(Closed) Bees, what is your miracle/go to treatment for a migraine??

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One of my best friends also had migraines since she was a teen. she takes some kind of medication for it, ill get back to you as soon as i find out which one. Ive only had a few real migraines and what helped me was a cup of strong coffee (i think caffeine constricts blood vessels), 2 or 3 ibuprofen pills (advil, motrin, etc). I believe excedrine actually has caffeine in it but for some reason it doesnt have the same effect as actually drinking coffee. I would add laying in a silent cool dark room and massaging your temples gently helps but im sure you’ve already tried that. 

Btw while looking up whether it dilated or contricted bloods vessels (i get confused), i stumbled on this article: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn1491-caffeine-key-to-curing-a-headache.html#.U-LPupK9KK0

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I should preface this with my migraines are mild-moderate in the spectrum of migraines and this only works if I catch it in the first 2-4 hours. Mine are genetic as well — my dad got them and while I have them, my sister does not.

I swear by 3 Aleve Liquid Gels. Take them only on an empty stomach (ie. not within an hour of food) with a full glass of water. Excedrin Migraine burns a hole in my stomach, regular Excedrin doesn’t work, and everything else laughs at my Migraine and runs away. I know you’ve said you tried all medications, but I thought I’d comment anyway.

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I’ve had migraines most of my adult life, but after my miscarriages they got much worse. I’m allergic to NSAIDs, so I can’t take aspirin or Aleve or anything like that. So I use the ‘Migraine Be Koool’ patches. I put them in the refrigerator so they are nice and cold. I put them over my (closed) eyes and then wrap my head in a couple of frozen gel-migraine masks you can get from Amazon. It sounds silly, and my husband makes fun of me for having these huge things wrapped around my head, but the cold is the only thing that takes the edge off for me. 

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I’ve had them since I was about 15. I used to get one almost daily. It was really ruining my life, and none of the lab test revealed much. Proper diet and exercise honestly cured them to the point that I only get them maybe once a month now. It has been absolutely amazing and eye opening. Sugar is def THE absolute trigger for me! Either way, when I get them, I take straight BC powder. It is the fastest acting resolution that I have found. 

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Ive been getting them since i was a little kid(i think about 10). I have tried most medication(and also accupuncture and a chiro) and some do work until i develop a resistance. so far, my neurologist has me on a preventative(Nortriptyline) and when i feel one coming, I take relpax(or 800mg ibuprofen to constrict the inflamed blood vessels). Relpax is $10/pill but see if your doc can give you a coupon where you get 6 for $10.

When i get them for days and/or it gets to the point where i just need someone to take my head off, i go to Urgent Care or the ER and get a shot. I think its called Decadron. Had to try several injections to figure out which one actually worked and just didnt make them come back the next day!!

When you say you dont know what your triggers what do you mean? Mine are strong/piercing scents(even a very strong scented shampoo/hair product/body lotion and of course perfumes), flashing lights, not eating and several other things. So yours are just random? Have you been going to the same doctor or have you gotten a 2nd opinion?

Honestly best thing is to see if you can take a daily preventative. Nortriptyline is like $2 for a 30 day supply w/ins at CVS. Oh and Exedrin or Exedrin migraine dont work. Its like candy for my migraines.

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I can’t imagine a home remedy that will cure a migraine that triptans didn’t. What was the biggest dosage you took? There’s quite a variety of them, did you try all of them? And you have to be sure to take it correctly, for me increasing the dosage after a few hours if it persists doesn’t work (which is the technical “instruction” for mine) I need the full effective dosage to be taken at once. Could it be that you’ve taken them too often and developed an addiction to it, which is why they don’t work anymore? Did they ever work? If no triptans ever worked I’m not sure that’s really a migraine? Though I do know migraines vary hugely person to person, so maybe you’re just a really rare case.

So how do your migraines pass then? Does it just run its course and disappear?

I’ve never heard of this botox thing in relation to migraines, how strange. I will search for it now πŸ˜‰

If I were you (assuming you actually get frequent migraines that put you out of work for days and won’t pass on their own) I would go on a very strict lifestyle self-experiment, limiting all common triggers as much as possible, do this for a few months and begin modifying things from there depending on what happens with the migraines. By limiting common triggers, I mean I for one would go on birth control unless your periods are extremely regular, and I would adhere to a very very strict sleeping and exercise schedules, and diet. I can’t speak for your diet as I know nothing about you, but I personally would cut out all gluten, eat carbs below 100g/day, dairy, soy, sugar, eat outside as infrequently as possible, make sure to eat a ton of vegetables for the nutrients, eat at the same hour in good portion sizes every day, they must be not too much and not too little. There are still dietary triggers remaining of course, but first I would do that, and begin removing the remaining triggers if I’m still having troubles. Caffeine is a wild card that can make my migraines better or worse depending on how it feels like torturing me that specific attack, but if I was doing all this already, I would also wean myself off caffeine, slowly. (I drink a lot of coffee and tea regularly, and I know from experience that cutting it out cold turkey is one of the easiest ways of inviting an attack) I would keep an obsessive journal (I actually prefer to use iphone apps to do this) tracking EVERYTHING under the sun, every day. 

