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I would rather spend a week at our cottage

That sounds like a very nice honeymoon

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livcee:  No!  Definitely not.  We’ve been married for over 9 months and we still haven’t had one and probably one haven’t one.  It’s ncie to save the money honestly.

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livcee:  No you should do what it is you want to do regardless of what other people say. For me, it’s not about where you go, but the quality time that you and him spend with each other. So whether you decide to go out of the country, to another state or city, or just stay home and enjoy each other, it’s still considered to be a honeymoon as long as you and him is spending the quality time together. 

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I LOVE to travel- as in its pretty much what I live for but I completely get it if you dont! A weekend or week in a cottage sounds like a lovely honeymoon if that is what you want to do. A honeymoon is all about you and your partner spending quality time together and enjoying yourselves. If staying at home is that or going to your cottage is that then fantastic and have fun! 

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I agree that a honeymoon doesn’t have to be some crazy expensive, out of the country trip. Heck you can go to a local B&B in your own city for the weekend and have that be your honeymoon, but I do believe it’s something good to do so you and your new hubby can have some alone time as newlyweds after the craziness of your wedding. Because odds are you won’t get to have any alone time on the day of your wedding if you plan on having any guests there.

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I am also not fond of travelling. I’ll say this, last week my Fiance and I stayed at a nice hotel in our city for our 3 year (dating anniversary). He ended up proposing that night but even without that we had a grand old time in the spa pool and at the rooftop bar and restaurant. We will likely spend another couple of nights there after we get married. 

If travel stresses you out (it does BIG time for me), don’t do it. Stay at home or somewhere close to home. We will save a bundle by spending a few days at a nice hotel in town vs. going on a “honeymoon”. Every couple should make their own choice!

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with skipping the honeymoon. When we began planning we were going to skip a honeymoon because we were paying for it all ourselves and we have a big family vacation once a year, plus a few weekend trips here and there. So we felt that a honeymoon, for our original April wedding date, wasn’t something I was comfortable spending money on. We switched to a June date and are taking 20 days to spend in two places. The ONLY reason we can really afford such a nice long vacation is because my Future Father-In-Law generously gifted us honeymoon money. 

They can definitely add financial stress. 

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livcee:  We’re not taking a honeymoon. Our wedding will be a 4-day long affair in the mountains near where we live, so I thought that was enough of a vacation for us. We’ll probably go on a smaller trip a few months afterwards, and maybe take a bigger trip to Europe or something in a year or two. But no, none of those are honeymoons. 

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Do what makes you happy. My first marriage. There was no honeymoon. It always upset me. This time around I’m going to go on one. I think it’s important to us to have a nice week or two on our own exploring before going right back into the grind for survival. Lol

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We won’t have a honeymoon. I guess the difference is that we really wanted one. We got married in December and intended to honeymoon this summer but about a week after the wedding DH’s job situation went down the crapper, so we had to cancel everything because we couldn’t afford it anymore.

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I don’t think it is crazy not to go on a honeymoon… everyone’s timing and financial situations are different and a wedding is enough stress.

But I do think that by categorically saying you don’t care to leave the country you are really cheating yourself out of literally an entire world of amazing experiences.  I am a rather high strung “overthinker” and I find some aspects of traveling very stressful.  Until my mid/late 20s I did not have any interest in leaving the country.  Now traveling is the one thing in my life that I am truly passionate about.  Every year I spend about 30% of my disposable income on trips and I have absolutely no regrets, and wouldn’t trade a minute of my experiences for anything.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

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I did not go on a honeymoon but not for the same reason. I think you should talk to your Fiance and ask them what they want because there are two people with needs/wants now. You have no idea how devistating it is when your husband waits until after the wedding to tell you he doesnt want to go on a honeymoon with you because the thought of being alone with you for 2 weeks turns his stomach.

Be very mindful in the way you deliver the message that you dont want to go. If you both feel the same then thats great! Do something else you both like. 

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Hehe, yes, that girl is me. I didn’t have a honeymoon at all. Me and my husband got married at a quick and simple City Hall/Courthouse wedding ceremony; pretty much he wants to get married and I gave in and married him, lol

I do want a honeymon with my husband, who wouldn’t want one with their DH right? But in my case, no honeymoon was more suitable. Money was a factor, I want us to save up money for a house down-payment as fast as possible. The whole goal was move out of this cheap rent bad area neighborhood in 2016

I mentioned before, I’m a College dropped out. I only have a High School degree, so I work at a job that pay me minimum wage job and little commission. You can figure I only make enough to pay Rent and Bills, any left over goes to my Saving account.

My husband right now work 2 jobs, everyday he working 12-14 hours so he physically tired.. You know how Warehouse jobs are. Pretty much he loading/Unloading, stacking, lifting, carrying heavy stuff all day at the Warehouse. And he also work for a local Truck company.. I don’t think he have the energy to plan a honeymoon.

We know each other a long time from living in the same neighborhood, our disance is very close so we see each others everyday.. I’m still in shock that two people like us got married, because the honeymoon phase pretty much died out before we even get married, lol

Uh.. we live in the same neighborhood; his apartment is 5 minutes within walking distance to my apartment.. I know I’m a weirdo, but I’m sorry. I can’t seem to get passed the fact that I married a guy who live in that close distance to me. It just ridiculously awkward for me.

Look at today technology and airplane, people met Online/Long Distance and got married. And I married a guy who I just step outside and there he is.. It just so weird, I feel like I don’t live in modern time but I live in ancient time. In 2015, people just don’t married someone who live that close to them anymore.

I really don’t know what to do in my situation, would a honeymoon was more suitable for us?.. When we dating, he work 1 job. Now we married, he working 2 jobs. If it weren’t for a house down-payment and mortgage, I really don’t want my husband to work this much. When we buy our small house in 2016, I’m going to ask him to cut back his working hours.

And Ms. OP, it really doesn’t matter where to go on a honeymoon; have a honeymoon or not. What matter is you and your husband time with each othres, treasure every moment you have with each others.

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I’m confused.. How is spending a week secluded in a cottage following a wedding not a honeymoon?  

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We actually might not be able to since my Fiance is starting a new job soon, and with all the out of state weddings WE are attending this year (he is in 4 of them!), I don’t really think he will have the time off balance to swing it.  We will likely do a few days down in Key West (I live in FL) to relax, or maybe get a hotel on the gulf beaches which is likely since we already live in Tampa.  When he has the time off built up, we want to go to Hawaii.  We also might be moving the week we get married (we hate where we lived, so much over the past 5 months that it is so unbearable).  

It’s up to you.  If you would rather have a staycation or nothing at all, that’s up to you!  I just know I’ll like a few days to “wind down” after all the madness.  I think it’ll be worth it to save up the two weeks off of vacation for Fiance so we can do something really kick ass next year!

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