(Closed) Bees located outside of the US — what's your general perception?

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1. Country you live in: Australia

2. Opinion of the US Government in general: It is such a different system to what we have and I (despite actually having a degree in international politics, lol) am not an expert on the US system…but it does seem to be quite controlled by big business, money, lobbying etc.  And I would say that your right-wing party is more to the right than our conservative party here. Although our new conservative Prime Minister could change that. Eg. topics like gun control, abortion are not huge issues here.

3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you even knew our government is shut down right now). Aware from the media etc. that you are in shutdown and have done some reading up on it. In the Australian system if an issue like this arose (parliament not willing to pass the budget) the safeguard is that the Governor General (head of state, representing the queen) can dissolve parliament and call an election. This has only happened once in 1975 when the Senate blocked supply (the budget bill) . The Governor General in this case actually dismissed the Prime Minister and put in the Opposition Leader rather than just call an election (although an election shortly followed anyway). I can’t fathom that a country could get to the point where the Government goes into shutdown and federal offices close, workers don’t get paid. Pretty poor opinion of the elected officials that are causing this too occur.


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1. Country you live in: New Zealand

2. Opinion of the US Government in general: I see the US government as a lot of rich people who can’t get themselves organised, and who are embarrassing their country in front of the rest of the world. And here in NZ most people can’t imagine why anyone would be against affordable health care in the first place. We have a right-wing government in power in NZ atm, but compared to the Republicans they’re much more liberal. Obama is looked on quite favorably in NZ, but Republican rhetoric is used for jokes.

3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you even knew our government is shut down right now).

It’s utterly ridiculous that your government let itself get into this situation. The news here gives updates on the situation, but nothing too in depth. My husband is American so we keep up with what is happening. Our news basically makes fun of the situation. I can’t imagine the same thing happening here, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming for the US…

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1. Australia

2. Mainly good. Your system is extremely good in theory, but (from my point of view) your government has some very strange blind spots like guns and (until recently) health care. But that’s the fault of the government (and by extension, the people who elect it), not the system itself.

3. While I think it’s crazy, I also think it’ll sort itself out. I notice the US stock market is unmoved, which says to me that this isn’t a big deal. So in world news, it’s pretty low on my radar.

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@MrsEdamame:  commenting to follow-such an interestingnidea for a thread! 

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Canadian girl here, not a huge politics fan but I am your neighbour so we hear a lot about what’s going on down there.

Opinion if US government in general? Well personally, I think the whole show is a little crazy and way over my head. Not just yours, ours too!! So my general opinion is negative but that’s because my general opinion of politics is bad across the board.

How did I respond to the government shut down? All I could think was: at a time like this? This could be really bad. I don’t really know what else to say. I’m a little bit scared and nervous for everyone, this can’t be good news!


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1. Country you live in: 

2. Opinion of the US Government in general:

Generally, things have been going in a good direction.  Many of the things that would make me hesistate moving there are historically, culturally ingrained.  Ie. healthcare, guns, etc.  Politics isn’t my passion.

3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you even knew our government is shut down right now).

It’s ridiculous.  I heard this has happened 17 times?  Why wasn’t it changed after the first few times.  Congress can stop without the entire government shuting down.  Keep everything at a basic level of operation.

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@AB Bride:  it’s not really about congress stopping at all though. They won’t pass a federal budget to try and prove their (republican/tea party) point. Basically throwing a temper tantrum. 

Super interesting thread and I hope more bees contribute!

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1. Country you live in: Canada


2. Opinion of the US Government in general:


Ineffective and run by the agendas of the “upper class”. Obama was a move in the right direction but like Canada, the split between urban and rural is stopping things from moving forward. I think the US is attempting to change with the times so to speak. (meet the needs of a diverse population)


3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you even knew our government is shut down right now). Silly. It is a risky time to do something like this – as your economy is just starting to recover (and ours by the amount of trade we do with the US). Real issue to me, is the debt ceiling mid month. How a bunch of people who are so stuck to their power struggle can hurt millions is mind boggling. If heathcare was the issue  people of the US were up in arms about, Obama would not have been re-elected. (Outsider POV – sorry if I offend a republican). We have these issues too, but to refuse to move forward when something is passed by many bodies is mindboggling.