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been to many doctors, like you, and even the most special specialists I’ve been to have never told me something I don’t know. I basically end up describing to them my problem and my solution while they nod. But I do like them very much for the triptan prescriptions, which honestly, I don’t know how I lived without before I began taking them πŸ™‚ We’re the same age, and I had migraines for as long as I remember, and I know they’re really, really, really bad. The saddest part for me is that people who don’t get it don’t know how bad it is, so I don’t feel like they take my problem seriously enough (haha) I don’t blame them, it’s hard to imagine just how bad it gets. Also, it’s genetic for me too, but mine are significantly worse than my mothers. The medicine she takes is equivalent to candy for me, I’m not even convinced if that’s really a migraine or not.

If you STILL want to try something, I don’t know if you’ve tried this, once they tried to prescribe me antidepressants. This was when I was about 15 though, so they weren’t this bad yet, I never took them so don’t know how effective it is, but it was a neurologist who tried to prescribe it so they probably know better than me. That was coincidentally when they found out I have Hashimoto’s, because I got an insane amount of labs done. I do know that there’s a huge variety of other diseases that make you more susceptible to getting migraines, so if you haven’t done so yet, I would also look into other problems you might possibly have (nearly none of which you can confirm without tests, of course).

Sorry this turned out so long!!!! I just personally hate having migraines so much and suffer so much from them that I always want to help anyone I can possibly, no one should have to deal with migraines :((

Last thing, if you want to know, my personal triggers are: Menstruation, bad sleep schedule, poor sleep quality (regardless of schedule), and oddly, tension headaches. If I don’t treat my tension headaches properly, they end up turning into migraines, but thankfully this doesn’t happen often. When I was taking BC with 1 sugar week every month, I got terrible migraines like clockwork every month on sugar week. It’s actually not that bad depending on the situation, because when you KNOW it’s coming, taking a good dose of triptan early on just cuts it out right away.

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I second the NSAIDs. Love them and couldn’t survive without them. Extra fresh air, as stupid as it sounds, throughout the day also helped a lot.

I had about 7 years of severe headaches-migraines that turned out to be hormonally related. Long story short, endometriosis was the cause and now that that is more under control, I’ve only had 2 in the last 2 years. Good luck with your journey — you never know when you’ll finally figure out what that trigger is.

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2 Midol Complete caplets and a can of Mountain Dew. The Midol contains acetaminophen, an antihistamine and caffeine. The Mountain Dew of course is caffeine and cheap sugar. I then rub my scalp, temples, and back of my neck and shoulders with Peppermint Oil. 

I struggled off and on since puberty with migraines. I’ve tried EVERY natural and pharma remedy/script known to man. A fellow nurse friend (ER nurse) gave me the midol/mtn dew trick about 2 years ago and I swear it’s changed my life! Whenever I feel a headache going into a migraine, of feel an aura coming on, BOOM, I dose up and I’ve avoided or cured about 6 migraines with this method! 

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Bennedryl with a cup of coke,and sleep.

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purrrbaby:  I wouldn’t get daily prevantatives unless your migraine is a severe chronic case, and at that point a doctor would have already talked to you about preventation instead of treatment. I’m in the camp of trying to take as little drugs as possible (especially since I have to take a few regularly already) All of them have side effects, it’s especially dangerous for migraine medication due to the possibilities of addiction. 

But yeah it’s a different story if you’re getting them every other day and can basically no longer live a normal life because it’s too debiliating.

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Miss_E_xx:  my cure – coffee black and a nap

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Fiance told me about a pressure point in the fleshy spot between the thumb and pointer Finger. something about applying pressure here takes the pain away, but let up on the pressure= pain returns. Fiance holds/pinches my hand until I fall asleep, but one time I was visiting my parents, I discovered that a clothes pin or a chip-clip (the ones with the rubberized tips hurt less) works just as well! 

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I get the Botox injections and am going for my 3rd round in a few days.  It has been life changing.  Migraines are generally related to my cycle in addition to random ones throughout the month.  Any headache that OTC medication can cure is, in my opinion, not a migraine.   

I’m on preventative meds such as Wellbutrin and an anti-inflammatory.  This combination has helped through the years but the Botox is the ticket.  I take rx meds once the migraine is onset.



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