Bees around the world, show your rings!

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I am from Sweden/Germany but my rings are definitely American as is my husband. 

I am not a good judge of size when it comes to carats. We live in downtown Omaha (NE) with all the restaurants and bars and I believe rings tend to be bigger than mine but I actually have no idea. 

My friends in Europe are not married. (All in their mid 30’s) and the handful which is… the stones are small or they don’t have erings at all. I was curious after a couple of posts like this and went to check it out. I’d say the average in Germany is 0.25 carats, maybe less. Check out #verlobungsring and take a look. It’s fascinating after hanging out on the Bee or Pricescope or (worse) the purseblog. 😂 I can’t speak for the Swedish as I have no married friends there but Germans in general tend to be frugal for the weirdest reasons. Often the ering is just a place holder (or sign of engagement) and isn’t worn as a set after the wedding. They might not wear erings but they sure as hell make you pay. I’d say at least twice the price for wedding bands (I looked before we moved to the US and I couldn’t fathom the price premium of up to 300% for simple plain bands)

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German Bee here and MiaSuperstar  is right, most women wear a plain wedding band. I am from a suburb of Munich which is one of the most expensive cities to live in Germany. However, rings with more than 1 ct. are very rare.  Mine is 0.25 ct which is average here.        


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Blushing bee

I picked the most generic ring styles in my country, Turkey. The solitaire is quite common. It’s quite chunky and I don’t like that style. 


However there’s this new trend, 5 stone being the wedding band. I’ve been hating this trend more than anything haha. 


Here’s mine though.

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I live in LA and halos are extremely popular. I’ve been noticing lots of emerald cuts and ovals too lately. Apparently gemstone rings are getting more popular around here with  the celebs, etc. but I personally haven’t seen a ton of them IRL yet. Sizes vary since LA is a huge diverse place but generally speaking bigger stones are the norm here. Women in my social circle have between 1-2 carats but I’m in Beverly Hills so I’ve seen some huge honkers. Here’s my ring with a 2 ct center 

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natalec :  I really love your ring! my engagement ring is a solitair oval on a rose gold band (The picture looks like yours is rose gold I could be wrong though) I love a simple ering because then you have so many more options for a wedding band. 

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mine is a 1.5ct. It is alot bigger than most of my friends and family. I live in the southern U.S. alot of styles are different than my solitaire with diamonds on the basket .alot of people have halos and five stone rings as well as clusters. I would say the average ring size would be around .5 to .75 in my city . i love the traditiinal yellow gold. Mine is yellow gold band with white prings .alot of people in my generation(24 years old) love white gold .

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What a fun thread!  I’m in Indianapolis and I generally see white diamonds ranging from .5 to over 2 ct solitaires or halos. 

This is my 1.3 H VS2 princess


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I’m originally from Texas, and that’s where I lived when I got engaged. I got engaged about 28 years ago. At that time, yellow gold was THE metal and the most popular ring style was a round solitaire. I’m not sure of the size, but probably from just under .5 to around 1 carat. This was my engagement ring:

My husband and I ring shopped together. I went into it expecting to get the standard round solitaire. But my husband chose this 5 stone setting because he liked the setting to have “extra stuff” on it, as he said — ha, ha! It followed the norm at the time of being set in 18K yellow gold. And I think the center stone is around .50 to .53ct. Many years down the road, I removed the diamond baguettes and had them replaced with blue sapphires. So the ring doesn’t look like this any more. But this was how it looked in the beginning!

Now, I live in Virginia. We’ve been in this area for the last 15 years. I’m not sure what the “norm” is around here, as I feel like I see all sorts of stone shapes and sizes. I see a lot of solitaires. But I also see a lot of settings with stones in them, too. I often spy colored gemstones when I’m out and about, too. I see a lot of white metal: platinum or white gold. And also a lot of yellow gold. I don’t feel like I see as much rose gold.

This is the ring my husband gave me for our 15th or 16th (I can’t remember — horrible! LOL) anniversary. I think the setting style is kind of strange or out of the norm for this area. I haven’t seen another like it in my daily wanderings, anyhow. It’s set in platinum, and the center stone is .90 carat.

And this is the ring I got for our recent 20th anniversary. This ring is totally weird and “out there”. It’s metal-heavy and an intricate design that probably would only appeal to me. And that’s OK, because I love it! (and have been posting it all over the place … eep.) It’s 14K rose gold with a 2.31 tcw (approximately) spinel.

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betyl :  I don’t think I’ve ever called a ring on here ugly before but that 5 stone is ugly. Your ring however is lovely.

I lived in northern VA (US) and noticed a lot of college girls would have about .5 CT with halos while girls who waited a few years after college had between 1-2ct with a mix of solitaire and halos I’m mostly white gold or platinum. I’ve moved to Baltimore now and for the most part people’s rings are smaller which makes me a little uncomfortable about my 1.5ct (worried I’ll stand out and get mugged). Although the people who work at Johns Hopkins I feel like have between 1-2ct mainly solitaires and stacks in white gold.

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SVandy60918 :  I agree. From North Carolina here and I see about a .5 and halos because of younger marriage and bigger the longer people wait.  My ring .5 center stone with halo 

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meggyleg23 :  I’m from NC and I agree. I see alot if cluster/invisible set, with or without halos,small diamond halos,or smaller solitaire styles. The larger stones usually are upgrades for people who have been married longer or waited longer to marry.

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I live in India, but got my ring from the USA (David Klass), because my husband is American. Engagement rings aren’t much of a thing here and they typically tend to be yellow gold and a solitaire. So mine is pretty unusual – so much so that nobody thinks it’s an e-ring at all.



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I am from Ohio, which is the northeastern portion of the Midwest (USA). A lot of rings I see are around 1 carat and are either solitaires on pave or diamond bands or halos. I got this beauty as my original e-ring (4 carat blue topaz) but am getting a solitaire upgrade as that was my dream ring but we were not financially able to afford it when we first got engaged! A lot of people don’t even realize it’s my e-ring because there are not many gemstone rings around this area. They are getting more popular though which makes me excited because they can be so beautiful!

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