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@mcarey2:  my husband is a nurse!  He’s working at a hospital on the medical unit.  He LOVES the 12-hour, 3-day a week shifts – so much time to play or work on the house when you have four days off a week.  And he loves that he can arrange his schedule so within a 2 week work period, he can work 3 days, take off 6 day for an adventure, and work 3 more without taking any time off.

He likes the medical unit a lot because it’s a lot of different patients with different issues, so it’s great experience (it’s his first year).  He’s also interested in the ICU and ER, but for now the med unit is great.  He’s working nights right now which kinda blows, but I think that’s pretty standard for the newish nurses.    

Anyhoo, congrats on almost finishing.  Nursing school sucks but it’s about to get better!

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I was a nurse for 12 years. Like everyone else, I thought I wanted to be an L&D nurse. I worked in postpartum/nursery for a year, but I felt like I was taking care of healthy patients all the time. I wanted to work in L&D and they wanted more critical care skills. I went to the ER on a fluke and stayed there for 10 years. Yes I have some crazy stories. I worked in the Peds ICU for about 6 months in there too. 

So many people have that adrenaline feeling – they want to do something “fun” or “exciting” or with peds or kids. Every floor (even the “boring” ones) have ups and downs. Some moreso than others. 

I ended up leaving nursing. It changes you in ways that cannot be judged attractive. You find yourself jaded. I wouldn’t want to do it the rest of my life. 

I dont want to elaborate more on a public site but if you PM me I’ll tell you some more of the why/how. 

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Hi there! I’ve been a nurse almost six years now. I was hired to an oncology floor right out of college (I’d applied for a cardiac step-down unit, but they filled the position before I could interview). I thought I’d do a year or so and try something new. Six years later, I’m still there. Never thought that’s where I’d end up. It’s incredibly challenging and we tend to have more bad days than good, but it IS rewarding. I originally thought I’d get into labor and delivery, but it’s insanely hard to get those jobs. I still consider it sometimes, but I honestly think I’d like to get into hospice. We certainly do enough end of life care on my unit and I’m very comfortable with it. There are several inpatient hospices in my area, but I can’t commit just yet.

Congrats on almost being done! Such a great feeling! And the NCLEX isn’t as big a deal as most people make it out to be. All the best to you!

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I’ve been a nurse for three and a half years, and I’ve spent that entire time in an ambulatory phase I research oncology clinic. I love the whole idea of my job, but our doctors have gotten… different. So my job has a lot of non-enjoyable moments. We’re also kinda at the point where our patients are high enough acuity that they shouldn’t be treated on an outpatient basis, but the doctors don’t seem to see that.

But I really do like cancer research. I just wish that doctors would be more understanding.

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I’ve been a nurse since 2010 but I no longer work in the field (I’m actually back in school getting a dual BA degree in Mgmt/Mktg and Entrepreneurship).

My first job was at a nursing home which was terrible. All of the nurses had been there for 20+ years and treated me really bad. Then I got a job at a neurosurgeons office and I loved it there. I worked there up until I went back to school.

I loved learning about the human body, diseases, etc. more than the face to face contact with patients.

Nursing is a really tough career choice and I’ve seen first hand what it can do to people. It seems like a lot of nurses are only in it for the paycheck, that’s when the patients suffer.


But congratulations on being close to graduating! The NCLEX made me a nervous wreck…but you’ll do fantastic πŸ™‚

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@mcarey2:  I’m a nursing student too! So i’m more just following to hear other stories (: However, I do know that when I graduate I want to be on the psychiatric unit. It has been the best clinical rotation I’ve had thus far and by far the most interesting to me! What were you thinking of?


I’m glad to hear people saying the NCLEX aren’t too bad! Unfortunately in Canada they are switching from the CRNE to the NCLEX. There are pros and cons, but at least with the NCLEX I will be able to work in all of Canada (with the CRNE it was provincial) and I heard the american version is a lot easier than the canadian one.



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I started nursing school and changed my major with one semester left (Switched from nursing to biology – now in dental school getting my DDS). I had a job lined up on a hospice unit that I had been working on as a tech since I was 19. I loved it. If I had stuck with it, I’d have certainly stayed with hospice. Absolutely loved it. 

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I’m an RN. I work on a med-surg floor and it is terrible. I work 3 12 hour shifts a week, and I find the hours really hard. I worked in a doctor’s office back when I was an LPN and I LOVED that job, but I quit to to to RN school. Where I work now, there isn’t any time to get to know your patients, so I feel like I’m not really helping anyone. We have 5-7 patients, so you just barely have time to do the bare minimum. I’m definitely not enjoying it. I’ve actually put in my two weeks notice because I am back in school to get my Bachelor’s degree, so that I can do something different. I’m thinking I would like to be a clinical instructor. That’s my dream job!

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I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years. I’ve worked on the wards, in aged care, iand currently in theatre. I never thought I’d work in theatre when I started. It wasn’t something I planned.

I’m older… an encore bride. I work part time, in a day surgery, so the hours and the number of days really work for me.

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Hello! I have been a nurse for almost 3 years (graduated April 2011). I used to work on a postoperative care floor (after surgery) and learned a ton. I wanted to have more of a routine ( 9 to 5) job so I moved to endoscopy. My job now is amazing — I am able to do specialty procedures which I love. Personally I love nursing, and I am considering the idea of going back for my DNP or MSN in nursing education.

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