(Closed) Bees taking antidepressants, how has it helped you?

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I have been on meds for anxiety in the past, but weaned off of them because I am much better now, more able to cope, and want to TTC.  If I were  you, I’d find a good psychiatrist or nurse practitioner specializing in psychiatry and start there.  I would not just ask your doctor because you’re going to need specialized care to get the most appropriate med and to make sure your dosing is right.  It will probably take a month to be noticable and some side effects may be intolerable.  Your provider will need to ask you a lot of questions and monitor you closely.

And that is *if* you are a candidate for medication at all. 

You also should be in counseling. I like cognitive behavior therapy or mindful-based wellness.  You probably have a lot of negative self-talk going on in your head and learning how to change your thoughts does wonders!

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I took lexapro for anxiety. that drug is evil!! would come home after work and sleep 5pm-5am. so forget social anxiety bec I was never in social situations, sleeping my life away. then at work it made me extremely short fused and id have no filter and if my boss was annoying me, I’d just blurt out whatever was on my brain. evil evil! i just cut it cold turkey. years ago I did Wellbutrin for depression. that wasn’t good either because it just left me with flat effect- no depression, but no feelings either. now I don’t take anything. there’s no pill…

i used to get nervous too with new people, and public speaking. now I just have a whatever attitude so it takes off a lot of pressure when I’m not scared to mess up or make a fool out of myself.

if you’re open to alternatives: cut out coffee, increase water, and try exercises in breathing and mindfulness.

good luck! 

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I was on an anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds for about a year to help me cope with social anxiety in addition to major depression. I eventually took myself off of them with the help of the doctor. (Going off them is very difficult and I urge you, if you do decide to go the medication route, to consult with your doctors before you even make any minor changes). 

Personally, I did benefit from the meds. I describe it as having a built in wall. I would have negative thoughts that would be pretty standard. But when I would try to dwell on them or when problems arose that naturally sparked those thoughts, the wall would come up and it would stop them from developing and crippling me. For anxiety, my attacks went down by about 60%. I was able to go out with friends (though not drink), meet new people, and eventually start volunteering. I still had attacks though on days that I called “heated” when the meds did little to help me. 

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I would DEFINITELY recommend a small dose of antidepressants.


I’ve lived with anxiety since the age of 9, and I later developed depression during my teens. I never wanted to resort to meds, but after working in a psychiatric clinic for 2 years (i still work there) I really couldn’t deny the amazing progress our patients were making on anti-depressants. So I started taking them myself.


I can say with confidence that I started really LIVING when my meds kicked in. I only take 20mgs of Fluoxetine, but the difference it’s made is INCREDIBLE. I no longer get morning sickness due to anxiety, I haven’t had a panic attack in years, and I can face new situations with excitement – not fear. I am SO glad I decided to take meds.


Also it really helped me make quicker progress in therapy. It’s always a good idea to try therapy to see if there are any issues that can be resolved without having to depend on meds to “hide” the issue.


PM me if you need to ask me anything. take care 🙂

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I don’t know if you want anti-depressants for a social anxiety. Maybe anti-anxiety pills instead?

I’ve been on Buspar (Buspirone) for the better part of 5-7 years. I actually really like it and I DO notice a difference with my anxiety, especially when I have PMS (when it’s at its worst). I’m on a really low dose, so sometimes when big things are happening (job loss, death in the family, family illness), I take 2 pills instead of one.

In the past I was on Zoloft and Paxil and I did NOT like them at all. My appetite was out of control and I gained about 20 lbs. Plus I had pretty much no emotions — not happy, not sad, just . . . nothing. I had no motivation either.

Talk to a doctor that you like and trust and knows your personality. Make sure they listen to you and what you want and what you DON’T want. Don’t just take an RX from someone who only wants to shove pills down your throat, regardless of the side effects or your concerns.

Talking to a therapist (even for a short period of time) might help too.

