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People will be more concerned with themselves than with whatever you’re doing!

If you’re scared to take the first step, try doyogawithme.com. They have videos for all levels and some introductions. That way it won’t be completely new when you go to a class. Or you can just keep working through it at home! It is better in a class for newbies because they can correct your poses.

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longtimemrs:  Oh my gosh! This is so strange I’m also just now looking into yoga. Like you describe yourself, I’m not flexible, yoga experiences, or tiny and toned! I actually just found this youtuber named Adriene and she does free yoga videos.

I just did my first “yoga for complete beginners” by Adriene tonight and it was 20 minutes and quite a workout but she has such a soothing voice and it was so nice to do it in my home and not worry about how my body looked to all these people or if I was nailing a pose.

I plan on doing some more of her beginner and foundations of yoga videos and then doing her 30 days of yoga series and then maybe consider tackling a real class when I feel more comfortable with the practice.

Here’s a link if you wanna check her out! https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene/featured


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longtimemrs:  I’m posting to follow. I’ve also considered yoga because it is supposed to be helpful with back pain. But like you,  I’m am not what people picture when they think yoga. I am more of what they picture when they thunk of a yoga pants fail, LOL.

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don’t be scared! it’s awesome you want to try it and you ARE that cute girl in yoga pants! SERIOUSLY!!! if you’re feeling intimidated i would suggest getting a private lesson first from one of the instructors. you can get the hang of the basic stuff and break down some of the fears you have, or do some videos at home to learn some before you go in.

just remember yoga is all about being at peace! the idea is not to look around and judge other people at all! and honestly a lot of times your head is down or your eyes are closed! easier said than felt i know, but really other people only care about what they’re doing, don’t worry about them! they’re prbly very nice, too! and you don’t have to do everything they’re doing in the class- it’s ok to hold the last pose or do a different one if you’re not up for the one they’re suggesting. and i’m always messing up the poses. it’ll be tons of easy ones, then she’ll drop something harder and it’s not big deal. i’ll stumble around, oh well, other people always are too. or i skip it!! they usually offer modifications too, ie ways to make it easier if you’re just starting. as for age, the classes i’ve been to have always have older ppl in them..like grey hair ladies rocking it out. 

well i think it’s awesome you’ve lost 30+ lbs so far and you’re thinking of doing even more good stuff for yourself! i say go!!!! you won’t regret it! you feel absolutely great afterwards!!

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I haven’t done yoga in a while, but i loved it while I was doing it! The teacher that I went to was amazing and always emphasized that yoga is a personal journey and that no matter how inflexible or out of shape you may be all that matters is you are on your mat giving it a try. I highly recommend you give it a shot ๐Ÿ™‚ Tell them your new and they’ll suggest modifications for each pose so you don’t feel out of place if you can’t quite do something. 

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Believe me, no one will be watching you! Set your mat up at the back of the room and do what you can! Make sure you are in a basic or gentle class and listen to the teacher. The first few classes are nerve wracking, no matter your size. I’ve been doing yoga for years and still have a bad class here and there. Just remember everyone is on there own journey, and it’s called yoga practice because it’s just that… Practice! It’s not a race or a competition. After two or three classes you will be amazed at the poses you are starting to catch on to and what your body can do!

size note… Don’t wear anything too baggy. Baggy shirts for instance will just fall over your head in down dog!

namaste ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Everyone here has given you great advice!  I haven’t done yoga in a while now but I really enjoy it.  Most of the people in the class will be focused on themselves.  I know it’s hard not to compare yourself to the people who basically can do handstands like it’s nothing but focus on improving yourself and you will see great gains in flexibility and strength.

Just start with a beginner’s class in the background and maybe introduce yourself to the instructor beforehand so she will know that you might need a little extra help getting into position at first.

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I don’t do yoga yet but I’d like to start. I’m also hoping to lose weight and start exercising regularly and hopefully become more flexible because I’m super NOT flexible. Anyway, I wanted to suggest maybe trying out some poses at home first before you start class so that you’re not throwing yourself in there with no prior knowledge. There are a million videos on YouTube of classes for beginners and otherwise as well as apps for it. This is the video I’m using to start: http://youtu.be/YuFI3OTwOTs

 it’s in Spanish (because I’m also using it to practice my Spanish listening) but it could give you a good idea of the types of things you’ll find on there.

Otherwise, good luck and don’t be nervous to join a class. Remember everyone else is going to be too busy trying to contort themselves into the various poses to even be looking at you. Also good for you for already losing 30+ pounds! I dieted all of last year to only lose 2 so I know that is commendable. Remember – being healthy is the most important thing!

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longtimemrs:  You do NOT need to look a certain way to do yoga.  Promise.  Ultimately, everyone is there for the same reason- to experience their practice.   But yoga is an entirely personal journey, and it is different for everyone.  I have seen all shapes, sizes, ages, and flexibility levels at yoga.  No one judges during class!  Give it a shot, and just keep going!  Each class gets a little easier in some way, and you’ll be surprised at how powerful you can feel!

Good luck!

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longtimemrs:  yoga is amazing and you do not need to be naturally flexible to start! It’s all about strength training and getting your body to ease into the positions. A great yoga teacher will offer a lot of basic alternatives to some of the more difficult poses during the class. That way you can try it and if it is too much, just go back to child’s pose or something less challenging. You WILL be sore after your first class, I say go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

*I have done yoga off and on for 8 years (never daily/weekly but always enjoy it when I do it-more like monthly on average)

P.S.  I have seen women in their 60s who are rocking it!! Age is just a number, it does not classify you in levels of life- especially fitness. 

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I started my yoga journey a little over two years ago after getting a groupon and wanting to start a new years resolution of getting into shape. I was fat and out of shape and had never done any yoga in my life. I ended up loving the teacher and the studio and lost 40lbs and became stronger than I ever imagined over the next 2 years. I’m sooo happy I took the leap and went to that first class, even though I felt so insecure. It really was a transformative and humbling experience, both mentally and physically.

I will say that each studio’s culture might be a little different–there are studios where it is all about image and lululemon and how good you look. But that’s not really yoga. Yoga is inclusive of all shapes, sizes, and yoga outfits. ๐Ÿ˜› You should absolutely not worry about how you look or how other people look during class! No one is watching you, trust me, and having a teacher there to show you the correct form is essential when starting your practice.

In sum, give class a try. Do what you can do, stop when you need to stop. Your yoga practice is yours alone, and no one else’s. I hope you find it as meaningful as I did!

ETA that the strongest yogis I know are women who started in their 40s! Seriously one of my teachers is in her 60s and started practicing at 45…she looks like she hasn’t aged a day since then! These ladies put me and so many other 20 year olds to shame with how strong they are. Definitely not too late to start!

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Jeneexoxo:  i LOOOVVVEEEEE her. i wish I lived in Austin I would go to all the classes she teaches. 

When I started doing yoga I was really intimidated, but the more I went the easier it got and the less self conscious about it I got. I think once you give it a try it wont seem as bad as you picture it. 

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