(Closed) Bees how would you feel living by a house where a tragedy occured?

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  • poll: Could you live close by to a house where a murder occured?

    Yes, what's in the past is in the past. I don't care what's happened in a house.

    Yes, so long as it didn't happen in the house I'm living in.

    Maybe, depends on the circumstances.

    No way.

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    Eh long as it isn’t the house you are going to be living in… the past is the past. 

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    Living BY a house where a tragedy occured? A-OK.

    Living IN a house where a tragedy occured? Creeped out.

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    @Birdiebaby4:  I wouldn’t worry about it. I would be creeped out if it happened IN the house. But not BY the house. go for the house! sounds like a nice deal

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    Something bad happened 25 years ago – unfortunately, bad things happen all the time.  How can you ever guarantee that you’re moving somewhere where there wasn’t tragedy nearby?  Honestly, there’s no way that it would impact you, and it sounds like a great house.

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    I’m (mostly) Chinese and we’re superstitious – it would totally give me the heebie-jeebies, all that negative energy.  Plus I’ve probably watched way too many scary Chinese movies about haunted places and spirits looking for “replacements” so that they can be freed from the place they died in…

    I actually recently had this conversation with SO (who’s not Asian) and he doesn’t care – he says he’d sleep like a baby in a house where a death/murder occurred if it meant that he got a good deal on the price of the house. >.<

    If I were you though, I’m not sure what I’d do.  I mean, a free house!  With free, customized upgrades!  If there’s going to be a new house built there and the unfortunate event happened decades ago, maybe it’s not insurmountable?

    I’d go with your gut feel.  If you can walk around the street without feeling comfortable, especially after learning about this, I say just go for it.

    If you’re curious about Chinese superstitious hocus-pocus, the best way to test out the energy of a house is to bring a cat and/or a baby into it.  If the cat starts acting all weird and/or the baby cries inconsolaby, it’s not a good sign.  If the cat acts normally and the baby is happy, then you’re good to go. 😛

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    @Birdiebaby4:  Well, I live in a house built in 1925.  DH and I love it.  I can’t imagine loving it any less if I knew of something that happened in it decades ago.  I mean, in our case at least…who knows what could have happened?  Many, many families have lived in this house and I can’t presume to know or care about such stuff.

    However, I’m not at all superstitious.  Even if I knew a murder had occurred, it might creep me out for a minute, but then I’d start thinking of how wonderful I’m going to make this house, in the here and now – think of it as redemption, or renewal…something along those lines.  That’s what I would do.

    Good luck, with whatever you choose!  It certainly sounds beautiful from your description.  

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    Unbeknownst to us, my husband and I rented a house where a child was apparently tortured in the basement long term before dying of “unnatural” causes not even a decade before.  

    That house was flat out spooky, which is why I started looking into the history of it.

    To add to the creep factor.. there was an old coal room I think they called it down by the furnace.  I had never gone in there until we lived there probably a year because it had a mud floor…. but there was stuff in there so finally we decided to clean it out… there was a sleeping bag on the dirt floor and childrens drawings in crayon on the cement wall.

    But really, I love old houses, so I expect someone has died in a lot of them.. I mean, lots of people go home from the hospital to die, so it’s not just like murder victims.

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    Ooops, I meant to choose yes. It wouldn’t matter to me.

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    It’s an interesting question because what increasingly happens here in the UK when there have been high profile murder cases is that the house gets demolished in order that it doesn’t turn into an unhealthy sort of shrine. That’s not to say that plenty of houses with questionable histories still remain but then our houses can be very old – mine was built in 1826, for example – and you expect things to have happened over the years.

    But for sure, some of our most notorious houses are pulled down. 

    Would it bother me? I don’t know. I don’t think I’d willingly opt to buy a house that had a very recent, tragic event occur because I’m a bit woo about these things. On the other hand it really doesn’t bother me what might have happened over the years in my house precisely because it is so old. 

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    @Pisces:  Ha, I was going to mention this…if you do believe in ghosts and such stuff, bring your cat/dog in for awhile and they’ll let you know if there’s something out of line…my dog let me “know” ahead of time when this dude was snooping around in our backyard, DH and I didn’t actually see anything till a couple minutes later.  Furbabies are awesome that way!

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    A guy committed suicide in the house DH and I live in now about three years ago. It was a bit of a hard pill to swallow at first, but now I never even think about it! Plus the place doesn’t seem haunted or anything …

    As PP have mentioned, the murder didn’t happen in your house, and the house where it happened is going to be demolished and rebuilt … and the killer came to justice … so all in all I’d say this isn’t too bad of a situation to be in. I wouldn’t want to live in a house where a bunch of children were tortured and the perp was never found, but luckily your situation sounds nothing like that!

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    It wouldn’t bother me, but if it were my house I would be a little concerned about resale value.

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    If I were next to the house, that’s one thing. But I don’t think I could ever live in a house where a tragedy occured.. freaks me out.

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