Bottom line: make sure you are comfortable with the choice. Make sure you are informed. And while waiting sucks, sometimes you have to give the pills at least 2-4 months before you know the actual impact they’re having on you.

Good luck! 

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Have you considered seeking CBT for your social anxiety? Often that type of therapy, with or without medications (which are sometimes necessary as well), is very effective in reorganizing the destructive thinking patterns in anxiety. It takes a bit of time (I think the program we used was 12 weeks) but it could help.

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I’ve been on anti-depressants (Celexa) for depression and anxiety for 2.5 years now.  They are amazing!  They don’t solve any real problems you’re dealing with, but they really made me able to function.  It’s solved A LOT of problems with depression for me, but specifically for social anxiety it has really helped.  I used to be anxious every time I was with a group of people.  I would notice that I wasn’t having fun even when everyone else was.  I would count down the hours until I could go home, or make excuses to go home.  I’m still a homebody, but I also can have fun!  I realized it when I was out with friends for an entire day.  At the end of the day, when I got home, I realized that I didn’t think ONCE about needing to leave the situation.  Anyway, it helped A LOT.  Since I have chronic issues that will last a lifetime (I have a long family history of mental illness), I’ll be on them forever (except when I want to start TTC, am pregnant, and am breastfeeding).  I highly recommend them.  See a psychiatrist and see if it’s the right decision for you 🙂

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I’m on Celexa and Buspar and they have completely changed my life. Within the last 2 years I started developing pretty severe social anxiety. I couldn’t go to the gym, I hated being around any sort of group of people, I could barely function at work, even sending emails was a complete nightmare. I tried therapy, diet changes, Niacin supplements, a naturopath, meditation, yoga, etc. By last fall nothing was working and I was at the point where I was about to drop out of life and live in a cabin in the woods.

I hesitantly agreed to try Celexa and Buspar (I was on Zoloft and later Paxil in college for depression and neither helped at all so I was very skeptical about any drugs). Within 3 weeks, I noticed a difference and within 6 weeks, my life was so much better.

If you have anxiety before specific situations, you might want to look into Propranolol. I used this for a while before public speaking (I used to have panic attacks over speaking in public) and it slows your heart rate down and keeps you from shaking, getting sweaty, turning red, etc. It won’t help calm your mind down, but it will ease the physical symptoms. I would just take it as needed so that way I wasn’t having to take a med every single day, just only when I needed it. Good luck!

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I’ve taken Buproprion (wellbutrin) and it helped me tremendously. I took it while quitting smoking, and it helped me with other depression and anxiety as well. It was very easy to stop taking, which was important to me.

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@MrsTCB:  I took lexapro for anxiety. that drug is evil!!

Just a reminder that these drugs have wildly different impacts and side effects on different people. Lexapro and buproprion together have worked wonders for me; while prozac gave me some very undesirable side effects. Don’t let one person’s experience with a given drug make your decision for you!

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@mightywombat: I couldn’t agree more! I took lexapro for several years and it gave me my life back.

OP, talk to a trusted doctor. If you do decide to go down the medication route, try not be discouraged if the first drug you try doesn’t work for you. There’s a reason why there are so many different drugs on the market to treat the same conditions.

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I have depression and anxiety. I took Zoloft in 2006 for a year or so, and it helped. I am back on another AD, Remeron, and I feel sooooo much better than even this time last year, when shit started going bad. I also take Ativan for anxiety as needed. I look forward to the time when I can just rely on therapy and coping, but it’s not likely. My issues are genetic and learned. But I have great support.

There are ADs that work on social anxiety, like Zoloft, or you could try an non-benzodiazepine like Buspar or Vistaril. But consult your psychiatrist first. Record any side effects as well. Voice your concerns.

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@Adams_bee:  what she said 🙂  I am an RN and fully agree that medication can REALLY help. I’ve witnessed it. You should really start with the doctor though, so I am happy to see you have an appt. Make sure your doctor knows you are apprehensive about medication and want to start small with a LOW dose.

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