(Closed) Bees talk me down! So mad at my vet!!!

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FutureDrAtkins:  I won’t lie, I never know when it’s time for my dogs vaccines. Mainly because I don’t know which ones are yearly and which ones aren’t. So unless my dog got her vaccines pretty recently I probably wouldn’t think much of it if they told me she was due. I think it’s their fault because they should have known something was up when they looked at her chart and noticed it wasn’t complete. Unfortunately all you can do is find another vet since they’ve already said they won’t refund you. Or you could try to ask them enough until they get fed up and just refund you to shut you up.

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Ugh this is awful, and I can see why you would be so upset – there are dangers to over-vaccinating, not to mention the cost.   I would find a new vet, and start keeping track of what vaccinations are necessary and current.  I would also recommend titer testing the next time your dogs are “due” for vaccines, since they’ve been over-vac already.

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I have an ill cat right now, and the bills are really piling up. I also have 3 other cats that I have to cycle through their vaccines and such. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to remember when things are due and for which pet. I trust my vet to let me know when/what needs to be happening, so I feel for you here. I would definitely get a new vet, and since you probably won’t get a refund count it as a lesson learned. 

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When I read medical questions on this board I often see how people should not trust what doctors say without asking questions, and they need to take responsibility for their own health care.  In fact with some TTC questions, the poster often seems like they already know what needs to be done, and they just need the MD to facilitate getting the test. 

So, while there are exceptions to the above generalizations,  I’m kind of surprised at all of the “I don’t know when they need to be vaccinated” responses.  I’m NOT saying the OP’s vet shouldn’t keep better records.  But if we need to ask questions and advocate for ourselves with MDs, then why not the same advocacy for our pets?

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FutureDrAtkins:  Ugh, I would be mad too. I agree that it helps to be knowledgeable about your pets’ vaccine history, but I think when we go to a doctor, we put trust in him or her to know our files and follow the right courses of treatment. Same goes for vets. That being said, I guess the lesson learned is to not be afraid to question a professional because they could turn out to be wrong or you might actually know better. Like we got screwed over a little because our broker didn’t do a few things that we should have questioned but we thought we could trust her judgment. Anyway definitely find a new vet, I think BBB is extreme, but yeah they should have known from your records AND not blamed you for their error.


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FutureDrAtkins:  Truth– I keep up on my kids vaccines very much so, but I am not as familiar with animal vaccinations– and honestly, I rely on the vet to keep those records for me.  I would be absolutey livid if I were you- if they change your name in the computer, they should have a way to cross-reference older records with phone number and or pet name– or perhaps they should have still left your maiden name on the new records somehwere.

The fact the shots happened and they won’t harm your pet– I’d be OK with that.

I would be pissed if they weren’t willing to refund, or at least partial refund (as we all know they make a profit from those vaccines).  I would ask them if they’d rather work with me, or lose a valuable customer.

Medical records should be checked and double checked by the office/hospital/clinic– with both humans and animals.

The fact that you have a professional relationship with this vet and she still won’t work with you– really bugs me.

I’d leave that vet and use another one.  But I’m also stubborn when it comes to crap like this.


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They suck at record keeping because honestly, even if you didn’t change your name, they obviously looked you up by your name, right? So if they didn’t find you as Jane Doe, your new last name, they probably would have told you so, and you would have said, “Oh silly me. Maybe I am in there under Jane Smith” then they should have found your dog’s records under there.

I don’t understand how they got this wrong, like, at all.

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Get a different vet. Those vaccines should not cost $200! 

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I’d take it up with the credit card company. While you should know what vaccinations are due when, people tend to take a vet’s advice at face value without question–they’re supposed to be the professionals who know what they’re doing, after all. So this situation is 5% your fault, 95% theirs.

I am also wondering how this screwup even happened in the first place.

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Totally understand what you mean.. not feeling it with my current vet as well, they just don’t appreciate my scardy dog (he’s not the most calm pup around) as he’s super sensitive and aware of environments and shakes when he sees her…

Honestly though, you are the first person to change names on them? I highly doubt they messed up EVERY single person who married and changed names in their system.

I would say it’s totally their fault.

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Sorry, I’m in the camp of “you should know when your dog needs vaccines”, dogs only get them yearly (bordatella can be every six months if it’s the nasal kind, 1 year if it’s the injection) so I don’t find it difficult to remember the correct season (my dog gets his DHPP and Rabies shots in October, and his bordatella shot in April, I also have copies of his vet records if I ever forgot).

I also agree with a PP that those vaccines shouldn’t be $200, unless that is including a heartworm test or an actual vet visit… Our vet doesn’t require a vet visit for yearly vaccines, so our vaccines only cost about $50-60 total for the year.

So while it was a stupid mistake (and I would be pissed if my dog got over vaccinated) on their part, I don’t think they should refund your money… But you are justified in finding a new vet if you would be more comfortable.

ETA: Bordatella IS the kennel cough vaccine, hopefully your dog only got that once and not twice in a row…

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