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I’m not so sure you’re going to like this answer but I thought it might help you.  I got into Pilates through a Groupon, thank goodness I only paid $25.  One of my friends was doing it so for $25 bucks why not try it.  Meh.  That’s my overall impression.  They made me take multiple beginner reformer lessons before joining a regular class which was just a plain waste of my time.  The average age of the women in my classes is 50 and I would not describe them as being fit – at all.  I guess I was hoping for more of a workout to supplement my current training regimine.  Maybe it is because I am in a suburban location but while I am at class I can’t help but think it is a total waste of my time.  I wish it were harder but again, might be because I’m in the wrong class?  Although it is for medium ability.  I wish there was more of a social component to it, no talking or interacting during the class except the teacher giving instructions.  Maybe it’s just the place that I am going to?

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I used to do mat pilates years ago and loved it.  I was very toned.  I just recently started doing pilates reformer classes since Thanksgiving and I really love it and am seeing results again in that I have longer, leaner looking muscles.  I think it’s really important that a student take a couple of private classes first to make sure he/she understands the machine and have the correct form so they don’t hurt themselves.  The instructor makes a big difference – they need to be experienced, have a good knowledge of the human body and how it works (to be able to work with people with injuries and/or physical limitations.  I have found that the workout is as hard as you want to make it – i.e., you get what you put into it which is always emphasized by my instructor – push harder, challenge yourself, go to your full range of motion.  Regular reformer classes usually don’t have much, if any, cardio component, so I need to supplement with another cardio type exercise.  My studio does offer cardio reformer classes – which really gets the heart rate up there.   I go three to four times a week and do Xtend barre class 2x/wk and TRK 1-2x/wk.   

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@Macintosh:  Are you looking into mat pilates or Reformer pilates? I don’t have any experience with reformer so my answers are going to be just basic mat pilates.

How did you get into Pilates? Started taking free yoga classes at college, a lot were mixes of Yoga/Pilates and occasionally I went to just Pilates.

What do you love about it? The sore muscles I feel the next day, especially in my legs and abs. I also appreciate the upper body workout because I tend to neglect my arms.

What don’t you like about it? Sometimes it’s a little too fast-paced, when I’m in the mood to get deep in a stretch rather than bounce-bounce-bounce. I worry that my form starts to fall apart when it’s too fast.

What do you look for in a teacher? Good cueing is key. Especially because I’m an infrequent Pilates-goer, and each teacher usually has her own set of moves with her own names for them. So lots of cueing and description when you start a move, along with a clear demonstration. I also like when a teacher continues to provide info during the move – after she makes sure the whole class is following along, continue talking about where you should be feeling the burn, how to improve your position, encouragement to go deeper into the move, etc. Positive energy from a teacher really keeps me going.

How often do you practice/attend Pilates classes? Not often, maybe once every month or two, and sometimes fusion classes like Yogalates or Piyo (had a really good Piyo teacher!)

Is your interest in Pilates more casual, or do you aim to perfect advanced exercises? More casual, because yoga is my first love. But I still enjoy a good pilates session.

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