Bees that were overweight and lost it…motivate me! Tell me your stories!

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About 7 years ago I weighed about 137 pounds, almost 140 pounds. That may not sound like a lot, but at only 4’11”, I was clearly in the overweight BMI range. The weight was very noticeable on my small frame. I had slowly gained this weight, and I went through years of yo-yo dieting.

I would go on diets and/or exercise programs in spurts, but none of them were sustainable for life. Dieting worked best for rapid weight loss, but I always ended up falling off the wagon and gained everything (and more) back in a few months.

But about 6 years ago I made a significant change in my lifestyle. I got into a game that made me walk for hours at a time. I started losing weight, and this time I kept it off. I also stopped dieting, which meant counting calories. I just cut out snacks more, but I still are junk some of the time.

Now where I work, it’s easier to walk to work than take the bus. It’s a 25 minute walk to and from work. I haven’t counted calories in about 6 years, and I’ve been about 116-122 pounds since then. I’m currently about 118 pounds. I’m still closer to the high end of normal BMI, but I know now that that’s just how my body is. I don’t have a thin body type.

So for me, I went from gaining and losing yo-yo dieting for years to losing the weight slowly and maintaining for years by not dieting at all, but making a permanent lifestyle change of being a lot more active and eating less junk.

For me personally, dieting never really helped. It only gave me very temporary losses. The main thing that worked was changing my life to make walking about an hour a day my commute to work.

I don’t ever think about what I eat now, it’s a habit. I also don’t really go out of my way to exercise either. Being busier, waking about an hour a day, and eating junk food less often was what helped me maintain my weight loss for all these years.

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moto5522 :  I know a lot of PP have suggested small changes, but I have to be all or nothing to stick to something.  A little wiggle room starts out ok for me until I find myself having pizza and cake for dinner all weekend.  The best thing I ever did was Whole 30.  If you choose to do it, definitely read all of the books beforehand.  I have struggled with disordered eating in the past and Whole 30 was a breath of fresh air.  Though it is quite restrictive (think Paleo + if you haven’t heard of it), it’s only for 30 days.  It takes the cravings away and teaches a great relationship with food.  I am a pretty fit, athletic person and still lost 9 pounds in my last round of Whole 30.  Diet is the way to go – I always hear weightloss is 70% diet, 20% exercise, and 10% genetics, or something like that.  You can do it bee!!  

Make it easy for yourself.  Spend a weekend morning (or other day if weekends are not your days off) and plan out your meals for the week.  Focus on lean protein and veggies, adding in some carbs (if you do Whole 30, potatoes or squash are great go tos).  Shop around the perimeter of the store.  Focus on not needing dessert, not needing a carb (pasta, etc.) with dinner, etc.  Cook everything (or most everything – I don’t like reheating fish or red meat) on the weekend and put it into tupperware in the proper serving sizes.  Take all your food for the day to work so you’re not tempted.  Changing habits takes time, be kind to yourself.  

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You can do it bee!  I’ve taken a couple of years to lose 95 pounds.  I’m still 25 pounds from goal,  but I do like the way I look.  I’d say make it easy for yourself.  For me,  that’s weekend food prep.  If I have food ready at home,  I’m not going to stop for a quick bite on the way home from work. Plus having foods that fit your diet evailable in the house. For me,  that’s veggies and cheese. I love them lol. After I started losing weight,  I just naturally had more energy.  Maybe it’s the weight-loss,  maybe it’s getting more nutrients in my diet.  But listen to your body and if it wants to go ride your bike in the park or go running or dance around the house,  do it! 

You can succeed bee,  just be patient.

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moto5522 :  I have never been overweight, but D.H has been a few times throughout his life. He was pushing obese in high school, lost the weight and was at his thinnest during college when we met, regained quite a few pounds and was considered overweight again, and is now getting back to being fit. 

He’s accomplished it by changing his lifestyle. Exercise really is addicting. Diet will get you way further, but if you can find some sort of hobby that exerts energy and have fun with it, that’ll get you far! For D.H that’s hiking, for me that’s hula hooping. He follows a plant based diet, which he likes because he can find motivation on the ethical side. So in addition to not wanting to stop and get a milkshake because of the calories, he also reminds himself of the environmental aspect. I know Forks Over Knives was a documentary that made him want to eat better. 

But really girl, you’ve got this! More fruits and veggies, less processed foods. That’s it. And once you get into it, you’ll start craving the fruits and veggies! Make a lifestyle change. Don’t “diet” until you lose the weight. Choose a healthy lifestyle, because you’ll keep the weight off forever.

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I’m 45 lbs down from my highest weight (I was down 60 lbs but put some back on). Echoing what previous posters are saying. There’s no trick — it comes down to being mindful of what you’re eating and how much you move your body. 

I do count calories, generally, and I’ve added a ton of produce to my diet. Being mindful of eating was the most important change I made, In My Humble Opinion. I run/walk a few miles at least five days a week and do a really basic body weight workout at home a few times a week. In the summer, I hike and ride my bike a lot. 

