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I cook. But my Fiance is a trucker who is only home a few days a month (average is four) and during that time my parents and his parents want to see us, plus friends, so I only cook 1 maximum 2 nights for him when hes home. I learned how to cook from Pinterest and I love to cook but because we are a single income relationship I eat a lot of ramen when he is not home. 

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Both my Fiance and I like to cook.  We like to eat out as well but I have food allergies so I have to be very careful about eating things I didn’t prepare myself.  

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I’m a pretty good cook, and so is Fiance.  But to be completely honest we don’t cook as often as we’d like, mostly due to our chaotic work schedules.  Fiance, for one thing, normally only cooks for special occasions, and entertaining.  Then I’m typically in charge of the day to day cooking.  Because, I work entirely too many hours each week, I typically only have time to actually make a meal every 2 or 3 days.  So, when I do cook, I like to make enough for leftovers.  And nearly everything I make is from scratch.

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sway0060:  I’ve been trying to cook more since Fiance and I have always been big on ordering in/going out while we were dating. I want to make sure once we buy our own house I know how to make some meals! My advice is to start out small, thats what I did, simple meals, basic recipies, and go from there. Also pinterest is great for finding some links to easy dinner ideas. As you get more comfortable in the kitchen you’ll find it easier to try different things. 


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sway0060:  I am 27 and I cook. I grew up cooking since I was a little kid and now I actually do food writing and restaurant reviews too. If you are looking to learn I can give you some good references:

thekitchn.com – great basic resources like “how to bake a perfect potato”, etc. 

budgetbytes- excellent super easy recipes that are very budget conscious

smittenkitchen- great for baked goods recipes that are original and precise

Mastering The Art of French Cooking, By Julia Child- a great resource for cooking all cuts of meat and all types of fish as well as a variety of side dishes and desserts. 

On Food and Cooking, By Harold McGee- The best singular food encyclopedia

The Gourmet Cookbook, Edited By Ruth Reichl- An excellent massive cookbook filled with recipes from all ethnicities and era. 

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I cook! Like you, I was NOT the cooking type. Baking is my thing. But I used to cook from a box (Kraft Mac & Cheese was my best meal ) before being with my fiance could barely cook chicken breast! Fiance is an awesome cook and has helped me learn and expand. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t need a recipe to cook a decent meal. I’m no where near as good a cook as my fiance, but I make sure I give it my best effort! and ask questions when he’s cooking something new.

Have your man help you or give you some tips. Or just experiment! Pinterest makes it so easy to try new recipes. Trial and error is the best way to learn!

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I cook 95% of our meals from scratch. I love cooking. When I was in high school my Mom used to pay me $20 a day to cook our meals, so I have almost 10 years of experience under my belt. Even when I lived alone I cooked from scratch most days. My husband is still surprised at what I can whip up when he thinks there’s nothing in the house. He can cook, but needs a recipe and a plan. I just learned from experimenting with different recipes.

For a beginner I would highly recommend a meal plan! I do one every week because it makes shopping easier, and also helps my husband when he decides he wants to do some of the cooking. If you have all the ingredients in the house and a plan for the week it makes things simple. I don’t often cook from recipes any more, but I really liked the Looney Spoons series when I was learning. I also like The Joy of Cooking for basic foundation recipies and information about different cooking techniques. 

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sway0060:  I am 20 years old going on 21 (a student) and I cook everything from scratch always.  Sometimes I make easier recipes like soups etc but I also bake cupcakes and pizza breads from scratch (we don’t eat pizza often though), veggie lasagnes, lots of vegetable dishes and also fish.   Since everything I have to cook is gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free (occasionally I’ll use non-cow milks and cheeses), it is far more challenging that your average cooking but I manage to get by and we’re always trying tastey new recipes that I come up with.  My OH also cooks the recipes I teach him on an occasional basis (when I’m not feeling well, too tired, that sort of thing).  Realistically in a month he will cook 3 or 4 times (but he cleans the dishes pretty much all of the time haha).  We never eat anything out of a box or any ready-made meals and due to my allergies I never eat out.

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sway0060:  my FH is 23 and I’m 21 we just moved  in together in January, I didn’t start cooking good stuff for him til late this summer. His mom was the stay at home typewho cleaned up after him and cooked his every meal so it was hard to compete at first when I was more a poptart and Ramen noodle person before we moved in! My mom cooked but she also worked so I tried to help so I had a little bit of experience  before. It sounds like you guys have a good situation. We got into a lot of fights over something so silly and i started calling him Prince but now we split up responsibilities and it works out really nice! Some times we even cook together or he does laundry while I make him food. It will take a minute but you guys will find a routine, good luck! And also check out pinterest that’s where I get all my food inspiration 

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We both cook all the time. We eat out probably once a week.  We switch off cooking… not in a scheduled or organized way, but sometimes he cooks, sometimes I cook, and a lot of times we cook together.  Cooking together might be one of the most awesome habits we have… we have super open and goofy conversation/interaction, so it’s fun to work together 🙂

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I love cooking and am frankly awesome at it (but I’ve been doing it for years). We eat 100% non-processed, from scratch food. It is SO MUCH HEALTHIER AND CHEAPER. There is an initial investment in pots/pans and basic pantry items like olive oil, spices etc, but after that it’s cheap cheap cheap. We eat truly gourmet, usually organic meals for less than $100 a week. 

You really just follow directions. Once you get a sense of how long various things need to cook, which technique is preferable, and what spices work together you can cook with out a recipe. 

I would start with a cookbook aimed at simple/fast: like a Rachael Ray or something. 

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I cook from scratch. Mr. Trilly developed a gluten intolerance so boxed foods like Hamburger Helper and stuff aren’t allowed into the house. I tend to do a lot of chili, beans and rice, fajitas, stir fry, and stuffed bell peppers. Lots of vegetables.

Mr. Trilly’s absolute favorite, though, is my roast dinners. I do a pot roast with parsnips and carrots and big chunks of potatoes in the Crockpot. He shovels it in and I swear I don’t know where he puts it.

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sway0060:  My husband doesn’t know how to cook, can’t even really work our stove lol. He usually either eats out or goes to his parents house when I’m at work (I work second shift and he works first).  But I love to cook… I will admit it would be nice to have dinner made for ME instead of me cooking ALL the time lol. 

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sway0060:  I’m not a cook LOL.  I mean, I can be… I have moments of inspiration, ie: last week I made butternut squash soup.  But, generally, I don’t really cook.  I do like cooking, I think I’m just lazy- I want my food to be ready right when I’m hungry.  That said, we have stopped eating out as much recently.

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sway0060:  I’m 22 and just moved in with my Fiance. Since I don’t have a job in my new city yet, have been cooking a lot more than I usually do. Fiance always helps! I definitely prefer cooking to boxed meals, but in college and whrn I was working after graduation, I was too busy and tired to cook regularly. I hope to get in the habit of cooking NOW so I can keep doing it after I get a job.

I definitely second the PP who mentioned a crock pot! It’s a lifesaver, and easy as can be. Chicken is also a really easy meal, and you can marinate it over night to cut down on prep time if you want! It also goes well with pasta, salad, and veggies, whih don’t take too much time.

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