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MrsRoberts52:  Ohhh girl, I can TOTALLY relate to this! I had a horrible year long battle with BV a couple years ago, and when I stopped the antibiotics cycle and turned to more natural treatments, it went away! The antibiotics thing is terrible for your pH (antibiotics kill the good bacteria with the bad, good bacteria that’s left can’t fight off the bad, bad bacteria wins again – terrible!) 

A couple things I did that helped a TON: 

1. If you’re having unprotected sex, be very careful about how frequently your SO finishes inside you. Semen and vaginas have opposite pH levels, so too much exposure can throw you off balance. My SO and I were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship when BV started to be a problem, so we figured out the connection pretty quickly.

2. Two great supplements: Femdophilus and Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support. They’re expensive, but available on Amazon and did wonders for me.

3. This sounds REALLY odd – but you should buy a baby ear suction bulb and rinse your vagina with a solution of warm water and a splash of hydrogen peroxide every night. The hydrogen peroxide introduces acid back into the environment and fosters the growth of good bacteria. It totally sounds nuts, but this was really crucial for me and I noticed immediate improvements when I did this. 

GOOD LUCK! It totally sucks, and it’s difficult to get good support from doctors on problems like this (one doc told me that it would just “go away on it’s own” – crazy!!) 

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MrsRoberts52:  I always heard that rinsing at ALL was really bad, but it made a huge, positive difference for me when I was having problems. I did it every night before bed – I started to feel better really quickly! It was especially helpful during/immediately after my period (blood = alkaline, so can put you more off balance if you’re already prone to that). 

And to put “too often” into perspective, Fiance and I were doing the deed like three times a day when we first started dating (we REALLY liked each other! Haha!) – So, I think that much exposure messed me up and it was just really difficult to get back in balance after that, especially when I immediately turned to antibiotics, which just made things worse. Fiance thought the whole thing was his fault and that I was contracting something from him, it was just the worst. 

Totally happy to support you – I was feeling really low when this was a problem for me, it felt like I couldn’t get support from doctors, and I couldn’t find much online when I was searching for answers. I had docs tell me they didn’t think it was that big of a deal, and that I would just get over it eventually. UM, you try having a recurring, painful problem downstairs, then let me know how you would handle it! Ridiculous!

Happy to chat if you have more questions, unfortunately I became a bit of an expert on this 🙂

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I deal with BV off and on. I am allergic to Flagyl (it made my fingers go numb… weird right?).

I only have a mild case, where it smells “off”, not bad, or strong, just different than usual, with lots of discharge. The only reason I knew it was BV was when I went for a pap I had it and they told me (then put me on the flagyl, found out i was allergic, was on something stronger that had the possiblity of bad side effects so i stopped with that and went on to try natural remedies).

I started taking acidopholus pills and using ACV here and there (taking a shot of it, or putting it in bath water to soak in for a while.

Luckily my BV was never painful. maybe something like that would work for you?


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MrsRoberts52:  I second the Hydrogen peroxide! I bought a douche bag (har har) when I got BV frequently, and did 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 2 parts distilled water, hold for 10 minutes (laying down in the bathtub), let it out, then rinse with just the water…I have never been back to the doctor for BV. Twice a day for 2 or 3 days got rid of my worst infections. I haven’t had one in about four years. You can also do apple cider vinegar baths and plain yogurt on a tampon (wear for about two hours). Both also work for yeast infections. But seriously, hydrogen peroxide is a life saver.

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+1 on the Femdophilus.   I haven’t had to get a prescription since discovering it.  I don’t take it as prescribed… Only when I sense that things are starting to not be quite right down there.  Then I take one pill per day for 4 days in a row and everything goes right back to normal.  

 I prefer to buy mine locally at The Vitamin Shoppe or only from amazon sellers who ship it in a cold pack.  It has live bacteria cultures which can get damaged by heat, making them less effective.  I live in Florida, though, so shipping might not be as big of a concern for you.

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MrsRoberts52:  I got an IUD about a month ago and ended up with BV a couple of weeks later -_- It’s the worst.  My symptoms were barely noticable but that damn antibiotic made me feel so sick and I was on it for 8 days.  I take a daily probiotic, make an effort to get probiotics into my diet with Kefir in my smoothies or drinking Kombucha (do NOT drink kombucha while on flagyl though).  My doc also recommended taking Vitamin C daily, in addition to the probiotic, to help keep my ph right.

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MrsRoberts52:  Another vote for the hydrogen peroxide…. it worked great for me as well.  Used it once, and never had any issues after that.

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MrsRoberts52:  I wouldn’t try the hydrogen peroxide, that sounds worse than the antiobiotics.  But I’m not an expert obviously.  I also didn’t realize that having too much sex could cause BV, I know that my husband and I when we first started dating had sex almost every single day, if not every single day for 8 months straight and he wasn’t pulling out.

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Yes, Femdophilus is absolutely amazing! Coupled with Vitamin C capsules. 

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See if they sell Aci-Jel where you live. It’s brilliant for balancing out the PH of your lady garden

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First off, make sure you are eating a healthy balanced low sugar diet. Maybe even lower grain diet too, and getting all your vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. I read a study that showed women with lower folate levels had more incidences of BV! 

Unfortunately my Fiance has a lot of ejaculate, I mean a lot, and it’s very alkaline. Some men’s semen is more alkaline than others from what I’ve read (slight difference.) He absolutely cannot finish in me more than once a week. 

Hydrogen peroxide is fine. You can douche with it when you have an active infection to clear it up. Some species of bacteria and your body’s own cells actually produce hydrogen peroxide to kill germs.

What I do these days is use boric acid powder in capsules (bought online) and Garden of Life Vaginal Health raw probiotics in capsules inserted vaginally for 3 days to treat any infections. Works like a charm. You can get Yeast Arrest from a supplement store which has boric acid in it and works for BV too. Also you can take probiotics orally everyday for prevention, which is a good idea too for digestive health, but probiotics will also migrate from your rectum to your vagina in 21 days. So either way they end up in your vagina. Pretty cool. 

I never tried any of the acid gels/jellies the other bees posted about but I plan to try them! 🙂 

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