Find an exercise that you actually enjoy. It doesn’t need to be something that kicks your ass when you do it. I mean, I’m not going to be entering any bodybuilding competitions with my current routine, but I *like* what I’m doing. That makes it so much easier to stay motivated! 

Also, let yourself indulge once in a while. Don’t cut out food groups you like. That’s a one way ticket to Bingetown.

Hugs! I know it’s hard. Take it one day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. 


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I have been overweight/obese for 14 years.   The day after I got engaged,  January 2nd I weighed 227 lbs.   I had some tests and found I had non-alcoholic fatty liver and a few other health problems.   

What I did was cut down on my portions, eat more salads, veggies.   I have porridge for breakfast,  greek yogurt and fruit to snack on.   A salad sandwich on wholemeal bread.  Water is the only fluid I drink now.  

I do occassionaly have something naughty like a piece of chocolate, a cookie.   Exercise is another thing that I am working on.   I try to exercise at least half an hour a day.   There is days I will not exercise but I get up and move around.  

As of today I now weigh 212 lbs.   It doesn’t happen over night,  changing your diet and exercising is key to losing weight.    I have heard it is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  I’m having more energy and feeling positive.

If I can start to lose weight,  then you can too.   After all I spent 11 years being overweight and in the last three years being obese.   We can do this.    


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Here’s other things that have helped me:

  • use a calorie tracking app like My Fitness Pal and be honest about what you are actually eating. 
  • Use an activity tracker like a smart watch or Fitbit, etc. 
  • learn how your menstrual cycle affects your weight and don’t feel out about temporary water weight. For example, my weight always plateaus when I am ovulating and temporarily goes up about 2 lbs right before my period.  It helps to be aware of this so I don’t get discouraged if the scale isn’t budging.
  • my coworker and I schedule a brisk walk and chat together about 3 times a week.  Gives us a nice chance to chat as well as burning a few calories. 
  • Meal prepping helps. Having healthy options in the fridge, ready to eat, can prevent you from making bad choices (like ordering a pizza because you don’t feel like cooking)
  • i find that having a high protein breakfast prevents me from snacking during the day 
  • avoid “food trigger activities”. I am temporarily not going to the movies because I cannot resist the urge to binge on a huge buttery popcorn.
  • use smaller plates and bowls.  They will make your portions look bigger to your eye.
  • learn to eyeball and recognize correct portion sizes.
  • dish up you food in the kitchen then take your plate to the table.  If you want more, you will have to get up and go get it.  It’s a mild deterrent.
  • make sure you find some sort of way to splurge a little within your diet so you don’t feel deprived.
  • be wary of the prepackaged diet foods (low fat/low calorie junk foods). They’re still junk foods. 
  • If you go out to eat, ask the kitchen to package half your meal to go before they bring it to the table. (And tip well for the inconvenience!)
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PrincessPeach13 :  I couldn’t help but giggle at the last bit about you being pregnant and due three months before your wedding and the FML lol!! That’s so awesome that you’ve achieved a healthy lifestyle through just eating choices alone! The fact that you’re *pregnant* and STILL in the best shape of your life speaks volumes and is so encouraging. Great job!! 

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I’ve struggled with my weight for the last 7 years. 4 years ago I lost about 50 pounds to get down to my normal weight by taking Adipex… in like 3 months. Within 6 months I had gained it all back and a year later a good bit more. My highest wait was 240, but I’ve spent the last 2 years bouncing between 230-240. I decided the quick fix/crash diet thing wasn’t going to work for me so I went about it the right way. 

Since 1/1/2018 (3.5 months) I’ve gone from 240 to 207, and still have a long way to go (My happy place in 160-170). All I’ve been doing is eating much smaller portions, and preparing 90% of my meals instead of eating out (I used to eat out almost daily). I tend to go lighter on the carbs because they cause cravings for me, but I am definitely not full on keto or anything (although I do some keto recipes and love them!)

I walk daily, but I am a tax accountant in the middle of busy season so exercise has been low on the list. Starting next week I intend to incorporate strength training! 

You can definitley do it! This is the first time I’ve experienced success without taking the easy road and honestly its addictive 🙂 As you shed the pounds you just won’t want to stop! 

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azf0019 :  Awe thanks bee! I can’t say I was in the BEST shape at the time I got pregnant, I had gained some of it back, through the holidays, vacations, working a sales job and eating shitty on the road all the time, and going through a lot of fertility issues that led to me ultimately requiring surgery in early December.

It helps that the baby is a vegetarian and forces me to be on a *mostly* plant-based diet.  I can’t even stomach the thought of chicken or salmon anymore.  They’re absolutely repulsive to me right now!  I’ve been living on sprouted grain carbs, foliage, nuts, and berries and STILL gaining weight!  I don’t get it!

I had stopped eating dairy a few years ago, which had contributed a lot to my overall weightloss but, now that I’m baking this premarital bun, the doctor recommended that I eat some dairy.  Dairy milk just tastes so weird to me now.  I’m just so used to unsweetened almond milk that I could never go back because I love it so much.  Cheese though…cheese is as glorious as I remember it!!! Ugh how I missed it! I keep telling myself it’s low carb so it’s okay LOL!

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Following this board! S/O and I want to lose weight too. 

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