(Closed) Bees who bought a dog after getting a cat?

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WeddingBells2014:  I definately wouldn’t worry too much.  Dogs and cats can get along when properly socalized.  When I was a kid, my family adopted a cat before getting a dog ( a chow shepard mix).  The dog and cat LOVED eachother.  The shepard would carry the cat around (by its head) like a mother dog carrying her pup.  It scared the neighbors half to death, they thought our giant dog was eating our tiny kitty.  But it was just a sign of love.  The cat would follow the dog when we took him on walks, and the two would cuddle.  It was total frienship.  

When our shepard died at 13, we got a new dog, a pug.  The cat DOMINATED that little pug. The cat would stand in doorways not letting the pug by or hit it on its head with its paw.  But they would never hurt eachother. However, the cat would still follow the dog on walks.  They definately got along.  

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The most important thing is to take it slow while introducing them. Try to change your cat’s surroundings and access to the house as little as possible, which will mean isolating the dog to one specific place. Using baby gates is a great way to introduce a new animal to a resident animal. Keep the pup on a leash and let the cat have freedom of movement to hide/run away if it feels threatened. Also, and this works better with two people, bring the two animals to either side of the gate and “jackpot” them with lots of treats (really yummy treats that you know they are interested in, not just kibble. Little bits of string cheese for the dog and some little bits of chicken for the cat) while they are near each other, and then when the cat moves away the treats stop. This will help them associate each other with positive things. Don’t be afraid if the cat swats or hisses at the dog a little, she needs to assert that this is her home and she’s not to be messed with. After keeping the animals on opposite sides of a door/gate for a while, you can begin introducing them in the same space, but make sure to keep the dog on a leash within your reach for a while so he knows he cannot chase. 

Also, learn the difference in body language signs. Some dogs with interact with a cat playfully, with no intention of hurting it, but it can look like he’s going to attack. This is called being play driven, and it’s generally OK as long as the cat is ok with it (my dog is play driven and the cat loves it, she teases him into chasing her around the house, and will swat at him without claws out). A dog can also be prey driven, which is when it may not work out. You really just need to watch how they are interacting. There will also be times when the cat says “enough is enough” and may his or bear claws (make sure they are trimmed!) in which case you will have to recall your dog to you so he knows where the line is and how far is too far. 

With patience and practice most dogs and cats can at least learn to tolerate each other, if not become friends, but the key is to never rush or force the interaction. Let them work it out carefully under your supervision, and always keep them separated while you’re not around. Good luck!

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Lots of good advice, especially the jackpot treats. Another important thing to do is give the cats a place to sit up high. It makes them feel safe and they can safely look down on their domain without being bothered by a dog. ours loved to sit on top of the cupboards anyway but you could get a cat tree or make the bed off limits to the dog. they basically need a safe place the dog can’t go if they feel the need to run. I was so close to giving our dog back because I was so wortied when the cats didn’t seem to be adjusting. Now the youngest one will play chase and they both allow the dog to walk by and smell them and lick them. just be ready for it to take a while. It was about three months before i felt they weren’t upset anymore. 

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WeddingBells2014:  Adding just a little beef/chicken stock to your dogs biscuits definitely helps, we used to do this! Just don’t add so much that its like a soup.. just a little to soften the biscuits.

I’d get him to the vet as soon as you can but if you have paperwork to show he’s up to date with his vaccinations and there are no obvious concerns you probably don’t need to rush there.

In regards to the dog being alone, I’d try a few things like putting a hot water bottle under a blanket for warmth (they usually associate this with having a companion there) or having a small radio on in the room so they can hear voices (these were suggestions we were given from both cat and dog breeders). It would probably be worth gradually letting him out so that eventually he can wonder and not always be shut in a room on his own at night. I know a tonne of people with both cats and dogs and they’re fine together (usually the cat rules the house though haha)

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