that he puts his hand on my ass in public. After 2 kids, I just don’t feel the PDA like I used to….

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