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I was 27 when I went through IUI with my ex husband. We did 3 IUI’s all with injectible medication (Follistim)  It’s an easy procedure, I didn’t have any sedation before or after any of mine. They just had me lay on the procedure table with my hips elevated for about 15 minutes afterwards. Good Luck!



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I am 28 and doing IUI currently. I did one IUI in February and had a chemical pregnancy from it. I didn’t need any sedation during the procedure, it felt very much like a Pap and the actual IUI took under a minute. Did your dr give you any reasoning behind the sedation? I can’t say I’ve heard of that before. I stayed on the table for about ten minutes afterward but then went on my day. I did take it easy after because it was the weekend but I would have been okay going to work, going out, etc. 

I was really nervous about it beforehand but hyped myself up for no reason.

Good luck!

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oliviakatherine:  I wish I could say that IUI worked, but sadly it didn’t. We were dealing with a pretty severe sperm issue- so IVF with ICSI was the better option for us. But I know a lot of people who have done IUI and been successful.

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oliviakatherine:  A chemical pregnancy is basically a very early miscarriage, when implantation occurs but the pregnancy fails a few days after. My beta was very low (13.9) at 15dpo and at 17dpo it was negative. I’m technically on a “break” now from the medicines and monitoring but will be starting my next cycle in about two weeks.

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I have hypothalamic amenorrhea and did an IUI last month. i took clomid and 4 days of Gonal-f plus a trigger shot. i had 2 follicles and my husband had an amazing sperm count. I didnt get pregnant and was crushed. We will try again in a few months after a trip we have planned this summer. I wasnt sedated…it was painless and we did 2 iuis, one the day before i ovulated and one the day of ovulation. I didn’t have to go on birth control before or get a period. My doctor said it wasn’t necessary to do either of those to start the medications. Best of luck!

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oliviakatherine:  Darling Husband and I tried for a year with no success. We were both testes for everything and there are no issues.  We did our first IUI in February and I got my first BFP. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I’m currently awaiting for my period to return so we can move onto our 2nd IUI. Like the other ladies said, the IUI itself is very simple. It’s exactly like a pap. Literally done within a minute from the doctor walking into the room. Best of luck to you! 

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I have done 3, none of them worked unfortunately. The procedure itself takes about a minute and does not hurt at all so I am surprised your doctor recommended sedation. Either way, IUIs are a breeze, don’t worry!

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I had 3 (none worked).  It took about a minute to do, painless, no sedation.  I was instrcuted to stay on the table for another 10 minutes, then was free to go about as usual.  I usually had it done around 9-10am, so I just went back to work right after it.

I’m a little confused by the explaination the follicles and sperm getting to it.  My understanding was that during the cycle, typically some follicles start to develop, but before long, 1 (or more with meds) dominant strong follicle develops fully to release the egg.  The idea that a “weaker” follicle getting in the way doesnt make sense to me.  And the sperm does not have to fight follicles to get to an egg.  Sperm usually make it to and wait in the fallopian tubes for the egg to be released I thought… ?  They don’t travel all the way to the ovaries.

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I have had 4 iuis all unsuccessful. I really cannot imagine why you would need to be sedated in any way it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The injections leading up to  it were the worst of it. It took longer to sign the forms then for the procedure. We were in and out in less then half an hour.

There is also no reason to need to rest for a few days after according to my multiple fertility specialists. No overly viciously exercising but bed rest is not needed.Obviously you should follow your doctors advice but it sounds like you should ask a lot more questions as ive never heard of some of tthese practices and ive been around the infertility block several times.




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oliviakatherine:  Agree with the PPs questioning sedation, resting for few days and the explanation around “older follicles getting in the way” and “sperm cannot get to the follicles”. Sorry bee but if I was in your shoes and it was feasible, I’d get a second opinion.

When he suggested sedation due to your size, is it because you may be under or over weight?

With regards to the resting, as PPs have said, the IUI itself is relatively painless and last about 30 seconds. You may experience some ovulation pain when ovulation actually occurs but nothing that would require a few days of rest.

In a typical, unmedicated cycle, a follicle containing the egg will start to mature in the woman’s ovaries. Once this follicle reaches a certain size, it will release the egg into the fallopian tube and this egg will be potentially fertilized if there are sperm in the fallopian tubes. Sperm do not travel to the follicle or ovaries.

I understand the feelings of nervousness you have, any of us who have gone through IUIs were nervous before the first one too. You’ll find that the IUI procedure itself is no big deal, but all the meds/injectables you may have to be on before and potentially after as well as their accompanying side effects, takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. Be prepared though that the success rate for an IUI is 5-20%, for some all it takes is one, for others, it takes quite a few and for some it doesn’t work at all. Please don’t be scared though, as long as you keep your eyes on the goal of finally becoming a mother, it makes it all worthwhile! Feel free to ask any questions, happy to provide support. 

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ttc #1:  3 clomid/hcg iui’s (1st one failed, 2nd one pregnant but miscarried at 10 wks, 3rd one gave us our beautiful daughter who is now turning 2.)

ttc #2: 6 failed iu’s, in the tww of our first IVF cycle now.

so after 9 total, i can tell you that the stress and worry and waiting around are the hardest parts. the procedure itself is sort of like a pap (this goes for ivf transfer too).  good luck.

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