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sway0060:  There is nothing wrong with wearing sweats or whatever your comfortable wearing. Also, there is NO proper way of dressing(unless your going to a fancy restaurant, church or a job interview obviously lol). Heck, I like to wear sweatshirts in the fall/winter time. Since it’s summer time, I usually wear shorts and a tshirt everyday. In the fall/winter I will wear jeans and a sweatshirt or Tshirt. I don’t usually wear makeup unless I go somewear. I’m a casual type of girl lol.


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Busy bee
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Once I get home im pretty much in my undies and topless most of the time… Or I’ll wear a bandeau. 

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roseapalooza:  to each their own. Seems incredibly disrespectful to me.

but as I said, my husband and I are realistic and acknowledge that the physical matters to us. Neither would be terribly happy if the other stopped making an effort and got fat or never looked nice. Different priorities for different people.

a man can love a woman and thinks she’s beautiful and still want her to put some set of effort into looking nice for him. As I said, I just don’t get the mentality of “Im going to put in effort for random strangers but not for my husband who I’ve chosen to spend he rest of my life with.”

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Buzzing bee
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Pyjamas. As a child it was never allowed, we had to get dressed. But now I’m grown I want to be in my jamas all the time 🙂

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2monthweddingplanner:  I’m sure my fiance would like to see me dressed up sometimes after work, but honestly, my work clothes are pretty boring, as I work in a very professional environment. And I have to get off the heels!!!! We usually work out after work so that’s what I get into, and he has no complaints about the short workout shorts 😉

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roseapalooza:  Could be cultural, but most of the men I know are pretty up front about being turned off by women’s underarm air growing long….  And I don’t think love has anything to do with it.  My fiance would love me no matter what, but he still prefers that I shave my armpits.  I think that’s fair, since I have a few parallal preferences on his appearance.

I have lounge clothes I wear, though i notice when I go long periods just immediately changing into elastic-waist clothes (or wearing them all weekend) it’s easier to gain weight!  If I stay in my jeans, I’m better about not sitting around snacking nonstop.  


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Busy bee
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I created a similar poste here a while ago as I was struggling with Darling Husband staying in nice trousers and shirt at home and me willing to put my sweats on. For me the best solution was wearing treggings. I bought a bunch 10 euros ones at H&M. They are elastic and super comfy, but they do look cute and less slobby than sweatpants so I feel OK next to a dressed-up guy. I pair it with thick socks and a jumper/sweatshirt.

I cant make an effort of looking nice every evening for my hubby (desopite wearing very nice clothes/heels to work) but it doesnt mean i dont care. If we go out on teh weekend, I am happy to dress up.

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2monthweddingplanner:  For the record I DO wax/workout/spend an inordinate amount on my hair and skincare….but I dont think that if I didnt that would be “disrespectful” to my Fiance.  We dont love each other because of how we look and all we want is for the other to be happy and comfortable, I guess thats our version of respect but, as you said, to each their own!

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Helper bee

I wear pyjamas more than I wear clothes 😂

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Bra is the first thing to come off. Then pants. I usually wear just undies and a fitting tank.

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I wear whatever i’m comfortable in. Sometimes my work clothes stay on and just the bra comes off because I don’t have to dress up for work. I dont’ wear make up everyday or at all usually. I wear it when we go out together or for special occasions. I feel no need to be “on” all the time.

To the PP who thinks it’s “sad” that women don’t try and look pretty for their husbands, My SO thinks I look pretty even in sweats and a cami with no make up. In fact, he prefers me that way. It’s one thing to be sloppy and gross and unclean. It’s entirely different to be natural and comfortable. Make up, fixed hair, and a matching outfit isn’t what makes my SO think i’m attractive or pretty or whatever. No matter what, my comfort and what I want to do with my own body and clothes and hair are completely up to me and seeing me happy (whether in sweats or a dress) is what matters to him most.

That’s not to say I don’t wear make up and a nice outfit and some heels for our date nights. I think I will always do that. Plus, even if I do that for a night out without him, im dressing up for me, not for the world.

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stardustintheeyes:  I agree with you! I think PP meant unwashed hair/dirty sweatpants/super old T-shirt sloppy look. You can totally looks nice&cute&comfy with no make up and not dressing up as long as you are clean and clothes are neat

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sway0060:  Haha you are not the only one.  As soon as I get home I run to our room and change into my shorts and a loose shirt.  My Darling Husband stays in his work clothes for a little while longer.  I can’t it has to come off as soon as I walk in LOL.

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Bumble bee

It depends on what I wore to work, if I wore black (we have a white dog) or something that will wrinkle/stretch out I’ll switch to workout shorts/yoga pants and a plain cotton tee since I usually wear work clothes a few times before they need to be washed and don’t want to mess them up. If I wore a comfy dress or it was jean day I’ll just keep them on till it’s time for bed. I also only take my bra and make-up off right before bed bc it’s just more work than it’s worth if I have to put it all back on again if we go on a walk with the dog or out to the store. My everyday clothes I consider pretty comfy and it’s not like I even notice I’m wearing my bra unless dh wants it off lol. If I change it’s more about protecting my good clothes than my own comfort.

Now on the weekends I keep pj’s on until I get dressed to go somewhere or have to take the dog out and and I’m wearing something inappropriate for the neighbors to see. (and I never ever step outside even for a minute without a bra on)

I do wear sandals/flats in the house but only untill I sit down on the sofa and go to curl my feet up under me or rest them on the coffee table, shoes are ok on the floor but not on the furniture.

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Always comfy and to do that the bra must come off!! My Fiance laughs at me because whenever I take it off I always say how it is the best part of the day hahah

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