(Closed) Bees, do you ever tempt guys & seek their attention?

posted 4 years ago in The Lounge
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    sunshineflowers:  Hmm I am currently single and have been for about a year and a half. I am crap at flirting so no – I don’t really activly go out of my way to tempt / flirt.

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    I’m what everyone calls a natural flirt. So apparently I flirt and don’t even realize I’m doing it until someone else points it out. Fiance knew this when we got together, he’s known this for 9 1/2 years now.. If it’s something he hasn’t come to terms with, I’m pretty sure he would have left already haha.


    ETA: it’s something that happens all the time, everywhere, with males and females – Fiance has pointed it out to me and he laughs it off. “You were just flirting with that girl/guy.” No I wasn’t! I have no attraction to them whatsoever. It’s not intentional. It just happens. /edit.

    I dress how I dress for me, not for anyone else.

    And of course, I love when anyone tells me I look beautiful, male or female. I don’t go seeking it out, but that does just boost your self esteem a little, and I do go out of my way to tell other women they look amazing every day if I can.

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    Hausfrau:  Good point. And great memory! I forgot that the OP was the one who said she does not understand a relationship except marriage. OP, you admitted in another post that you have not been in a relationship. With all love and kindness, it is very beneficial to date a few frogs before your prince. Relationships that don’t work help you learn and grow, then appreciate when you find the right one. Part of this is flirting. I guess thats is what you mean by “tempting”? Flirting is fun! 

    As this forum has a higher percentage of married/ engaged/ about to be engaged ladies I think your question was a bit misleading to many of us. 

    Do you want some pointers on how to flirt from us?

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    I’ve always been of the mindset that no one should have to work for attention from anyone worth returning attention. So no, I’ve never saught attention.

    I may have been the first person to approach someone but if they didn’t seem interested in me being me I would just move on.

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    futuremissesriggs:  I’m the same way! 

    Im a very bubbly and bouncy person and I’m great at making small talk. This is often confused with flirty and leads to lots of free drinks at bars ha. I don’t try it, but it does happen. I politely just say thanks and return to my fiance’s side. 

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    I’m flirtatious at times.  Not super flirty, but sometimes just a little bit until I notice I’m doing it.  I guess I’d call myself a natural flirt, and my fiance is as well.  Yes, I was flirty with men when I was single.  I am the kind of woman who takes interest in a man and then goes after it.  Of course, not if he’s married or in a relationship.  

    It’s somewhat hard to consider that part of my personality part of my “strengths” and not be able to use it any more.  Not that I want to hook up with anyone else.  My fiance and I have talked about that before – there are no weird feelings about it.  He was quite the ladies man too, and it’s just hard to have a skill that you can’t use any more!  

    Now do I go around doing over-the-top attention seeking bheavior?  No, even when I was single I’m more of the subtle flirt.  That’s just my personality.  But I won’t hate on the ladies who do get their kicks out of doing that.  Who am I to judge?

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    “Well, it’s aimed at Bees who are either in or not in a relationship.”

    Well that didnt clarify, since that statement describes 100% of people. Like saying “it’s aimed at bees who are either wearing or not wearing a black shirt” 😛

    Anyway, no. That would feel wrong. Just thinking about it feels kinda wrong, idk, by no means do I have a bubbly personality. Plus it would be hypocritical since I wouldn’t really feel great if Fiance did that, I like the fact that he’s not a naturally flirty person.

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    When I was single, maybe, but I wouldn’t call it “tempting” just more like “flirting”. 

    I’ve been cheated on in my past serious relationship, so now I’m really big on “if I wouldn’t do this in front of my significant other, then I wouldn’t do it when he’s not here.” My current boyfriend is the same way, so we haven’t had any issues because of it. 

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    yes I love being a succubus jezebel harlot!!!!!

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    I used to flirt in college at bars and such. It was fun and harmless. 

    I’m not a natural flirt, I don’t think, but I also eventually learned that some people interpret simple friendliness as flirting. I can’t tell you how many times I had a friendly conversation with a guy on a bus or in line somewhere only to have them ask me out and immediately stop talking to me when they found out I had a boyfriend. It used to completely baffle me – I wasn’t flirting!

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    Never was a flirty person. Actually thats what attracted my Darling Husband to me. I was and still am the serious type. I do laugh, but I have a very close circle of friends. I dont feel the need to draw attention to myself. Im kinda that nerdy bookish type. 

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    Never.  I find attention seeking  way beneath me.  A woman must let the man chase after her,  not the other way around. I’ve never been that desperate for attention in my life to chase after a man. 

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    Like, huh?

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    I suppose that you could say I wear/wore revealing clothes at times, depending on your definition of revealing. But not with the idea of tempting anyone, I wear what’s pleasing to me. As far as seeking attention, I didn’t need to, quite frankly. I had more than enough. In fact, one of the things I like about being older is generating less attention. When I was younger I had way too much and it freaked me out at times.

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