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@alishaloo:  Ask for the raw  photos. It’s okay to ask and no if she missed all that stuff I wouldn’t pay more I would ask for a refund.

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I doubt she will give you all the RAWs, do you have a program that will even open RAW format? She is new so maybe she will do this. MOST photogs will not give you the raws and also do not let you alter the images. But again she is new so she may not have these policies in place.

It’s a bummer you are missing so many images but if they are not in your final take chances are she just didn’t get them. Maybe her card/battery ran out and she didn’t take them or they just didn’t turn out because she’s not really experienced enough to get every shot.

I would contact her and see what she says about the missing shots, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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I remember seeing that you paid $300 for your photographer so, unfortunately, this opens you up to unprofessional results like this.  I wouldn’t offer to pay more- either she has the pictures or doesn’t have them, money won’t change that.  Just ask if there are any photos from that time period and go from there.

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I saw your PM to me, but I will just address this here since you have a post as well.  So a few things…

Question #1 – Are the photos she provided to you in chronological order, i.e. do they begin at alishaloo_001 and end at whatever number they end at?  Are there photos actually missing that you can tell from the way she numbered them?  If there are numbers missing than perhaps something happened in her disc burning process and the photos you are looking for never got on.  If however each photo is in a numerical order and there are no gaps that would tell me that she is passing this off as her finished body of work and is hoping you just won’t say anything about the things she missed. 

So… what to do?  I can’t see any photographer not providing the first kiss, family photos, or formals if they didn’t actually take them.  This seems very weird, and you absolutely should inquire about them asap.  Make your email short and simple- 

Dear obviously amateur photographer who doesn’t have enough experience to be shooting weddings alone yet,

I noticed there are a lot of key moments missing from the photos you provided such as the first kiss, family photos, formals, (whatever else you want to add).  Is it possible those shots didn’t get on your disc?  Please let me know!

– Alishapoo

 Maybe they have the photos that you need and something weird happened in the disc burn.  Cross your fingers.

To address your question about rather it’s okay to ask for more, asking for RAWs, or being able to pick and choose.  Well it’s absolutely okay to ask for a photo of a critical moment such as a first kiss, or from a whole series that was totally omitted.  As far as selecting variations of shots they already provided… When people hire us to shoot their weddings they trust us to capture the moments that are important, and to choose which photos we take to be edited.  Not only do I simply not have time to arrange logistically for a client to view unedited photos, that is also more time and labor for a service I’ve already provided.  The work has been completely, and you’re asking for more.  Obviously I never get this request because we don’t miss stuff like what your photographer missed.  So it’s hard to say.  I think if I were you I would concentrate on trying to find out what happened to these big chunks that are not represented.  RAW files – no true professional ever turns over their RAW files to anyone without a background in photo editing, or without some sort of special agreement in place.  If you can edit RAW files better than your photographer (and you are not a pro photographer yourself), THAT IS A PROBLEM.  There is a whole host of reasons why as a photographer it is not in your best interests to have unedited work floating around in the hands of others.

This story sounds like an error of some sort happened, corrupt card, accidental deletion, battery goes out at a critical moment.  Inexperienced photographers also tend to screw up large batches of images because of improper camera settings.  There are a host of possible explanations.  Be prepared for the worst, and go back to your contract and see what it says regarding the loss of images.

The lesson to the other bees is that great photographers do not always make great wedding photographers, and hiring someone at the beginning of their wedding career can be risky.  You might save some money up front, and your images might be okay… but outcomes like these are common.

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Also if what  @BooRadley: is remembering is correct about only having paid $300 then all of what I wrote is probably pointless.

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This depends on your contract. You should have access to your raw photos if you have a good contract in place. Don’t throw money at this. Since she’s so inexperienced, it’s possible she just needs your direction here (which is not how it should be, but that’s where you are now).

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@phillybride61513:  She shouldn’t have access to her RAW files if she has a good contract.  Clients get deliverable files in a JPEG format, not the unedited format.  

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@alishaloo:  If this is one of the only weddings she’s shot, she might have missed the images.  It’s really unfortunate, but sometimes, you get what you pay for.  A PP mentioned that you paid $300 (?) and you said yourself this is only her fourth or fifth wedding.  She may have been in the bathroom or eating or something and missed some key moments.  It sucks, but I guess it happens if you don’t have a 100% on point, professional photographer. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to ask if the photos just didn’t make the disc for some reason.  Your wedding was fairly recent, so maybe she’s not done all the work on them yet.

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Definitely sounds like something went wrong and she either lost those photos (meaning there are no RAW files for you to get anyway) or there was a disc error. 

At least you’re mostly missing the formal portraits which can be restaged. I would suggest hiring a different photographer to re-take these photos. 

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@alishaloo:  I would guess that they just didn’t make it onto the CD. Are you certain there wasn’t another CD in the box?

I wouldn’t say anything about the RAW images until you have asked her about the rest of the photos & you get them. She may be offended you don’t like her editing or something & she may not be completely professional about it (she might be but you never know).

Just call her up & say something like “hi photographer, I got your CD today, thank you! But the photos stop 1/2 way through the ceremony & no family portraits or me & my groom. Do you have any more photos? There are about # images on the disc.” I mean it could just be that not all the images transferred onto the disc. Or it could be that something happened & she doesn’t have them.  Better to ask sooner than later because who knows how she archives them & whatnot.

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