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  • poll: What do you do when a migraine hits?
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    Drink a lot of water & rest : (3 votes)
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    Go in a dark quiet room & hide until it goes away : (7 votes)
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    Sleep : (3 votes)
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    I’ve been getting them since high school. I take Advil at the first sign of the “aura”, my vision goes blurry for about 20-30 minutes and then the pain starts. The pain is minimized for me if I get the Advil soon enough but it’s still a few hour event. I find being in a dark room and resting is best. I avoid computers, tv screens etc. until its over because I’ve found it makes it worse.


    No idea about milk though – I don’t like it and so I don’t drink it. 


    For what’s its worth, I’ve been prescribed Imitrex the past and I’ve found it to be about as useful as Advil with regard to pain management, but for me it had a few bad side effects. So now I just use OTC medication. 


    But yes, besides meds a dark, quiet room helps for me. Sometimes Sprite tohelp with any nausea.


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    @Mimoza:  If he doesn’t like milk maybe you can research exactly what specifically in the milk helps with migraines and he can find a different source of it?

    I have hemiplegic migraines, which basically aren’t all that painful, but they mimic the symptoms of a stroke – difficulty concentrating, unable to put a sentence together/speak clearly, numbness & tingling. Its really scary, but I pop two aspirin and it always does the trick. I don’t drink dairy milk so I don’t know if that would have any affect. I only get these migraines maybe once a year.

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    I hide under a blanket in a dark room, rest, drink tons of water, and sleep- sometimes I will take medicine.



    I have ocular migraines, and I know when I’m going to have one because my vision will blur and I’ll see a little squiggly (aura) in my left eye. My speech can also be affected, and my sense of balance is very off before a migraine as well.








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    @Mimoza:  My migraines knock me on my ass. I will also say that milk is my absolute favourite drink – has been since I was born and never changed (FI jokes we should just buy a cow or two). So, I don’t think milk helps (at least in my experience).

    I hate pills, but I do have an emergency stash of prescription migraine pills that I take when absolutely needed. Otherwise, I just let it knock me on my ass, go hide in a dark room, and sleep. It’s so frustrating, but sometimes even pills can’t make a dent so I just let my body heal naturally.

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    I’ve had migraines since I was in probably 2nd grade-and I’ve always drank milk.  I was on Imitrex for about ten years but now I’m on Relpax-which works well.  When I was still in high school, I’d actually go into the Doctor’s office whenever I had one and they’d give me a shot of a mixture of pain killers.

    Dark room, pray I don’t throw up and take meds (although they don’t always stay down).  Mine are odd, I’ve had auras before, but not always.  I’ve also woken up with a full blown migraine a lot.

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    Food can help, food can hurt.  It depends on your triggers.  I have a lot of food triggers in addition to stress, hormones, and weather.  I’ve had migraines my whole life.

    Lately I’m on a preventative that’s been working well and Treximet when I get a bad one.  It’s basically Imitrex and Aleve (neither of which touch a headache let alone a migraine for me, but somehow together will knock one out).

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    He needs to figure out what is causing or triggering them.  Caffeine helps prevent mine, but actually causes my cousin’s migraines, and my other cousin’s migraines are caused by Red Dye #5 in foods…so what works for one, could cause it in another.

    Caffeine helps to prevent mine.  I also used to take Inderal to prevent them, it worked wonders, but since I’m out of college I haven’t found a Dr. that will give me a Rx for this anymore (the originial Rx came from a Dr at Student Health on campus) because they all want me to do a migraine study and see a neurologist…and I don’t have time for all that.  Luckily, I’ve managed to get them down to maybe 5 a year instead of 5 a month when I was in college.

    When I do get a migraine, I usually wake up with it first thing.  I don’t see auras or anything like that.  I try to take an Excedrin migraine if I can, but I usually end up throwing up literally all day so pills don’t stay down.  I do have a rx for phenergan (anti-nausea) so after I throw up a few times I try to take one of them with the smallest amount of water possible and force myself to sleep before I can throw up again.  Sometimes this helps, sometimes it doesn’t.  Most times I end up riding out the migraine in a dark room with a bucket to throw up in. (sorry so gross!)

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    @Mimoza:  I remember reading somewhere that dairy can trigger migraines. but each person is different. for me, if I consumed dairy or sugar during a migraine, it seemed to make it worse. 

    I used to get two kinds of migraines: “classic” (where you get the aura, barfing, etc) and “common” — which does not hurt as bad, but I would have a fairly bad headache, feel dizzy and nauseous for like FIVE DAYS. yeah, that sucks.  

    for both migraines, I took exederin OR if I don’t want the caffiene, I alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen (tylenol) — my doctor told me they are safe to take within hours of each other, as they effect different parts of the body. they blunt the pain, but that’s about it. it was most effective when I caught the symptons as early as possible. 

    now, migraines have many different origins. for me, it seems that it has to do with hormone swings.  my classic migraines started and ended with puberty.  for my common migraines, it seemed to coincide with my monthly cycle. now I have been on birth control (Mirena) for over 7 years, and I have not had a bad migraine ever since. I believe this is because that BC has gotten my hormones all evened out. 

    but again: everybody is different!

    note: if you are considering prescription migraine meds– many of them have really scary heart related side effects, so please ask your doctor tons of questions if you want to go this route!


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    I had my very first migraine a few weeks ago – I freaked out because we have had meningitis around here and suddenly there I was, splitting headache, eyes are sore, nausea, even my neck muscles ached! Worst thing ever! I did find what helped a lot was darkness, my eyes felt very senstive to light. Also drinking water because I threw up from having it. Fiance plied me with glucose-based drinks, anti-nausea meds and ibuprofen-based painkillers, and kept the light out. It took a while but it helped.

    @thegreeneyedkri:  Mine was exactly like that, I woke up middle of the night with a blistering headache, couldn’t keep painkillers down. New respect for migraine sufferers because really, I was out of sorts for days.

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    @Flanders:  Yep! Waking up to a full blown one is the worst!  Especially if you can’t keep anything down.  Then you just try to stay as quiet and in the dark as possible.

    That really sinks you had your first migraine.  Hopefully you don’t ever get another one!  They suck.

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