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1. Country you live in: Canada

2. Opinion of the US Government in general: My opinion is very similar to the Bees who have replied from other Constitutional Monarchies (Australia – New Zealand – and the UK).  The US Political System is sooo diffrent from ours… and that is mainly because when the US became a country they didn’t want to have anything in place that reminded them of Great Britian.

So as others have said, it doesn’t seem to have the same controls and checks that is place in other G8 Countries… and there is waaay too much say by Big Business, Money, Lobbying etc.  I think it sad because most Americans I meet are great people… with common sense but somehow their input is lost in the shuffle of all that is the Political Machine.

I do like the Canadian system where we have the ability to elect more than just 2 parties to the House of Commons… this gives “the people” more say in how our country is run IMO.  And how over time a Party may evolve to being one that is a backbencher to someday being the Elected Minority or Majority.

I also think that altho the US proclaims a seperation of Church & State in reality “the Church” (aka Bible Belt) is alive and well in formulating policy in the USA.  Which is strange for me, in a country where we clearly have many elements of religion (as in religious tolerance) part of our Political System, and yet Religious based arguments / items aren’t on our radar so much here (like Abortion – Gay Marriage – or who our Elected Politicians are sleeping with in their off hours)

3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you  even knew our government is shut down right now). Quite aware as in Canada we get all the US Tv Channels & Newpapers. 

Like another Bee said, in a Constitutional Monarchy like Canada, if an issue like this arose (Parliament not willing to pass the Federal Budget then a Non-Confidence Vote would be called against “the House”) and the safeguard of the Governor General (Our Head Of State who represents the Monarchy / QE II) would dissolve Parliament and Call an Election.

We have had this happen a few times in our history… I recall the time in 1979 when then Prime Minister Joe Clark’s Goverment (Conservatives who were in power with a Minority) weren’t able to pass their Federal Budget, and the House Fell, and an Election was called.  (The Liberal Party came to party afeterwards with a Majority)

I do find the current situation quite bazaar, in that for whatever reason the US doesn’t seem to realize that the time has come for change… cause the world has changed, and is quite frankly passing them by in some regards

Be that economically or socially.  Things like a fair wage has to happen for the betterment of all, same with universal healthcare, Gay Rights / Marriage, and even some serious Gun Control.  Without this stuff happening, the US is going to fall further and further behind what the rest of the G8 Countries are doing.

Military Strength has always been the US’s fall back point… but since the Cold War, and the globalization of the world… with everything now happening virtually instanteously the world has had to change.  We’ve come to realize that we are all in this together… we aren’t a planet any longer where MIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT.  What is right is taking care of each other so we can all get along a lot better.

Sadly for whatever reason it appears as if the US still has an attitude in some situations of “the guy with the most whatever… at the end of the day wins”… and that just isn’t true anymore.

I don’t for a minute think that Capitalism is any where near over… but the world is changing, and that what worked for the last 200+ years in America clearly isn’t working now.

Hope this helps,


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1. Country you live in: Australia.

2. Opinion of the US Government in general: I don’t know heaps about it, but I think there are some major downfalls in some of the laws, especially regarding healthcare, guns and government payments. I think the homeless problem is much worse in America because of some of these laws. And because of some of these laws, I’d be too scared to move to America.

3. Opinion of the current state of the government (including if you even knew our government is shut down right now): It’s very ridiculous. They could have come to a comprimise to ensure that Americans could keep their jobs and keep their pay. I feel like the government are not keeping the people in mind at all with this decision (or non-decision), whereas the governments job is meant to be to look after the people.

Please be aware that I have some knowledge of politics and the US Government, but obviously not as much as some people on this board.

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Great idea for a thread. I hope to read more!

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I have always wondered how other countries view us. Great thread!

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@AB Bride:  I didn’t know there had been 17 shutdowns (clearly, I’m not well informed about politics)! I just looked it up and all 17 have been since 1977…

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